I've to be listing to music to try improve my Spanish, and also today I've been discovering the track Lamento Boliviano. The Lyrics room as follows:

Me quieren agitar. Me incitan a gritar. Soy como una roca. Palabras no me tocan. Adentro hay un volcan Que pronto va a estallar Yo quiero estar tranquilo

Es mi situacion Una desolacion soybean beans como un lamento Lamento Boliviano Que un dia empezo Y no va a terminar Y a nadie hace dano

Y hoy estoy aqui Borracho y loco Y mi corazon idiota Siempre brillara Y yo car amare dare amare por siempre

Nena, no car peines en la cama Que los viajantes se valve a atrasar

What is the singer trying come say by "no te peines en la cama" and should I recognize who these travellers are?

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"No dare peines en la cama" is supposedly an old superstition (quite old I had to ask mine mum around it ns wasn't conscious of it) that states it is poor luck come comb her hair in bed, prior to sleeping, as this will make travellers late. Ns did a tiny googling ~ that and also found the it could additionally mean no wanting to have actually sex, or gift difficult.

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Furthermore I uncovered it likewise comes increase in Chronicle that a death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

And ns quote:

"Lo único que mi madre les reprochaba era la costumbre de peinarse antes de dormir. Muchachas, les decía, no se peinen de noche que se retrasan los navegantes."

I don't recognize your level for this reason let me translate:

"The only thing my mum reproached castle for to be the habit that combing their hair before sleeping. Ladies, she said them, don't comb her hair at night, it will make sailors late."

So the tourists are part of the entirety saying, you aren't supposed to know who they are.


See more: " When The Giants Come To Town, Whenthegiantscometotown

Hope the helps, cheers!


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