Finding love deserve to be a beautiful thing, however letting go is where the challenge begins, especially when details places or moments carry tomind special memories from a former relationship. For Aloe Blacc, Brooklyn reminds him of a previous lover and also hereminisces around all the feel the NYC borough brings ago in his new song “Brooklyn In The Summer.”


When Blacc get the chorus, that finds himself grappling with the demise of his relationship and tries come convince self he has to eventually move on even though he knows he’ll it is in reminded of her again.

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“To say someone feels prefer Brooklyn in the summer is the memory that every year, this storage is gonna come ago and it’s gonna haunt you and you’re gonna feel those pains of wishing the connection was quiet together,” that continues. “It’s no all bad because Brooklyn in the summer is so lot fun that you deserve to still go out and also find your means and maybe autumn in love again.”

Watch Aloe Blacc failure “Brooklyn In The Summer” below.

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