Now the the exclusive 4 Beta has started rojo out, below are some tips to acquire you going. Permit us know if over there is anything more we can do to assist you acquire into the Beta as conveniently as possible.

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Finding the to exclude, Beta on PS3If you are eligible, girlfriend should have the ability to find the exclusive 4 Beta ~ above the playstations Store. Navigate to the playstation Store, choose “Search” and enter “ 4″. Pick the Beta and follow the download instructions.

NOTE: The european rollout of the to exclude, Beta top top PS3 has actually started. The will but take part time prior to all eligible individuals will have the ability to see the in the game stations Store. If girlfriend can’t see it now, please inspect again later.Find out much more about the Beta rollout in this earlier post.

Finding the exclusive Beta on X360The exclude, 4 Beta for Xbox 360 deserve to now be accessed v Xbox Live for eligible players. Navigate come the games section top top the Xbox 360 Dashboard. If you have either BF3 Premium or a Medal of honor Warfighter – minimal Edition online Pass, you will certainly see picture for the 4 Beta on her Dashboard. Choose it and also follow the download instructions.NOTE: The world-wide rollout of the exclude, Beta ~ above X360 has started. That will however take some time before all eligible customers will have the ability to see it on the Xbox Dashboard. If friend can’t check out it now, please examine again later.Find out an ext about the Beta rollout in this earlier post.

Find out exactly how to be eligible for the to exclude, Beta:


Get the to exclude, 4 Beta for X360 from the XBL dashboard if you are eligible.

Joining the right server on PCOn PC, begin the to exclude, Beta from your beginning app. This will certainly launch the 4 ar of From there, pick the MULTIPLAYER>SERVER browser menu item to lug up a list of active servers.


Use the an effective server internet browser to find exactly the server friend want. The server web browser is available on both PC and consoles.

The surname of the server will list the map and game mode. In this Beta, the map will be ”Siege that Shanghai” (one the ten maps in 4), and also the game mode will be either Conquest large (up come 64 players), conquest (up to 32 players), or supremacy (up to 20 players).

Either join one that the noted servers directly, or click the search FOR SERVERS toolbar just over the server list to get in your very own filter setups for a much more advanced find for servers. Here, friend can choose the mode, video game size, complimentary slots, and region, among other things. As soon as you space happy through your options, hit apply FILTER to update the easily accessible server list.

Once you’ve uncovered a server she interested in, hit join SERVER to sign up with it.

Joining the best server top top X360 and also PS3If you want to gain quickmatched into a game on an suitable server, simply hit rapid MATCH and also then select either dominance or CONQUEST.


Hit QUICK match for instant action, or choose SERVER internet browser for increased control of i m sorry server and game mode to join. Image from X360, yet PS3 user interface is almost identical.

If girlfriend would fairly use the much more powerful hands-on server internet browser on console, pick SERVER browser to go into the server browser proper. This will bring up a list of some of the available servers. Native there, struggle Traingle or Y to get in the server info page, where you will have the ability to get more detailed information around your right now selected server.


The console server internet browser adds alternatives for friend to find exactly the server and game mode you space looking for. We encourage every players to try it out.

From there, struggle X or A to include the server in inquiry to your Favorites. This will let you quickly discover the server again utilizing R1-L1/RB-LB in the server internet browser menu.If you want to search for a details server setting, struggle R3/RS. This will lug up the filter settings comparable to what is described over for PC. As soon as you space happy with your filter settings, just back out through hitting O/B to use your settings and get a refreshed list of applicable servers that you deserve to join.

Playing Conquest and Domination

The game modes accessible in the Beta space Conquest and also Domination. Conquest features a big variety of land and also air vehicles, while dominance is focused approximately infantry combat. There space five more game modes in 4, and also you can discover out an ext about lock in this blog post.

As always, if girlfriend have any type of feedback regarding the 4 Beta, please let us recognize in the Beta forums below on

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If friend have any technical worries in the Beta, please head come EA’s prize HQ because that help.