The 3 Sheets come the Wind accomplishment requires girlfriend to purchase drinks from sellers scattered throughout Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar, and Stormsong Valley.

Tiragarde Sound
Stormsong Valley

Click the bartender names listed below to open the video at the exact location.

Bartender / YoutubeDrinkTomTom
Harold AtkeyBlacktooth BloodwineMildenhall MeadBrennadam apple Brandy"Aurora Borealis"Whitegrove Pale AleBitter Darkroot Vodka/way Boralus 75.38 14.44
Ruddy the RatAdmiralty issued GrogPatina Pale AleSnowberry BerilnerHook allude PorterTradewinds Kolsch/way Boralus 69.42 29.89 Ruddy the Rat
Joseph StephensDark and also StormyThornspeaker Moonshine/way Boralus 47.57 47.37 Joseph Stephens
Nicolas MoalCorlain legacy 12 YearArathor solitary Cask/way Boralus 58.23 70.24 Nicolas Moal
Sarella GriffinPintoon PilsnerHook suggest SchnappsKul Tiran TripelDrop Anchor Dunkel/way Tiragarde Sound 49.78 25.19 Sarella Griffin
Barkeep CotnerSausage Martini/way Drustvar 21.08 66.08
Linda DeepwaterLong forget Rum/way Drustvar 21.18 43.85 Linda DeepwaterNOTE: If you discover enemy pirates here, climate you haven"t completed the 4 pursuits to unlock Anyport. Start search at /way Drustvar 22.8 46.2
Emma HaribullFoaming turtle Broth/way Stormsong valley 44.43 54.18
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