There"s a one-shot Yukiochimura ni Ojousama! whereby Misaki and Takumi have children. When I read it, i think the is around some kind of detective and also investigation. However, i don"t even understand the story.

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Have someone review the story, please kindly define it to me.



Yukiochimura ni Oujosama! is usually a crossover epilogue from 2 the Hiro Fujiwara-sensei"s job-related that is Kaichou wa Maid-sama! and Yuki wa Jigoku ni Ochiru no Ka (Does Yuki go to Hell).

If you shot to review the plot or an overview from the Wikia, there"s a 100% opportunity that you"ll it is in still confused. Why? Well, you could want to read the other manga if you want to recognize the entirety story and also get the emotional invest that Hiro-sensei placed there. You"re basically spoiling yourself for Yuki wa Jigoku ni Ochiru no Ka manga if you check out the crossover first.

However, if friend still want the explanation around the entirety story that this unique edition, you"ll require a quick earlier story for the other manga:

The dude, the black-haired high-schooler one that speaks English likewise the recently transferred triplet"s classmate girlfriend saw, he"s Takaya. The 5 other civilization that girlfriend saw later on in the chapter is his friends and also the blond waitress is his girl. Lengthy story short, the dude sacrificed himself for the services of his town (the Mutsuji Village) and friends. He died 16 years ago. The dude to be reborn again together an infant straight after his sacrifice. His memories room still intact and decide he"s old sufficient to be v them again back at the village. That"s the entirety premise.

Meanwhile, we have actually Usui and also Misaki"s kids: Usui Sara and Usui Rui.

The story starts together the household of four went for a trip to Kyoto. Usui and Misaki albeit reluctant, let those chibis on their own while they"re ~ above a date with type of a deal that Rui is constantly communicating with his parents.

Sara is restless. The girl hates mundane things, is a huge secret geek and also wished for something exciting happens instead (supposedly, Kyoto is a Japanese an enig shack in her eyes).

Then they stumble right into "Enma-kun"s Lodge", a shop whereby the mascot the Mutsuji village resides in the city. There, they met the triplets. They check out the triplets struggling with international visitors because of their lack of English speak ability, and Sara lits up thinking she deserve to do something interesting by helping them. She moment, however, was stolen by Takaya. Yes, the Takaya (the formerly dead-dude Takaya).

Sara senses other is off v Takaya"s vibe. Takaya decides to help the triplets through their "Trip to Enma-kun"s Hometown, a Day-trip to Mutsuji village" travel guide job. That"s once Sara stated "I finally uncover something interesting" and thus forcing Rui come embark on her mystery journey as both Holmes and Kindaichi towards the secret Mutsuji village.

After watching Takaya"s interaction with the triplets" twin younger sisters, Sara confirms great to her brother that she does find Takaya"s aura suspicious and also sensing there are incidents in Mutsuji village, if her brother complained around her personality inconsistencies.

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Upon arriving, you"ll discover places that"s one Easter egg for the other manga, together Sara sense Takaya"s wistful aura when they"re sightseeing. The team arrived in ~ a cave (those Japanese creepy caves), and also Sara"s mystery senses went overboard, Takaya then claimed "I wonder... It"s possible, isn"t it? because that there to it is in a corpse or two." (is both teasing Sara and subtly hinting manga trivia)

Takaya climate ask around the roads which the triplets explain about villagers believes the there is a god life in the cave that protects Mutsuji. The triplets climate wish lock to have actually a break and stop by Mutsuji"s famed local cafe, while Sara on the other hand, shamelessly address that Takaya has actually some kind of revenge plot, and shot to interrogate him. Takaya bluntly stated he has no means to play along with her plot and states that he"s below simply to meet his girlfriend.

Sara is deflated and also utterly discouraged through the revelation that her "mystery journey" was in reality a mere romantic or fantasy story. The triplets climate after securing seats in the cafe by phone, proceed the team to the notorious cafe Mutsuji.