XCOM 2 is a near-endlessly complex game, full of systems and also mechanics that have to be understood and managed if you want to succeed. Of course, through something like this, it’s typically the little stuff the will trip you up, and lead come you failing a mission, or tossing your computer mouse on the soil in frustration. One of these seemingly basic things the is nonetheless crucial to recognize is just how to rise buildings and also get ~ above the roof.

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XCOM 2 doesn’t really tell you exactly how to perform this, instead expecting girlfriend to simply know, or scan v the multitude of an essential bindings to discover out. Usually all you need to do to obtain your troops ~ above a roof, climbing adjacent ladders or other objects, is to zoom out and also select the accessible spot.

To zoom out you simply scroll the computer mouse wheel up, climate scroll down to zoom back in and get earlier to the ground floor. It’s a small backward from what you could be provided to doing, yet it type of renders sense in the you room scrolling up to relocate up to a greater floor, and also down to carry out the opposite.

If her soldier is in ~ walking/running distance of the point out on the roof, you will see the normal blue or yellow outline denoting whereby they deserve to move. Ideal click together you normally do and also the soldier will perform the rest, detect the ladder or various other object, and also climbing it to with the roof. From over there you can set up some really good ambushes, snipe enemies, or just act as a lookout, as the higher vantage point will really extend your watch distance.

To get ago down you typically don’t even have to role your computer mouse as XCOM 2 will certainly simply display you the obtainable spots on the ground. Choose where you want to walk and, once again, the soldier will execute the rest.

XCOM 2 is accessible now on PC. For other tips check out our beginner’s guide, or how to keep your soldiers alive.

- This short article was to update on April 17th, 2017

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