around Why"d girlfriend Only speak to Me when You"re High?

"Why"d friend Only speak to Me once You"re High?" is a song by English indie rock tape Arctic Monkeys. It to be released as the third solitary from their fifth studio album to be on 11 respectable 2013. That was created by the group"s command vocalist Alex Turner if its production was taken on by James Ford. Top top its release, many critics contrasted the composition of "Why"d you Only contact Me when You"re High?" through works by different artists. On 30 respectable 2013, one audio monitor of the single"s B-side, "Stop the human being I Wanna acquire Off with You", to be released ~ above Arctic Monkeys" main YouTube channel. one accompanying music video clip was shot because that the tune by Nabil Elderkin and released in July 2013. The band has actually performed the track multiple time on different venues and likewise on their ongoing AM Tour.more »

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The mirror"s imageTells me it"s home timeBut I"m not finished"Cause you"re not by my sideAnd together I arrived I thought I observed you leavin"Carryin" her shoesDecided that when again i was just dreamin"Of bumpin" into youNow it"s three in the mornin"And I"m tryna change your mindLeft friend multiple to let go callsAnd come my article you replyWhy"d you only contact me when you"re high?HighWhy"d girlfriend only call me as soon as you"re high?Somewhere darkerTalkin" the exact same shiteI need a partner (high)Well are you the end tonight?It"s harder and also harder to gain you come listenMore I gain through the gearsIncapable that makin" alright decisionsAnd havin" negative ideasNow it"s 3 in the mornin"And I"m tryna adjust your mindLeft friend multiple missed callsAnd come my post you answer (message you reply)Why"d friend only call me when you"re high?(Why"d girlfriend only contact me once you"re) high?Why"d girlfriend only call me when you"re high?And ns can"t watch you here, wonder where I mightIt kind of feels like I"m runnin" out of timeI haven"t uncovered what i was hopin" come findYou said you gotta be up in the morningGonna have very early nightAnd you"re starting to boring me, babyWhy"d girlfriend only speak to me as soon as you"re high?Why"d you only ever phone me when you"re high?Why"d friend only ever phone me as soon as you"re high?Why"d you only ever before phone me once you"re high?Why"d girlfriend only ever before phone me once you"re (high)?

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Arctic primates Arctic chimpanzees are one English indie absent band. Formed in 2002 in High Green, a suburb that Sheffield, the band at this time consists that Alex Turner (lead vocals, lead/rhythm guitar), Jamie chef (rhythm/lead guitar), Nick O'Malley (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Matt Helders (drums, backing vocals).

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Previous members encompass Andy Nicholson (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Glyn Jones (lead vocals, rhythm guitar). An ext »