Who perform we speak to about getting a security information for these last episodes the the season? we feel unsafe through Atilla top top the streets. Atilla (Robert Crayton) is a enormous being native Stapleton that just obtained out the prison, and also who additionally inspired united state to gain up and double-check the locks on ours doors a few times during this episode. We don’t recognize the complete backstory ~ above Staten Island’s variation of Deebo (if Deebo was also an really killer), however we to be clear the his existence wasn’t walk to be a good thing for the crew — however maybe it will turn out to be. We’ll come ago to that later. Anyway, the penultimate episode of this season opens with Atilla being released from brand-new York’s song Sing and also immediatelywreaking havoc when he gets earlier to the hood. With no concerns around parole stipulations or nothing, he’s robbing folks, shooting folks, pistol-whipping folks. Mayhem.

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In midtown, Bobby autumn by the brand to talk to Monica (Jill Flint) about being dropped for poor single sales. He’s easy to understand frustrated since nothing he did to be his vision, it was Tommy Boy’s. He pushed earlier on practically every an option they created his brand, and also Bobby points the end that he still conceded to every little thing they inquiry him to do, “…that poppy song. The cheesy video.” He likewise tells Monica that now he need to be able to shot things his way; he’s gained songs she’s never ever heard. And also even despite she admits the label made missteps v marketing, Monica’s still no trying to hear his music. She speak Bobby that Tommy boy is potentially around to be bought out by a larger company, so Tom Silverman is shifting emphasis from solo acts to groups. Groups, friend say? Bam!Bobby whips the end the Wu-Tang demo and also says “I obtained a group.” Monica is skeptical around everything indigenous the group name come Ason being among the rappers: “Isn’t he a backup dancer?” yet she completely shuts down as soon as he mentions Gary/Genius. “Gary is signed to an additional label. That’s not exactly how the system works.” (We love Rza foreshadowing all the ways he flipped the traditional music service with the group and also their solo deals.) Monica sits the demo ~ above a ridge of tapes on she desk and walks Bobby out. As she does, one intern comes and packs the tapes up.

Back in Stapleton, Dennis (Siddiq Saunderson) has his brother watchShaolin vs Wu flavor with him. Due to the fact that he and Bobby dropped out, movie nights in the Diggs’ basement is a wrap, so little brothers gotta discover the means of the Wu. Darius (Samuel Mckoy-Johnson) has jokes, especially with the connection storyline between the kung fu master and also his finest friend’s sister. He tells Dennis through a smirk, “No wonder you choose this movie so much.”Dennis is upset the his brothers can’t view the deeper definitions in the movie, yet the boys simply think the violence is entertaining.

After leave Tommy Boy, Bobby stops by Genius’ flossy album packaging shoot to talk to Andre (Jamie Hector) about the next steps. Andre tells him the doesn’t think he’s a to the right at any of the other majors, then says Bobby may need to expropriate the reality that he’s no going to make it as a recording artist. Finally, Dre drops any kind of pretense the professionalism or concern and also tells Bobby he’s no working with him anymore. Once Bobby asks about the money he’s made for this reason far, Andre access time him with the infamous you-didn’t-read-the-contract accounting we’ve heard around in every episode of VH1’s Behind the Musicand the TLC movie.


Dennis is still holding under Battery Park, and also the 5 Percenters space still lattice on his nerves. Including to his frustration, divine (Julian Elijah Martinez) fully ignores him as he overcome by ~ above the method to work. In among his much more pressed and also desperate moments, D Love impulsively rod a client up for his gold watch and sunglasses. Welp, functioning at the park’s a wrap.

Meanwhile, a beat Bobby is pack up his tools at the house, considering lastly letting the dream go. Together he’s doing so, the comes across his copy the The supreme 120 Lessons– the introductory publication for those seeking understanding of self. The started finding out on tour, yet apparently still has actually some researching to do. He abandons his packing project for the time being and takes time to try to decipher the readings.

Since Dennis blew up the clues by jacking a client, he’s sitting about the house with Bobby’s Shaolin movies on repeat. In breaking various plot points under to his brothers, he’s starting to see components of the movie in a new way. He plays around, spitting part bars motivated by the flick, and also Darius encourages him to “put the kung fu sh*t in a song or something.” once Dennis said Bobby’s been trying it, Darius tells him that way it’s a an excellent idea and then asks why lock haven’t been making music together anymore.

Over in Ohio, the relocated Diggs clan is thriving. Ms. Linda’s (Erika Alexander) acquired her a garden, Jerome’s (Bokeem Woodbine) acquired a new job, and also Shurrie (Zolee Griggs) is around to obtain a duty in the school play…or not, follow to she sudden nausea. (We knew it!)

Divine is still placing in so late nights cleaning the floors in the people Trade Center. He’s staying the course, however the occupational only takes that a fraction of his 10-hour shift. And he can’t dip out early because his boss currently goes what that calls for snazzy suits for most of the night. After overhearing a trader on the call throwing around a $25M figure like it’s nothing, magnificent realizes just how much money these finance cats space playing with and also decides to usage his cost-free time at occupational to review up ~ above the business.

In Park Hill, Sha (Shameik Moore) is in the crib watching “We Love girlfriend Rakeem” ~ above The Boxand wait to watch himself. The idea of being a rapper is clearly becoming an ext and appealing to the dude who once dubbed the artform other they picked up in project hallways. Power (Marcus Callender) scoops that to role to Cressy’s come cop product. When they gain there, they find out Cressy (Jason Louder) is getting into the music business. He’s building a studio in his house and has a cypher going of talent he’s grooming. He speak Sha to jump in and also is impressed v what the hears. He it s okay him in the studio immediately. There’s weed and also girls — one of whom seems interested in Sha. She asks the if the works with Cressy, “Yeah, we’re make music together.” Sha’s already casting turn off his identity as a dealer and trying ~ above “rapper” for size. “Oh, you’re a rapper,” shorty asks v skepticism. “I spit darts, baby.” now that sounds choose the rapper we understand as Raekwon.


Dennis is cigarette smoking out and trying to explain the idea of merger kung fu and also rap come his boy, whose concern is, “How is this representing Staten Island?” Dennis emphasizes, “Shaolin is Staten Island!” the fervently starts talking around Shaolin and also Wu Tang coming together at the end of the movie and meshing styles because they’re much more powerful together. His young ain’t trying to hear all that, he’s simply trying to take it a struggle of the blunt. Dennis is missing Bobby; he’d obtain it.

Ason runs up top top a dejected Bobby on the street, questioning him if lock can acquire into the studio. Bobby doesn’t desire to tell the he gained dropped. Together he’s talking to him, some youngsters come up and also ask because that an autograph, climate ask exactly how much he obtained paid. Street rules have constantly dictated the you don’t talk around money every wild and loosened in the streets, however Ason throws about mention the a $100K advance. “Nah, yo,” Bobby corrects. “…I gained $60 Gs.” us knew as shortly as he claimed it that it to be going to with the dorn ears, and sho’nuff, the young ones go boppin’ off under the street repeating the number together they to walk right previous Atilla. Aw, damn.

Lucky because that Bobby, Sheba to be on her task at the crib, and also Bobby witnessed Atilla trying to bust in through time to sneak out of the house. Atilla destroys the house. Flips over and also tears personal anything in there. ~ flipping over Bobby’s bed choose it was a feather, Atilla find his music and also rhyme books and seems a little too pleased because that somebody that was looking for $60K in cash.

The movie marathon continues at Dennis’ house, and also at this point he’s to be watching for this reason much, he hears his very own dialogue and also sees his own version of the film, complete with street slang, Nike Airs and also gold three-finger ring (somebody should entirely commission a Ghostface-inspired reissue of the Shaw Brothers movies). Mama Coles (Delissa Reynolds) come home and wonders why they’re watching the very same movie again. Darius raves about the hit scenes, however Dennis suggests he’s watching for the class in loyalty and brotherhood. His mom points out that he’s currently beefing v all his friends. The totality family’s utilizing the movie to the shade Dennis.

At Cressy’s studio, Power concerns grab Sha to gain some actual occupational done. Cressy’s do the efforts to put Sha under contract automatically — prefer in the next couple of hours, however Power’s no for all the “entertainer” rah rah. Miraculously, just as they gain to the car, a fleet the cops role up on Cressy’s house. Us were concerned for a minute the Cressy to be going come think Power and also Sha collection him up, however nope. It was the love husband trying to push up top top Sha— she was undercover! currently Sha’s feeling like he gained played, and Power speak him to never ever take his eye off the ball.

Atilla is stop Bobby’s music and also equipment hostage for the 60 thousands dollars Bobby never actually got (imagine thinking anybody gained $60K for a solitary deal). Magnificent doesn’t see the suggest in getting operated up; it’s music, he deserve to make more. Magnificent doesn’t know that Bobby to be leaning in the direction of leaving music alone, but he wanted to in ~ least have actually what he’d currently created.


Dennis shows up to do peace, having actually been enlightened and shamed a small by the movies. The realizes he needs Bobby to balance out his energy. Bobby is his abbot — he’s the head of their group. Bobby update Dennis top top the turn things have actually taken for him lately. Dennis is relieved Tommy young dropped him, “F*ck all that tuxedo-wearing bullsh*t, that sh*t ain’t you.” and also he wants to go gain Bobby’s stuff ago from Atilla. Lmao — has actually Dennis met Atilla? They far better get part reinforcements; part actual kung fu masters and ninjas or something. However our guess: v is the this will be the fight that brings the entire clan together, finally, v Dennis and also Sha joining forces like Shaolin and also Wu tang in the movie.

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What The Episode got Right: drug kingpins bankrolled a many of early hip-hop artists and businesses. It was an easy means to wash money and also go legit throughout the battle on drugs campaign. And also it became harder to move around freely in the streets.We stated this in illustration 8, but you really couldn’t bring any kind of food approximately a young black male in the ‘90s there is no him questioning or commenting about “swine,” yet Ms. Coles was every black mama shrugging it off due to the fact that “pigs to be made to it is in eaten.”

What The Episode gained Wrong: maybe this isn’t “wrong,” however how is someone as violent as Atilla even out of jail? at minimum, we understand he has to be on parole, and we’re also details he hasn’t checked in through his PO at all. Deserve to somebody please come obtain him? us don’t feeling safe.

What We have Questions About: So, Rza simply really left U-God out of this whole thing? LOL. And how walk Bobby get the doors top top the house fixed so quickly?