If a guy won’t leave you alone as soon as he has a girlfriend, there’s a perfect reasonable explanation for his behavior. The guy (like many guys) loves your attention and also most likely wants come be your friend.

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At the moment (if you simply met him), he’s probably interested in you only as a friend. But if he continues talking to you and gets to recognize you top top a personal level, he might slowly build feelings for you and cross the friendship line.

If that happens, he’ll have an even harder time leaving you alone because he’ll come to be attached to you. He’ll become dependent top top you because that an exchange that emotions and also as a result, threat falling the end of love through his girlfriend.

Some guys, unfortunately, don’t see anything wrong with having close woman friends since they strongly think it’s their best to have friends. If this is true, it’s likewise true that plenty of guys aren’t mature enough to be good friends with one more girl as soon as they have a girlfriend.

Many guys, unfortunately, fantasize about what it’d be like to be v someone else and also because of their fantasies, oftentimes become confused about their feel for their girlfriend.

That’s as soon as they start to compare your girlfriend to your friend and also wait because that something to press them towards either person.

I’m not saying every guys have trouble controlling their thoughts and staying loyal, however a good deal the them have actually a complicated time identifying your feelings. Castle can’t tell if they feel attracted to another girl due to the fact that they choose her together a girlfriend or due to the fact that they favor her much more than that.

Today, we’ll talk around how come tell if a guy with a girlfriend likes you and answer the inquiry of the article, “Why won’t he leave me alone he has a girlfriend.”


Why won’t a man with a girlfriend leave me alone?

The best reason why the won’t leave you alone as soon as he has actually a girl friend is the he doesn’t desire to leaving you alone. The doesn’t require to due to the fact that he doesn’t know that talk to girlfriend is disrespectful to his girlfriend, unfair to you, and morally degrading to himself.

He doesn’t care about it since talking come you provides him an ext pleasure than respecting his girlfriend and doing the right thing.

This method that the guy talks come you and also seeks her attention due to the fact that he doesn’t establish the risk of talking to one more girl. The lacks relationship understanding and an easy knowledge of how a human in a relationship must behave.

It’s very likely the his girl friend doesn’t also know the he’s talking to you and gravitating toward you. He’s probably keeping it a secret from her so that she doesn’t reaction badly and also cause “drama.”

I know a handful of girls that were suspiciously of their boyfriends’ behavior. Some had a factor to it is in suspicious and others didn’t. But all of those girls stated that your boyfriends offered the exact same tactic top top them.

Their boyfriends every tried to justification their behavior by saying points like:

she’s simply a friendyou worry too muchnothing’s walk onI’m allowed to have friendsyou’re too controlling/needy/insecure

Instead the easing their girlfriends’ worries, the guys taken their girlfriends’ cries for aid as a complaint and also retaliated in self-defense.

I’m pointing this out because guys that say the above-mentioned things don’t recognize that they’re permitted to have actually female friends. They can talk to them and also have a good time, however they must tell their girlfriends around it and make certain that your girlfriends feel safe and also secure.

Some men will argue the it’s their girlfriend’s job to feeling secure, happy, and independent in a relationship—and they’re right. Every human must live for himself or herself and have blind faith.

Relationships can’t work without trust.

But girls can’t to trust unless men stop triggering your fears and anxiety.

He lacks self-control

A guy with a girlfriend won’t leaving you alone due to the fact that he can’t manage his impulses.

He loves feeling validated through someone other than his girlfriend, for this reason he continues to extort attention from friend (and perhaps even from others) to make himself feel good.

Deep inside, he more than likely knows that he shouldn’t plot on his emotions, but due to the fact that he hasn’t occurred the ability (the willpower) to say no to temptations, that does the anyway.

He talks to you also though he should be concentrating on the human he’s with.

Such a guy drops under the impulsive/oblivious category and also is at good risk of emotionally cheating ~ above his girlfriend. He might not intend to cheat and cause harm, but due to the fact that he hasn’t learned about relationships and developed himself together a person, the can’t aid but listen to his emotions and do what seems best to him.

Guys who aren’t emotionally tires as people tend to react to negative emotions much much more than world with decent self-control. That’s why you can frequently measure their self-control by observing your negative, self-destructive tendencies.

He lacks connection knowledge and possibly also morals

If he keeps pursuing you and won’t leaving you alone regardless of being in a relationship, it’s obvious that the man knows very little about relationships. He doesn’t recognize that his interest/investment in friend could impact his commitment to his girlfriend and cause concerns for his relationship.

A guy’s partnership mentality and moral values, unfortunately, regularly determine exactly how a man behaves in a relationship.

If the knows that talking to exes and other ladies in a connection is wrong, that won’t talk to other women. He especially won’t speak to random women who are solitary and show lots of attention in them.

But if that doesn’t care too much about what’s appropriate or dorn and always does what’s best for him, climate he may talk to other women since doing for this reason validates his importance and makes him feel the emotions the felt at the beginning of his relationship.

It’s important to keep in mind that no all men in a partnership who talk to various other women are negative people. Most of them just don’t know that it renders their partners feeling uncomfortable and also insecure.

What come do when he has a girlfriend yet won’t leaving you alone?

If a man won’t leave you alone as soon as he has a girlfriend, girlfriend shouldn’t just keep talking to the guy. You should instead convey to him the you’re not interested in friendship (or every little thing he’s after) and also that friend don’t have actually time to talk/chat.

The easiest method you have the right to do this is to overlook his compliments, personal questions, and flirting attempts and also say that you don’t want to talk around them.

If he’s mature, he’ll establish he overstepped your borders and earlier off. However if he’s not really mature, he could respond v anger and express his discontent in a really straightforward manner.

There’s also the opportunity that the won’t obtain the hint and keep pursuing in spite of you telling him not to. In the case, you need to be an ext direct with him make sure he understands that you don’t desire to get connected with that in any kind of way.

Whatever the guy does, you must be firm v your decision and also remind him that you’re not interested in talk to him. Friend don’t must threaten him the you’ll phone call his girlfriend, however do display him the you’re a busy person who doesn’t game taken guys.

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Did you discover why a male won’t leaving you alone once he has actually a girlfriend? What perform you intended to do around him? Comment below.

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