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your Xbox One controller needs to it is in in selection to use. Shutterstock

You might find the your Xbox One controller is blinking or flashing because of pairing issues. It might be combine to an additional console, be the end of range of the console, or is attempting come be paired on a console that currently has eight other paired controllers.

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Xbox says the selection for wireless controllers is 19 to 28 feet, however if her gaming collection up is about walls, dealing with away from you, in a cabinet, or might experience interference native other nearby wireless devices, consider decreasing your range.

If the controller doesn"t seem come be reacting to her console in ~ all, it may be associated to another Bluetooth machine or console. To pair your controller ago to her Xbox console if it to be the last device you combine it to, double-press the pair button to have actually it move the link back.

You can also check how countless paired controllers you have in the console"s setups in the Accessories food selection under gadgets & connections. Xbox One enables up come eight combine controllers, so if none room the one you"re currently using, you"ll need to sync among the combine controllers come another machine in stimulate to free up a pairing slot.


The Xbox One's pair buttons are frequently referred come as bind buttons. Xbox

To prevent your Xbox One controller indigenous blinking and also pair the to your console, simply press down on the pair switch on your Xbox One console and then relax it, and also within 20 seconds, host down the equivalent pair button on your controller.

The controller need to flash more rapidly for a moment, then display screen a continuous light. When that happens, it"s paired.


use the compatible micro USB cable the came with your console. Amazon

To get rid of the blinking irradiate on your Xbox One controller, girlfriend can also pair it v your console by connecting that via a physics micro USB cable.

This is likewise a way to fee your Xbox One controller, i m sorry may likewise be a remedy for her Xbox One controller blinking.


You can plug her Xbox One controller in to charge. gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty images

The flashing irradiate on her Xbox controller may be an indication the it has actually a low battery.

There are a pair ways to fee your Xbox One controller"s batteries. That includes using a beat & charge Kit, a micro USB cable, or rechargeable battery pack. However you can likewise use conventional AA batteries if those room what you have actually on hand.

If you understand your battery are fully charged and the irradiate is still blinking, pop the battery out, wait 15 seconds, and also then put them earlier in to watch if the fixes the issue.

You may need to restart her console or upgrade your controller's firmware. Shutterstock

If pairing her controller and checking the batteries doesn"t work, restart your Xbox One console by stop the power button for 10 seconds. Revolve it back on, then try again.

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You should additionally consider to update the firmware on her controller. If controllers made after June 2015 have the right to update wirelessly, every Xbox One controllers have the right to be updated making use of the USB cord the came v your console.

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