You ain"t artsier than me...Cuz you gained sideburns and also a vintage TeeI shelp You ain"t artsier than me...Cuz you pluck a guitar. that ain"t f-ckin bizarreYou ain"t artsier than me...Cuz you live in Los Felis, bitch you ain"t jesusYou ain"t artsier than me...I gained a vibrant vocab… watch the low jab.So what you"re a vegan?It mirrors in your existence you be geekin"And you be seeking the very same lifeSpeakin the game prefer the enemyHang tightI got a tail around 6 foot 1 by infinityFull of sun, rain and also potential energyAll you experienced were the K-swiss,Clean crisp creased jeans indicates this.So you assumed in ———–?Thought-tipper, unzip the zipperNo I do not wear hemp or drink liquorAnd that don"t make me the guy, simply a small little sickerSpit-kicker with an eye fom the big dipperFrom an island clip emerges a loud whisperAnd I"m proud of this. it"s my artYou"re doin yoga just to look the partYou ain"t artsier than me...Cuz you chop up breaks and also you dig in the cratesYou ain"t artsier than me...You"re simply a trendy lesbian. dreadlocked thespianYou ain"t artsier than me...Cuz you make weed brownies and also knit wool hatsYou ain"t artsier than me...You pseduo-elitst old-college sapDon"t let an 808 streatment yaShake stripes off your shirt and also clear the entirety areaI"m humanoid tooAnd if you"re cool through me then I"ll look past preventing you…instead of throughI"m dvery own with VWs and also flossed-out caddys on 22s too.I Bang for excellent foolsI kill for nothinI bill for somethingFamily and peaceHand also me the item I"ll hit it… i"m socialHear my opinion. I"m proud. I"m vocalLocal in a foreign placeMore digital than dusty yet trust me I be tourin space.You be whorin" at a comfortable paceYou be skippin a chore just to jump in the raceI be bumpin my bass prefer you collect comicsI"m not weird. I"m honestYou ain"t artsier than me...Cuz you only read publications, don"t watch tv.You ain"t artsier than me...Cuz you shop at entirety foods items in open-toed shoesYou ain"t artsier than me...Cuz you soptimal real soft and also drink chai teaYou ain"t artsier than me...I recycle as well... I"m kinda prefer youI just look cleaner. grvery own demeanorWear deoderant... registered voter andTree hugger also... not in these clothesMe lovin you but it"s gotta be both waysMany days I"m earthy, remain grounded...Often it"s a paper chase. I"m well roundedStraight to faceIt"s all boundlessI"ll make a sound universally dopeOvercome adversityReshape the worst of meDo it for the love and release it commerciallyLike a blockbuster started at sundanceYou can"t stop male you just gain one chancePresentation is keyApprehension ain"t meInnovation is my A R TDedication is freeOccupation is meInnovation is my A R TYou ain"t artsier than me...Cuz you drive a hybrid and also carpool through threeYou ain"t artsier than me...Cuz you a sixteenth mexihave the right to, you ain"t ethnic andYou ain"t artsier than me...You"re just a broke-ass poet via the exact same old cadenceYou ain"t artsier than me...We was conscious initially...

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