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Tucker Boner
16 Mar, 1993
28 years
Sea Green
Cancer, Scorpio
Youtube Star, Instagram Star, Twitch gamer
5 feet 6 inch (1.68m)
Sonja Reid$1.5 million
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Tucker Boner is an American YouTube gamer and also vlogger. Tucker Boner is renowned for his character IIJERiiCHOII, or simply Jericho. She is a part of a group dubbed “The Gamer Shore”. He likewise makes fan parodies of details songs the go v his interests.

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Table that Biography

Early Life and Childhood

Tucker Boner to be born on March 16, 1993, in Maryland, USA. She is under the birth sign Pisces and also she is 28 years old. She stop the American nationality.

The name of Tucker’s parents and also information around them is not available at the moment. Similarly, information around his siblings and also other family members members are likewise not available. However, he prospered up in Maryland v his parents. Probably being a well known personality, he wants to store his family members and an individual life private. And, doesn’t desire to talk around it in former of the limelight.


Caption: Tucker Boner through his friends (Source: Instagram)


Moreover, concerning his education background and qualification, he graduated from the Friends institution of Baltimore in 2011. Then, the tried for The university of phibìc Carolina, however he fail to gain in. However, he later on enrolled in The college of phibìc Carolina-Wilmington. Yet the college was preventing him native making contents so, he determined to drop the end to carry out YouTube full time.

Eventually, he relocated to Los Angeles with various other Youtube content creators such as GoldGlove, TMarth, Syndicate, and also MuzzFuzza. They collectively are well-known as Gamerscore. Likewise, Tucker did take classes at a ar college in Los Angeles yet eventually, go Youtube and also Twitch streaming full time.

Career and also Professional Life

Tucker Boner started producing gaming videos and also skits because that Youtube during his high college years. Initially, he joined Ustream in the year 2011 and also later moved to Justin.tv and then began streaming on Twitch. Tucker created his Youtube channel ~ above June 20, 2009, and has altogether 183,482,047 views till now. The channel is every about video games and things that entertain people.

II JERiiCHO II thoughts Of The Week: mainly 1 is the first-ever video clip posted top top his Youtube channel. The video clip has 67K views until now. Likewise, Overwatch banned Fl0M – CSGO competitive is the many recent uploaded video clip on the channel. The video was post on march 21, 2020, and also has garnered 97K views until now. Moreover, Inside the mental of a silver- – CS: GO, just how NOT come Hack – CSGO Overwatch #2, and Phoon? – CSGO Overwatch are the 3 most renowned videos top top Tucker’s Youtube channel. All three of these videos has actually mustered more than 2M views till now.

Moreover, Tucker relocated in with TMarth, GoldGlove, and MuuzFuuza into a house in LA in i m sorry they referred to as “The Gamer Shore”. Lock planned to execute plenty of skits, videos, and live streams together. However, due to daunting scheduling and also different circumstances, the idea went short. And, just one main Livestream was actually made. Together TMarth and GoldGlove relocated out, Tucker ongoing to do his Youtube videos and also skits with other fellow Youtubers prefer ChampChong, Vern, and Syndicate.


Caption: Tucker Boner ina Youtube video clip (Source: Youtube)

Other than Youtube

Furthermore, Tucker Boner is the co-founder that “The Race”. And, the show was a regular fundraising live stream occasion that help the charity regime of the “Call that Duty Endowment” foundation. Moreover, Boner and also his fellow streamer, Tom Cassell are likewise the creators of the Minecraft virtual gaming collection titled “Mianite”. They started it in might 2014. The 2 friends and the duo partnered up with Jordan Maron and also Sonja Reid as the 4 main personalities on the show. Likewise, the series has been renewed because that a second season in the year 2015.

Tucker sometimes participates in E-sports tournaments for “Counter-Strike: an international Offensive” and also “Playe Unknown’s Battlegrounds”. Moreover, top top November 29, 2019, Boner and Daniel Goudie of Disciple Records, introduced a brand-new record label dubbed “Night Mode”. Moreover, the label’s an initial single is “Everything friend Need” by unequal Pluto.

Awards and also Net Worth

Tucker Boner’s optimal e-sports accomplishment was winning the Jack Ryan CS: walk Invitational tournament in 2018. Moreover, in 2018 he was on Forbe’s “30 Under 30” list in the gaming category.

Tucker’s key income resource is Youtube. He has not officially spoken about his net worth till now. However, according to naibuzz, his net worth is about $1.5M. Moreover, he additionally has his merchandise.

Relationship Status

Tucker was in a relationship with a other Youtuber and also their show member, Sonja Reid. But they damaged up ~ above July 31, 2016, but agreeing mutually. The reason for your breakup is quiet private. However, Tucker is possibly solitary at the moment. That is much more focused top top his career quite than gift in a romantic relationship with any other person.


Caption: Tucker Boner’s ex-girlfriend, Sonja Reid (Source: Instagram)

Body Measures and Social Media

Tucker’s height is 5 feet 6 inches and also his load is 62 Kg. Sadly, his various other body dimensions are not accessible at the moment. However, he has actually brown eyes and hair that the exact same color.

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Tucker Boner is pretty energetic on all of his society accounts. He has mustered 1.26 million subscribers ~ above Youtube and also 339K pendant on Instagram. Likewise, he has actually garnered 700.1K followers on Twitter and also 1,159,356 pendant on Twitch.