Well, that was fairly a means to finish the season, wasn"t it? Not only did Younger regulate to pull out every one of the drama and all of the stops with its back-to-back episodes, yet it still regulated — after ~ three periods of Liza"s secret-keeping — to surprised me through its twists and also turns. So much happened with our main personalities in the final two episodes. Liza tells Kelsey about her secret, Josh and also Liza space officially (permanently?) damaged up, and Liza and also Charles share a few really extreme smooches. No to point out the truth that Millennial is in ~ a book fair in the Hamptons while most of this goes down and David, Liza"s ex-husband, ultimately gets the much-deserved tell-off the needs.

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With a season finale as jam-packed as this one — and one that"s so emotional, too — there"s simply so much to discuss. Let"s dive in, candlestick we?
In the wake of critical week"s episode, Liza and Josh are in an awkward place in your relationship— that really desires kids and also a future with Liza, while she is insistent that while she loves Josh, she is done having actually children. It"s a non-discussion suggest for her, yet Josh keeps pressing. So in ~ the beginning of "A book Fair to Remember," Liza is happy to acquire out that the city and escape come the Hamptons because that a while, where she deserve to avoid Josh. In fact, she is pretty sure that she requirements to end their relationship.
But Liza is much too busy throughout most of the illustration to think about Josh. She and Kelsey have actually a publication fair come prepare for, and a party to acquire filled. Through Colin"s demanding schedule, Kelsey doubt she"ll see lot of him that weekend. However who the 2 ladies do see a most over the course of the book fair? Emily, from EW. If you"ll recall, Emily and also Liza met at an assistants" mixer wherein the latter lied around her age. And while Emily may talk favor a sink Girl, she"s one committed reporter.
While ~ above the beach, Emily reveals to Liza that she knows around her genuine age. When it becomes effective to lie, Liza confesses and tells Emily a tiny bit of she story. The young writer assures Liza that she"s a steel catch of secrets. But... The doesn"t avoid her native blackmailing our heroine. Girlfriend see, Emily is desperately trying to obtain a self-help book published—it"s from the view of her Labradoodle— however no one is biting. Emily demands a story through the end of the book fair, so either Liza will agree to have actually Millennial i have announced the Labradoodle book, or Emily will publish Liza"s actual story.
Poor Liza is backed into a edge here, and hard. Kelsey knows the idea is stupid and refuses to publish Emily"s book. I think this is the first episode in a long time in i beg your pardon we see Liza execute something desperate, professionally. Ns really expected her to come up v some sort of brilliant setup to gain Emily off-track, or to find another solution come the problem. But what i really loved about the finale the Younger this season was the it was satisfyingly real. Liza didn"t do all the right options in this episodes, and also she didn"t always have a perfect, television ending.
Liza, instead, goes behind Kelsey"s ago at the Millennial publication fair party, telling those in attendance (she sent out Colin and also Kelsey away before this all happening) that the imprint would certainly be posting Emily"s book. The watch on Liza"s confront after she announces this claims it all: she"s do a vast mistake and will pay because that it later.
Speaking of paying for points later, earlier in the city, Josh and Maggie hang out (does anyone rather love the fact that this two room so close?), and also Josh confesses exactly how much that loves Liza and also believes her to be "the one." Maggie, jaded, scoffs at this idea yet essentially tells Josh that if that loves Liza, he can"t shed her.
Meanwhile, Charles and also Liza have a few endearing, adorable awkward run-ins throughout the publication fair, yet they culminate in a moment where the two decide to attend a concert in a little bar together. It"s the band Berlin — Charles knows and loves them, and Liza needs to keep comprising excuses for why she loves lock as much as she walk (her excuse? she "babysitter" had actually a profound influence on she musical repertoire). The two gain the music and then begin to run to "Take my Breath Away," through Charles regaling Liza through tales that his youth. When he apologizes, she speak him no to — she likes hear his stories. In a moment of extensive honesty, Charles confesses that he likes her. And also then, Liza kisses him.
I"ll be moral here and also say that I"m hardcore into Charles/Liza. I think that when he find out around her real age, he"ll feel very conflicted (obviously because of the lied thing), but right now he"s this mature equivalent to Josh"s younger, much more free-wheeling ways. ... Except that Josh has actually matured a lot an ext than I offer him credit transaction for, together we"ll see in "Get Real."

After their moment, Charles and Liza go back to their rooms — both tho a little bit punch-drunk on every other and also what happened. Liza tests the waters by speak that possibly "the band" acquiring together was a one-night just thing. As soon as Charles speak her that he hopes it"s not, lock kiss again and also this time they yes, really go because that it. So lot so the they"re completely oblivious come the truth that mockery walks as much as Liza"s room and also sees lock kissing. The walks off, heartbroken.
As Liza bids goodnight, citing the fact that she requirements to figure things out with Josh before anything can happen, Charles look at behind her right into her room and appears startled by something. We notice what the something is once the camera follows very shocked Liza into the bedroom.
"A publication Fair to Remember" was really a mainly episode. It"s always nice as soon as the Younger characters get the opportunity to explore life outside of the city, and this one was particularly nice due to the fact that it required everyone the end of their comfort zones and into some really fragile places.

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After the emotional conclusion of "A publication Fair to Remember," the book fair itself wraps up and the characters head earlier to the city to confront what waits for them there. For Liza, it"s the truth that she broke Josh"s heart as soon as he witnessed her kissing Charles. And also that the damage she caused can be irreparable. In fact, that"s yes, really what this episode is every about— the damages that Liza"s mystery has done and also what she lies have caused the people approximately her come suffer. The location is "Get Real," and also the illustration really frames Liza"s emotionally narrative approximately a brand-new potential book deal for Empirical v a self-help guru called Antonia Stewart who enraptures audiences.
But Liza isn"t the just person dealing with relationship woes in this episode: through Lauren"s friend (I let go you, Lauren) Max relocating in v her family, roommate Kelsey is do the efforts to adjust to a new normal. It"s not functioning out an extremely well, as Max is gradually encroaching on she space. As a short-term fix, Kelsey crashes through Colin and... That doesn"t end particularly well because that Kelsey. Honestly, ns think Colin is type of a jerk now. Fame has caused him to reprioritize Kelsey, even though in the vault episode, he made her a priority.When Kelsey crashes, Colin basically tells her the he doesn"t have time for she to it is in a "distraction" with every one of the things he has going on through his book. Kelsey is easy to understand floored through the conversation, specifically when Colin tells her that he doesn"t want her to move in, however wants to proceed seeing her.At the "Get Real" event, Liza and Kelsey revel in the odd yet supreme stage visibility of Antonia, that convinces a woman to get to the root of her issues (it"s not losing weight— it"s around a divorce!). One more person is dubbed to the stage and also much to Liza"s horror, it"s David. He speak the story of exactly how he desires to victory Liza back, and Antonia instructs the to speak to her native the stage. Understandably, Liza panics and also runs come the bathroom simply in time to take the call and disguise she voice.As Antonia talks to Liza v the phone, Liza realizes some crucial things: she"s self-destructive, however she loves Josh and also wants to be with him. It"s a sweet moment, and also a good way to close out the David thing of Liza"s life. He requirements to relocate on, and so go she.There"s only one problem: what Liza did to Josh to be unforgivable. If friend all understand me, you recognize I"m pretty much #TeamCharles, yet man, was the scene between Josh and also Liza just heartbreaking because that me. Josh has grown up significantly due to the fact that he and also Liza started their relationship. He deep cares because that her, and also has also made that clear the he would assist fund her daughter"s schooling. Josh is all-in, and Liza to know it. Also though she states that she loves him in this episode though and also seems to obtain some clarity indigenous Antonia, ns think Liza tho hesitates on gift all-in with Josh.And i think the factor is due to the fact that she doesn"t really know if she wants to spend the rest of she life through him— no after she to be hurt in a marital relationship before. Possibly Liza is right: possibly she yes, really is simply self-destructive. Yet I often tend to think it"s due to the fact that Josh loves and is cursed to Liza an ext than she is committed to him. She loves him, certainly. However that doesn"t necessarily median she can see a future with him, whereas Josh definitely can view a future through Liza.With all of these things in she mind, Josh enables Liza to display up in ~ his place but really quickly puts her in her place. It"s a beautiful scene, play exceptionally by Nico Tortarella and Sutton Foster. He speak Liza the he could and wanted to be through her with everything: with the period difference and her ex-husband and also her daughter. The could deal with all the that. But the lies that Liza has actually stacked increase are beginning to tumble and also crush the people closest to her. That calls Liza a liar and a cheater (daaaaaang, son) and then tells she to leave due to the fact that this time, there are no much more words.It"s a heartbreaking scene, but one that shows tremendous development for Josh as a character, and makes me proud the the arc he"s had this season.When a distraught Liza returns home, Maggie is over there to adopt her and also informs her the they have actually company. Kelsey is crashing through the pair due to the fact that Colin is unbearable. ~ above noticing Liza crying, Kelsey asks what"s wrong. It"s in this moment that Liza has a choice — continue to hurt human being with her lies, or start to come clean and heal from them. She chooses the latter, sitting down with Kelsey and showing her a picture of her through her daughter. Kelsey is, that course, confused."I don"t understand," she says.Liza replies: "Then allow me explain."AND THAT"S THE end OF THE EPISODE.I"m therefore glad the Kelsey knows now, however it provides me wonder so numerous things because that season four. How rocky will certainly her relationship be with Liza? after ~ all, over there is so lot that Liza has actually lied about and so countless things (three seasons" worth) she needs to explain. Ns think this to be the perfect method to end the season, though: these 2 women are the main relationship in Younger, and eventually Kelsey to be going to need to learn the truth. I"m happy it to be on Liza"s very own terms, quite than an inadvertently slip-up from who else.I yes, really loved the last two episodes this season, and think they did a superb job integrating plot, characterization, and also emotion. Now, who"s excited for next season?!