My home windows Media Player reflects Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the record and this is keep going on every video document that I try to play. How deserve to I play this videos through my WMP?

Windows Media Player (WMP) is an inbuilt media player obtainable on Windows. This Microsoft application allows you to play media files and also is recognized as the safest media tool.

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However, many users have experienced this error, home windows Media Player encountered a problem while play the file. When this error can be record specific, it"s also likely that it can be resulted in by a fault in the system. In this post, we will present you several of the proven techniques that can fix this error.

part 1. Diagnose home windows Media Player Errors

WMP is obtainable in all home windows operating solution designed to allow you to open and use video and audio documents of different formats. This is a straightforward application the meets many of your needs, however many users experience some major errors while utilizing it.

One of this errors is WMP encountered a difficulty while play the file. This occurs once you try to open up a paper and the error avoids you from opened it.

WMP encountered a problem while playing the file error can show up when playing details video record formats, such as WAV, AVI, and MOV video formats. AVI layout works pretty fine with many media players yet you deserve to encounter this error on WMP. Also, this error have the right to come suddenly regardless of playing your video files previously.

1. Introduce different reasons of the error

As you can see, this error can appear due to miscellaneous reasons. Discovering the reasons of this error can help you settle this problem. The reasons of this error deserve to be due to the fact that of numerous reasons. These include the following:

The WMP doesn"t assistance the video clip or audio paper format.There is a missing or not correct codec.The paper is broken or damaged.There to be improper counter or transport of the video file.Windows operating software program is outdated.

part 2. Solve "Windows Media Player Encountered a trouble While play the File"

Once you understand the factor why you are seeing the home windows media player encountered a difficulty error, you deserve to use the various solutions to resolve this problem. If you don"t recognize the cause of this error, friend don"t should panic due to the fact that you deserve to use every these options one through one and find the one that functions for you.

Method 1: use Windows Media Player Troubleshooter

If you view the WMP encountered a problem while playing the file error, your first option is to use the troubleshooter for home windows Media Player. You have the right to go come the WMP setup and carry out the following:

1. Simultaneously, press the windows + R options.


2. Then, in the operation dialogue box, type the following: msdt.exe -id WindowsMediaPlayerConfigurationDiagnostic. Now, you have the right to click the OK button to gain the home windows Media Player settings option.

3. In the WMP settings, Click the advanced and select the operation as administrator.

4. Click the next option and click the use this resolve to troubleshoot and solve the error problem.

Method 2: Reinstall WMP

If this error article comes because of the problems in the windows Media Player installation, perhaps reinstalling the application deserve to fix this issue. So take the complying with steps to reinstall WMP:

1. You have the right to go come the regulate Panel and choose the Programs and Features.


2. Click the rotate Windows functions on or turn off option.

3. In the new window, broaden the Media attributes list. Uncheck the home windows Media Player and click the OK button to confirm.

4. Lastly, restart your computer and also go come the Media features list. Then inspect the windows Media Player and also play her media files.

Method 3: Download home windows Media play codecs

Codecs play crucial role in compressing and also decompressing videos as soon as you play lock in home windows Media Player. Therefore, you can encounter various error troubles if you"re playing a video that doesn"t have actually the sustained codec.

If you deserve to play your videos on other media players except on her device, the absence of the best codecs may be the culprit. So take it the listed below steps to fix the problem:

1. Open your windows Media Player and select the devices > Options.


2. Click on the Player button. Right under the Player option, friend will see the checkbox with when a day, as soon as a week, etc.

3. Select your desired option and click the ok button. This will certainly make sure that the WMP codecs are instantly installed when available.

4. Alternatively, you have the right to download a codec load for Windows. Girlfriend see, a codec load can aid you to play most of the video file formats. Some of these codec packs encompass Shark007X Codec Pack, K-Lite Codec Pack, and X Codec Pack.

Method 4: convert a video clip format to one more format

The fact is the the home windows Media Player cannot play videos that space not compatible v it. Hence, the windows Media Player shows encountered a problem while play the paper could be due to the fact that of one incompatible video clip or audio file.


In this case, you need to transform the video record to a different format. You can use any kind of of the obtainable media document converter devices to transform the document to WMV, MP4, MOV, or any other home windows Media Player compatible file formats.

Method 5: Disable the network sharing organization on your windows Media Player

The network sharing company can sometimes reason the WMP encountered a difficulty while play the file. Therefore, below is just how you have the right to fix this problem:

1. Push the windows button and R at the same time to open the run window. In the conversation box, kind in the "services.msc" and also click the yes button.


2. Choose and also right-click the WMP Network share Service. In the Properties, select the Disabled alternative which is under the Startup type.

3. If the company status shows it"s running, consider clicking the protect against button.

Method 6: do the mechanism restore

This an approach comes in handy when you recently mounted an app on your computer. So here is the deal, if you started experiencing the error after installation a specific app, then try to restore your Windows computer to its vault status.

You can use the Windows mechanism Restore to bring it to its previous functioning state. The great news is that this technique doesn"t affect your data on the computer. Listed below are the actions to reclaim your Windows:

1. Push the windows + R keys at the very same time and also click the operation button.

2. Now, kind the following in the dialogue message box, rstrui, and click the ok button.

3. Click the Next button in the device to regain the window.


4. Native the list, girlfriend can select a reclaim point. Click the Next and Finish option. Restart your windows computer. The videos must now pat in your windows Media Player.

Method 7: upgrade Windows

If your home windows Media Player supports the media paper extension however the expansion of that document is no working, maybe there is a problem in the system. The ideal option is to update Windows by taking the adhering to steps:

1. To open up the Settings, click the begin option and click top top the gear-like icon.

2. Click on the update which is in the Updates and Security.


3. Restart your computer system when the upgrade is done.

Method 8: inspect for any third party app that deserve to be interfering

The difficulty with third-party programs is that they can reason various problems, especially when you have just installed them on her computer. So you deserve to remove the interfering programs by taking the adhering to steps:

1. Press the Windows symbol + R and write the command control panel. Climate click the go into to obtain the regulate Panel.

2. In the Apps and also Features, species the program according come their day of installation.


3. Inspect for any type of recently mounted programs that might be leading to the error. Once you recognize the programs, uninstall them.

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part 3. Fix Videos no Playing on windows Media Player

When nobody of the above solutions to resolve the windows Media Player encountered a trouble while play the paper don"t work, don"t shed hope. There are good chances the the video or audio file is corrupt. In such cases, your finest option is to usage a video clip repair software.

With the aid of video Repair software, you deserve to fix a corrupted or damaged video document that is can not to beat on your home windows Media Player. Finest of all, this tool has a straightforward interface, making the easy-to-use. Even if it is you space experiencing blurry or jerky videos, this software deserve to repair her videos so that you have the right to watch them as soon as again in a issue of a few minutes. Few of the unique features this tool has including the following: