Error code 0x8b050033 can occur when you shot to access specific files on Xbox One. And also some users report the they encounter Xbox error password 0x8b050033 as soon as playing certain games and also can play other games without any type of problem.

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What is the reason of Xbox One error 0x8b050033?


We researched this certain problem by spring at assorted user reviews and the most generally used repair methods to resolve this problem. It transforms out that several scenarios can lead to this problem. Here’s a shortlist of feasible culprits the can cause this problem:

Software error: in part circumstances, you might encounter this problem after a fail firmware update or after ~ a strength surge. If this script applies, and you have actually previously confirmed that the trouble is not widespread, girlfriend should be able to solve it through a strength outage.

Xbox Live Server Problem: In most cases, this specific error occurs as soon as there are troubles with some simple Xbox Live services. In this case, you have no other repair strategy various other than to check out if girlfriend are managing a server problem.

How to fix Xbox One error 0x8b050033?


Perform a rapid reboot

If the error is not resulted in by a server failure, it might be resulted in by temporary troubles with the console. A rapid reboot works choose a difficult reset and also fixes any kind of firmware issues.

Make certain the Xbox One console is turn on.Press the Xbox switch on the console because that 15 seconds until the console shuts down.After transforming off the power, disconnect every cables connected to the console.After a couple of minutes, reconnect every cables.Press the Xbox button on your console again to revolve it on.Try updating her Xbox One console and see if there is any improvement.

Check for an Xbox Live service glitch

According come Microsoft, this error occurs when Xbox Live servers space down and also under maintenance.Microsoft allows users to examine the standing of the Xbox Live service on the official site.The Xbox Live status page lists all of the services and also games that space not working.If any kind of of lock is no working, wait for Microsoft to settle the problem. You can sign increase for business status update by logging in v your Xbox account.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

What go 0x8b050033 mean?

If you check out it, it way that the power-off process was successful. The Xbox One will begin the animation. After the console has totally loaded, operation the game that brought about the error earlier and see if error password 0x8b050033 continues to appear.