Having problems with her dog drinking water? find why this might be the case and also what you can do about it!

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Your dog won’t drink water and also you’re wondering why? Don’t worry, you space not alone! Under most circumstances, dogs will certainly drink sufficiently and also they will stay well-hydrated v no encouragement, however sometimes our dogs just aren’t thirsty. This write-up may help you to understand why your dog won’t drink water and also what deserve to you do around it. If your dog is additionally not eating, uncover the factors why a dog won’t eat.

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Is water important for her dog?

Dogs, prefer humans, should drink water every day together they space atrisk native dehydration if castle don’t. They room actually at better risk than humans because they release heat from their bodies much more slowly. Dog do have some sweat glands in your foot-pads, but not enough to cool their body. The human body temperature the a dog is mostly controlled through panting.

Good to know: Water is, therefore, very important because that a dog and also we, together dog owners, require to carry out our pups with enough water every day.

How lot water walk a dog need?

As a basic rule, the quantity of water a dog demands to drink in a day is same to:

100 ml water because that every kg of body weight

However, other determinants can be considered to calculate much more precisely just how much water a dog needs in a day. Dr. Jürgen Zentek, head of the academy for pet Nutrition at the college of Berlin, produced several formulas which take into consideration the dimension of the dog, task level, temperature, and also food type. Based upon his recipe we created this graph of exactly how much water a dog demands in a day. So girlfriend can uncover out exactly how much water her dog must be drinking on any kind of given day:

infographic rundown of just how much water a dog requirements by size, task level, and food typeSource (German): Zentek Jürgen, and Helmut Meyer. Ernährung Des Hundes: GRUNDLAGEN – Fütterung – DIÄTETIK. Enke Verlag, 2016.

5 reasons why your dog won’t drink water

Sometimes our dear pet refuse come drink water due to the following reasons:

Let’s have actually a closer look at at this reasons.

1. Inactivity/lack the exercise

If the weather is cooler and your dog is acquiring less exercise 보다 normal, then your dog simply isn’t the thirsty. If this is the reason, over there is no have to worry! A slight decrease in water usage due to reduced task is no cause for alarm. However, top a vet if your dog persistently refuses come drink.

Dogs need to never go much more than a day there is no water.

Since sufficient physical activity is vital for the health and wellness of your furry friend, discover out how often you have to walk her dog or begin tracking her dog’s activity with a general practitioners tracker and activity monitor because that dogs.

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2. Unfamiliar places

Unfamiliar places and smells can be the reason why her dog doesn’t drink. And also thanks to your acute sense of smell, dog know exactly how to distinguish between familiar and also unfamiliar resources of water. However if the odor of the water is not known as familiar, her dog may simply refuse to drink it. Plan a expedition somewhere new? right here is what you have to take care of:

Bring a party of water indigenous homeCheck on her dog’s drinking behaviorKeep an eye on your dog

3. Disease and illness

Certain health problems can reason a dog’s thirst to fluctuate. In part cases, illnesses such as diabetes and also kidney an illness may cause a dog’s appetite for water to diminish completely.

Bladder infection or urinary tract epidemic can also cause a to decrease in thirst.

So if you think your dog won’t drink water because of a disease, you should call your vet immediately. It’s a great idea to create your dog’s drinking behavior down to help the vet figure out the problem.

4. Aging

An larger dog may additionally avoid drinking water. It might simply it is in that getting to the water needs too much effort, or that the feeling of thirst may be diminishing along with its appetite.

Older dogs obtain less exercise and also therefore might not be together thirsty as younger dogs.

However, enlarge dogs need to maintain adequate hydration levels, therefore if drinking seems to be an issue, switching to a moist food might help. As always, above a vet before transforming dog foods.

brown dog drinking out of water bowl

5. Fear & negative experiences

Dogs discover by association. If they suffer fright or pain, they frequently associate those an unfavorable feelings through the circumstances in i m sorry they very first experienced them. If her dog has had a negative experience while drinking from the water bowl, for example someone by chance stepped top top his tail or paw, the may connected those an unfavorable accidents through the action of drinking. To remove the fear of drinking, girlfriend can shot to use a brand-new water key or girlfriend can try to put his water bowl in a different place.

If mine dog won’t drink water, can my dog drink milk?

At puppy age, many pets produce the lactase enzyme, responsible for decomposing the lactose. After ~ the breastfeeding period, plenty of dogs lose this particular enzyme and are no able come metabolize lactose anymore.

Good to know: thus it’s crucial to protect against feeding her dog milk as quickly as the is no much longer a puppy!

Symptoms the lactose intolerance:

Stomach achesFeeling unwellFlatulence

Fermented products, such as hard cheese, yogurt or buttermilk, save on computer a smaller sized amount the lactose. Due to this reason, they are less harmful.

During the fermentation process, assorted supplements such as bacteria are included to the milk, which transforms the lactose into a an ext digestible form.

Some dogs will tolerate milk better. This classification includes greatly livestock guardian dogs, due to the fact that milk (products) were regularly the only ones available. In situation you wish to feed your dog milk, in addition to water (not as a substitute), make certain to pick a lactose-free milk.

Persuading her dog to drink water

In any kind of circumstance, a dog must drink regularly. Otherwise, your dog may become dehydrated. If your dog won’t drink water prefer they provided to, there’s a couple of things you have the right to do to more persuade your dog come drink water:

Changing position: Simply transforming the position of the water bowl might sometimes work.Mixing food: one more solution is mix wet dog food with water. Also though your dog won’t drink indigenous the bowl, he may happily drink water when it’s blended with food.Clean water bowl: that is likewise worth making certain that the water key is clean. It’s a an easy thing to do, however it can work.Contact vet: If your dog quiet won’t drink water, or if he/she is suffering from one illness, you should call a veterinary as soon as possible. In instance of illness proper hydration is vital to the recovery procedure and it is therefore very important the your pets gets skilled help.Exchange the water bowl: Try to stop water bowls made out of metal since your dog can are afraid the noise. Usage a glass water key if possible.

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Overview of exactly how much water your dog really needs

All dogs are different and also so room their water needs. You might be wondering, how much water have to your dog drink everyday, to fulfill his needs. Get a good orientation on how much water does your dog really need, depending on his weight, food diet and activity level:

Weight class & Dog BreedActivity Level & TemperatureDry Food vs.

Wet Food

~ 5 KG

E.g. German Spitz Klein, Pekinese, Poodle, Havaneser, Chihuaha …



250 – 500 ml

100 – 250 ml



Up to 750 ml

Up come 500 ml

~ 10 KG

E.g. Basset, West Highland Terrier, Beagle, Cairn Terrier …



500 – 1000 ml

200 – 500 ml



Up come 1500 ml

Up come 1000 ml

~ 20 KG

E.g.Husky, Munsterlander (small), Border Collie, Dalmatian …



1000 – 2000 ml

400 – 1000 ml



Up to 3000 ml

Up come 2000 ml

~ 30 KG

E.g. Afghan Hound, German Wirehaired, Pointer, Labrador Retriever, Boxer …



1500 – 3000 ml

600 – 1500 ml



Up to 4500 ml

Up to 3000 ml

~ 40 KG

E.g. German Shepherd, Hovawart, Rottweiler, gigantic Schnauzer, Bernese mountain Dog …



2000 – 4000 ml

800 – 2000 ml



Up to 6000 ml

Up to 4000 ml

More tips: exactly how to make a dog drink water

Besides the tips above, if friend want much more ideas on exactly how to make a dog drink water, check out the video clip below!