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A video clip package opens the display highlighting James Ellsworth acquiring a pinfall win over WWE human being Champion AJ styles last week with assist from Dean Ambrose.

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Backstage, we view James Ellsworth warming up once he look at up and also sees Dean Ambrose hold a brand-new Ellsworth t-shirt. Ambrose claims tonight is James’ night and that he dubbed in part favors to gain that shirt on WWE Shop today.

Randy Orton is out very first to kick off the show tonight live in Denver. Mauro Ranallo, JBL and David Otunga discuss at ringside Orton’s recent problems with Bray Wyatt. Orton has actually a mic and says he has actually to give credit wherein credit is due. “The evil inside of Bray Wyatt operation deeper than I ever before thought possible.” he compares Wyatt to quick sand in that the harder you fight, the much more you room pulled down into the darkness and also he feels like he is walk crazy. Orton said this is a difficulty for Bray Wyatt and credits that for setup him free. He speak Wyatt he is coming because that him. The lights go out and also we see Bray Wyatt in a coffin backstage surrounded by human being wearing black masks. Wyatt opens up his eyes and begins laughing. “Randall…get a host of yourself. You don’t need to come ~ me. Since I’m comes after you.” He speak Orton the is around to take him top top a journey whereby he will certainly be gasping for his last breath of wait over and also over again. “I’m having so much fun Randy. Aren’t you? by the way…he’s here.” Luke Harper walks out out stage and heads to the ring.

Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper

Lock up and also Orton conveniently pushes Harper away. Orton with kicks and uppercuts come Harper. Harper through a shove and a dropkick that sends Orton out of the ring. Orton counters a suicide dive effort from Harper cutting it off with a huge elbow. Ago inside, Harper fights off Orton in the corner and Orton cut off Harper top top the 2nd rope with right hands. Orton v a superplex on Harper off the corner. The lights walk out. Bray Wyatt’s music plays. Wyatt is being brought to the phase in his casket v the masked people.

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Back live, Wyatt is now out that the coffin and also staring down Orton who is in ~ ringside together the referee begins a count. Orton slides in in ~ 9 and also Harper fall an elbow appropriate away. Harper with a Michinoku Driver top top Orton for a two count. Harper v a gator role on Orton and then keeps the grounded through a headlock. Wyatt is yelling in ~ Harper to lug Orton to the casket that remains open. Orton tries come toss Harper in the casket. Harper counters and also then eats a couple of clotheslines from Orton including a snap powerslam. Orton is going because that his DDT with the ropes ~ above Harper once Wyatt access time the ring attacking him. The referee calls because that the bell.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton

After the match, Luke Harper levels Randy Orton through a big boot. Bray Wyatt with best hands and stomps to Orton. Harper gets in a couple of stomps the his own. Wyatt walks earlier over come the casket the was closed. As soon as he opens it, Kane is inside and sits up. Kane v a shot to Wyatt and Harper ~ above the ring apron. Kane goes up top, Orton with a DDT turn off the ropes ~ above Wyatt and Kane off the height rope with a paris clothesline top top Harper. Kane is calling because that a clothesline and Orton is gearing up because that an RKO once the lights walk out. When the lamp return, both Wyatt and Harper room gone. Kane walk his posture to have actually the corner pyro go off.

Backstage, WWE world Champion AJ styles is asked around his think on having to defend his title tonight. Styles talks about earning the best to be referred to as the confront that operation the place, yet here he is with a “no talented, garbage of space, fat skinny turd, James Ellsworth.” the predicts Dean Ambrose will try to get connected tonight and how this might be favor WCW almost everywhere again when David Arquette winner the WCW Championship. Layouts talks about it gift embarassing simply being in the ring through Ellsworth. He promises to take out Ambrose if the interferes in this championship enhance tonight.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and also WWE Smackdown sign Team champions Heath Slater and also Rhyno vs. The Miz vs. The soul Squad will take place tonight.

Up next: Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss.

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Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss

Lock up and Bliss pushes Naomi away. Bliss v a shove. Naomi return with one of her own. They exchange shoves and also Bliss it s okay behind the referee to break it up. Naomi v a Lou Thesz Press and right hand to Bliss. Bliss with a large knee and tosses Naomi face first off the mat. Naomi with repetitive kicks come the body of Bliss and also follows v a standing dropkick. Naomi catches Bliss with a kick to the head from the ring apron. Naomi springboards off the top rope and also takes out Bliss v a overcome body because that a two count. Naomi v a fast leg drop over Bliss and also goes to a headlock to keep it grounded. Noami with a drop toe host sending Bliss face an initial into the bottom turnbuckle. Bliss roll out.

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During the break, we watch Bliss landing a large right hand to Naomi ~ above the outside. Ago live, Bliss has a front face lock applied on Naomi and rolls through a Naomi respond to attempt. Naomi fights out v a backbreaker top top Bliss. Naomi through a flipping dive, lariat and also sitdown jawbreaker combo ~ above Bliss. Naomi v a break-up legged moonsault from the edge over Bliss for a two count. Bliss crotches Naomi when she goes increase top. Bliss tosses Naomi down and also hits she Twisted Bliss off the optimal turnbuckle to acquire the pinfall.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

After the match, Renee Young is v Alexa Bliss talking about Bliss difficult Becky Lynch because that the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship. Bliss claimed in three weeks the fairy tale is over. “The wicked witch is dead.” She said a brand-new champion will be crowned.

Footage from last week is displayed of Dolph Ziggler beating The spirit Squad in a handicap match and then The Miz attack Ziggler after the match. We also see heath Slater and Rhyno hitting the ring to do the save for Ziggler.

Curt Hawkins will certainly make his Smackdown Live in-ring debut increase next.

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We are back live as Apollo Crews is in the ring all set for action.

Curt Hawkins is out beside make his in-ring debut.

Hawkins bring away the mic and also tells Crews to prepare self to “face the facts.” He said all Crews has actually to are afraid is fear itself…and Curt Hawkins. Hawkins claimed after tonight, Crews will have actually to change his surname to Apollo Lose. Crews through a best hand come Hawkins. Hawkins rolls out of the ring. He claimed Crews ruined his big debut. Hawkins autumn the mic and also says he is leaving. He top up the ramp and also goes come the back.

Carmella is top to the ring.

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Carmella gift the truth about Nikki Bella

Carmella top to the ring. We watch footage of last week that Nikki Bella going after ~ Carmella and Carmella acquiring away. Ago live, Carmella has a mic and also talks around Nikki Bella damaging her minute at SummerSlam in Brooklyn. She doesn’t get Nikki’s popularity. Carmella claimed it is your lucky day because she is here to pour out the truth.

Nikki Bella’s music hits and also she walks the end to interrupt. Nikki take away a mic and also says Carmella have the right to say what she has to say to her face. Carmella talks about Nikki being able to obtain away v anything about here due to the fact that her boyfriend is john Cena. She refuses to walk on eggshells roughly here and says Nikki isn’t fearless since she goes home with Cena.

Nikki congratulates Carmella on gift a jealous hater. Carmella accuses Nikki the trying come hide something. Nikki is confused and says castle aren’t trying come hide it. She chooses to focus on her duty as a wrestler on this show. Nikki phone call Carmella an web bully. Carmella claimed she is just exposing Nikki because that the needy, whiny, “gold digger” the she is. She has actually a clip for Nikki. It’s footage from full Bellas and also Nikki comes off very needy. Back live, Carmella is smiling. Nikki says Carmella knows just how to edit and also talks about paving her own road. “I wear the damn trousers in mine relationship,” said Nikki. She talks about “they” not believing in her and how she trained also harder. Nikki talks around being counted out when she hurt she neck and she wears the word “fearless” on her shirt proudly. She adds no being afraid of some Boss or Queen and especially not some girl from lengthy Island. Carmella said she speak the truth and truth is the Nikki supplied her watch to gain her foot in the door. “You supplied your sister to get your foot in the ring. And you supplied your boyfriend, man Cena, to become a celebrity.” Carmella drops the mic and rolls the end of the ring heading come the back.

Backstage, Renee Young talks v James Ellsworth around facing AJ formats tonight for the WWE people Championship. Ellsworth stated he is really nervous, however last mainly he discovered himself in a enhance last week v AJ Styles and also somehow that survived. He claimed tonight he it s okay to call his grandchildren the he competed for the WWE human being Championship ~ above Smackdown Live. Young wishes him great luck later on tonight.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and also WWE Smackdown tag Team champions Heath Slater and also Rhyno vs. The Miz vs. The spirit Squad is up next.

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Six male Tag Team MatchWWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and also WWE Smackdown sign Team champions Heath Slater and also Rhyno vs. The Miz vs. The heart Squad

Before the match, pagan Slater claimed they came out last week to help Dolph Ziggler to collection a good example for his kids. Rhyno said he just doesn’t like male cheerleaders.

We start wtih Rhyno and Mikey. Lock up and Rhyno v a headlock ~ above Mikey. Mikey with a headlock on Rhyno. Rhyno through a fast shoulder handle on Mikey and also a shoulder charge in the corner. Mikey with an elbow and also kick to Rhyno. Tag to Kenny who comes off the 2nd rope, Rhyno captures him and also hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Tag come Heath Slater. Rhyno and also Slater with a twin elbow ~ above Kenny. Slater with an eight drag come Kenny. Tag to Dolph Ziggler who throws a big right hand to Kenny in the corner. Kenny records Ziggler through a leaping earlier elbow. Miz is yelling for a tag. Miz gets the tag and eats a fast dropkick native Ziggler. Ziggler with a corner splash, goes for a neckbreaker, Miz litter Ziggler come the corner and also kicks away. Miz distracts the referee enabling Mikey and Kenny to acquire in a few shots. Ziggler nearly gets a superkick top top Miz together Miz quickly rolls the end of the ring.

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We are earlier live as Maryse trips up Ziggler against the ropes permitting Miz to take advantage. The group is calling because that a Slater hot tag. Miz cut off a warm tag effort dropping Ziggler under by his hair. Tag to Kenny that comes off the second rope v a shoot on Ziggler. Kenny v a rapid stomp over Ziggler. Mikey through the tag and also takes a respond to suplex indigenous Ziggler. Tag to Miz who cuts off a warm tag come Slater. Miz sends Rhyno turn off the ring apron. Ziggler records Miz through a quick superkick. Tag to Kenny. Warm tag to Slater. Slater through a huge boot to Kenny and knocks Mikey off the corner. Slater with one more running boots to Kenny and also then one more for Mikey. Slater with a jumping neckbreaker because that a two count on Kenny when Mikey breaks it up. Gore top top Mikey. Kenny sends Rhyno the end of the ring. Slater rolls increase Kenny because that a two count. Miz v a shoot on Slater with the ropes. Kenny rolls up Slater for the pinfall.

Winners: The Miz and also The soul Squad

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is talking through Shane McMahon around RAW accepting the open an obstacle for Survivor collection and just how they should make teams. Natalya walks approximately interrupt. She wants to be component of the 5-on-5 women’s enhance at Survivor Series. Bryan asks why her. She thinks she can lead the means and give the women a sense of proud to beat RAW. Bryan asks if she just quoted Whitney Houston and will take that under consideration.

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Jack Swagger is in the ring as soon as we return live.

Members of the Denver Broncos are presented sitting at ringside.

Jack Swagger vs. Baron Corbin

Swagger through a shoulder tackle at an early stage Corbin. Swagger clotheslines Corbin end the top rope to the outside. Swagger jumps out and sends Corbin ago inside. Swagger through a best hand come Corbin indigenous the ring apron. Corbin through a tackle that sends Swagger flying off the ring apron into the ring barricade. Corbin v some powerful forearms come Swagger. Earlier inside, Corbin records Swagger with a knee and also then hits finish of Days because that the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Backstage, Dean Ambrose to walk in Daniel Bryan’s office and also is put on a referee shirt. The is prepared to it is in unbiased and call it right down the middle. Bryan said Ambrose can’t be the referee tonight. He stated Ambrose have the right to be ring announcer, timekeeper or whatever. Ambrose stated he will execute that. Bryan asks Ambrose i beg your pardon one together Ambrose leaves.

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Dean Ambrose is headed to the ringside area for the key event.

WWE people Championship MatchAJ formats (c) vs. James Ellsworth

Dean Ambrose will be our ring announcer tonight. AJ formats was no happy around this match during his entrance. James Ellsworth has actually music and graphics now. Ambrose introduces the challenger Ellsworth (loud “ELLSWORTH” chants) and the champion AJ Styles.

Ambrose runs the end of the ring and is now the main timekeeper tonight. He keeps ringing the bell. Layouts is not happy together he starts yelling in ~ Ambrose.

Ellsworth goes on the strike on Styles. Layouts gets an abdominal muscle stretch applied on Ellsworth. Ambrose speak them to take it a break since they need to take a advertising break. Ambrose yells at layouts they need to “pay the bills, brother.”

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We are ago live as formats goes for a rear chin lock and also Ellsworth slips appropriate out. Styles with a right hand to Ellsworth. Ambrose advertises the brand-new James Ellsworth t-shirt ~ above the video screen distracting Styles. Styles tosses Ellsworth throughout the ring and yells, “Nobody desires your shirt!” styles with large forearms to the jaw that Ellsworth in the corner. Layouts with a dropkick top top Ellsworth. Ellsworth pushes styles to the corner. Formats gives Ellsworth a snap suplex right right into the very same corner. Formats leaves the ring and also yells at Ambrose saying this is every his fault. Layouts with a chop to Ellsworth and also then puts him increase on the top turnbuckle. Layouts is going for a superplex as soon as Ambrose is letting someone know in the arena that their vehicle headlights are on. He also reads turn off Verizon together a sponsor. Ellsworth goes for a overcome body, formats moves and also Ellsworth hits the ring through a thud. Styles with a large kick come the chest of Ellsworth. Layouts sends Ellsworth come the corner and then to the outside. Ambrose gets up and sends Ellsworth ago inside the ring. Formats tosses him ago out. Ambrose tosses Ellsworth back in. Lock go ago and forth sending Ellsworth in and also out of the ring. Formats gets up on the top turnbuckle and Ellsworth trips the up. Ellsworth v a superkick ~ above Styles! Ellsworth hooks the leg and Styles kicks the end after two. Otunga dubbed that No Chin Music. Styles cuts off Ellsworth through a spinebuster. Formats with part stiff elbows to Ellsworth. Layouts with kicks come Ellsworth together Ambrose it s okay on the mic questioning if that is the best he can do. He stated he knows layouts looks prefer a football mom, however didn’t recognize he kicked like one too. Styles gets more aggressive with large right hands on Ellsworth. Formats with appropriate hands come Ellsworth in the corner. The referee will a 5 count and calls for the bell.

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Winner via DQ: James EllsworthWinner and also still WWE people Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, Dean Ambrose announces AJ formats as the loser the the match. He gets in the ring, AJ layouts charges and Ambrose hits him with Dirty Deeds. Ambrose choose up James Ellsworth and also holds increase his arm celebrating his second win versus Styles. Otunga talks around Ambrose gaining to styles tonight at ringside.

Quick complement Results:

* Randy Orton def. Luke Harper via DQ* Alexa Bliss def. Naomi* The Miz and also The heart Squad def. Dolph Ziggler, heath Slater and Rhyno* Baron Corbin def. Jack Swagger* James Ellsworth def. WWE human being Champion AJ layouts via DQ, formats retains