Go ahead and press the 3 dots. The will open your paper Explorer. Allude the patcher to your copy of Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki and click Open.

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With your video game now loaded, girlfriend can click on “Patch” and the regime will start patching the ISO. As soon as it’s done, that gonna provide you another file Explorer window, asking you wherein you want to save the record to. Conserve it wherever you want, and that’s it! friend now have an Ys vs. Trails in the Sky patched ISO.


To usage the HD Pack, girlfriend will need to download the from HERE.

If you need a more visual set of instructions, our instructional video likewise covers this.


Unzip it, yet again utilizing a tool favor 7Zip. Inside the unzipped folder, you will uncover both a readme and also a folder called NPUH50276. This is the structure pack, and what friend will require to move to PPSSPP’s game directory.

STEP 2: obtaining THE documents WHERE THEY need to BE

While having the game currently loaded in PPSSPP, walk to File, and then click open up Memory Stick. This will directly take you come the storage Stick catalog in your record Explorer.


Here, friend will need to copy that abovementioned NPUH50276 folder uncovered in the HD fill zip file. If a folder currently exists, overwrite it.

That has put the records where they have to be! Now, you should turn on structure Replacement on PPSSPP.

STEP 3: transforming ON texture REPLACEMENT on PPSSPP

To carry out this, navigate to her Settings food selection on PPSSPP.

Now the you’re here, scroll down to texture Replacement. Tick the “Replace Textures” box and you’re great to go!

Load or reload the game, and now you have to be see Ys vs. Trails in the Sky in its HD pack glory.

Recommended Emulator Settings and also Common Issues

PPSSPP, as an emulator, has actually its collection of emulation quirks. One of those deserve to be black lines on height or listed below text, as seen below.

There are a couple of ways to eliminate this. Go to game Settings and adjust either of these options:

Set texture Scaling to at the very least 2x, despite be wary that this is an extremely CPU heavy.Set calculation Resolution to 1x PSP with no upscaled textures.Set the texture Filtering come Nearest instead of the default setup of Auto.

Some other concerns you may have actually are:

Sprites space flickering. Just how do I remove this?

Go to setups -> graphic -> mode -> Skip buffer effects


Set your Rendering Backend come Vulkan or OpenGL.

Note: skip buffer effects can cause some black flickering in the menus. If you collection your rendering to Vulkan or OpenGL, it enables both buffered rendering there is no sprite flickering.

Some textures have jagged or uneven edges in places. I’m utilizing the HD structure Pack.

This occurs once using HD Textures v Texture Filter collection to Nearest. If you don’t wish to change this setting, it’s likewise fixed by to run PPSSPP on full screen.

During the tutorial, the display screen went white, and also I can’t view what i’m doing. What perform I do?

Exit to the world Map and also go ago into the fight. That must fix the issue.

A blog post from the Team

The V ar is exceptionally proud the how far such a ragtag team has actually gotten. Our origins were murky and also far from organized at first, however passion and support from countless sources have brought us through to have the ability to deliver you every a finalized product we can all it is in proud of. It would certainly not execute well if us all didn’t obtain to say our closing think on the project. I’ll allow the team give their closing thoughts ahead:

After what feels like forever, Ys vs. Trails is finally complete! It’s impressive seeing what started as a little spreadsheet translation attempt blossom into the polished final product that is today. This might never have actually happened there is no the efforts of the team. Anyone did your part, and put their finest efforts. I hope you reap seeing the actors interact v each various other as lot as i did!

— LT. Job Lead, graphic Editor.

We’re below at the end, and it’s a small hard to understand what come write. Ys vs. has actually been a wonderful job that I’m exceptionally grateful I had the ability to be a part of. Never did i think questioning to modify the initial iteration that this job would get me this far, nor the it would also let me work-related with the rwcchristchurchappeal.com. Thinking around it, it’s quiet a tiny surreal. I’m really thankful for the difficult work this team has put in—without every among them, we never would’ve come this far. Functioning on this game has carried a many of delight to my life, in many ways, and also I expect I’ll be able to work on countless more. I discovered a enthusiasm for modifying I hope someday I can pursue. Ns thankful.

— Livi. Co-Project Lead, command Editor, graphic Editor.

It’s been a long journey, yet Ys vs. Trails is finally out. Ns can’t thank everyone on the team enough for every they’ve excellent to make this release an ext than I ever before thought it might be. I’m so grateful to have been surrounding by such an innovative and qualified individuals, and also I expect everyone that plays the video game will appreciate their efforts and craftsmanship as lot as i have. If you favor their work, please provide them a shout and tell them around it. That does all of our hearts great to hear optimistic feedback. Here’s hope I gain to deal with you all again top top future projects!

— Shawnji. Lead Translator.

Well, we’re finally at the end of the road. It feels good to finally look earlier at every the occupational we’ve put into the patch and be proud that the thing we created. Speak personally, it’s been a dream of mine to work-related on a Falcom game, and also I’m eternally grateful and indebted to my very talented teammates for taking a chance and also letting me ~ above the project. They’re the biggest group I’ve ever before worked with. Ns hope girlfriend all have fun with Ys vs. Trails in the Sky! due to the fact that working on the with every one of my friends right here at V Sector really was the endure of a lifetime—and ns can’t wait to perform it all over again in a future project!

— Sly. Editor.

It’s practically hard to believe that we have actually come this far, yet here us are: Ys vs. Trails has been released. Ns would like to give thanks to every member that the team, both because that working an extremely hard ~ above this project and for giving me a chance to it is in a part of it. And also I would additionally like to thank everyone who has actually been looking front to Ys vs. Trails in the Sky all this time, your assistance truly method a lot to us. Functioning on this video game has been an tremendous experience, and I yes, really hope this will result in us working together again in the future!

— EnDavio. Non-scenario editor. Programmer.

It’s to be a long journey, however we’re finally at the end. Spring back, it’s to be a surreal experience. I never would’ve imagined, as soon as we first started, that we’d end up working through rwcchristchurchappeal.com, v a polished, professional translation to boot! ns can’t give thanks to everyone affiliated in this job enough, because that all their contributions to this project. This task wouldn’t be wherein it is currently if had also a solitary person ~ above the team no been here. I hope you’ll reap the culmination of ours efforts: Ys vs. Trails in the Sky!

— HidoranBlaze. Command Programmer.

It’s time! It’s here! I’m for this reason excited to check out our patch finally released for everyone to enjoy. I’ve really involved adore Ys vs. Trails over the course of this project, and also I expect you’ll additionally enjoy this fun, unique celebration that Falcom’s two greatest series. I’m blown far by exactly how committed everyone in V Sector has actually been, to be honest! Witnessing that firsthand as part of the team is not an endure I meant to have, and it’s certainly not one I’ll forget.

— Chuji. Video Editor.

Thank you, team! ns will try to not over-extend this last part, yet I really want to bring forth just how amazing a project this was, for every one of us. Some of us were working on Ys vs. for any kind of amount that years, even prior to the V Sector ideal was formed. And here us are, at the end. ~ 22 months of tough work—after a many blood, sweat, and tears. And I can absolutely say we’re every proud that what we did.

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We look front to the upcoming days, and also maybe even an ext beyond that. To world finally being able to play this oft-forgotten item of Falcom history that to be trapped and left behind in the PSP. I think we were able to breathe brand-new life right into it, and I expect the exact same goes for all of you. I don’t imagine the an overstatement that we’ve come to cherish this game, together quirky together it is. Us hope friend will, too.