Christal Summers, 34, to be shot number of times in the parking most the Laxmi gas terminal on terry Road. Witnesses claimed an debate led come the Jan. 15 shooting. Summers, a regional rapper, is the father of Crystiana Summers, that is a member the the “Dancing Dolls,” a run team featured ~ above the Lifetime series “Bring It.”

Did Tina on carry it have a baby?

She married Terrell Vaughn, Kayla’s father, in 1995. She provided birth come a baby young in respectable 2017 however he sadly died two job later.

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What is Star and Sky actual name?

Shania StarJai Williams

How go Tina from bring it baby died?

She was born top top 10 might 1997 in Jackson, Mississippi to she parents, Terrell Vaughn and Tina Jones. Kayla’s mommy Tina Jones is additionally a expert dancer together Taylour Paige. But unfortunately, she youngest baby brother named Khaos pass away since of meningitis top top the second day that birth.

Why did Crystianna leave dd4l?

“Her mom wasn’t in jail, she to be the one driving Crystianna to practice and also at every the competitions too,” one fan explained amid rumors the Valisa to be behind bars. “Her previous record fear the producers from letting her on the show. She had to threaten to traction Crystianna because that them to put her top top this season.”

What happened to Selena on lug it?

‘ Star Selena Johnson gives Fans a wellness Update complying with Seizure. On critical week’s illustration of carry It!, star Selena Johnson had actually a health scare during a to dance Dolls performance. Initially, Selena complained about being light-headed and overheated, i beg your pardon prompted fellow mom Dana come hand her a mini-fan.

Who is Crystianna real mom?

Valisa Summers

What happened to Rittany on bring it?

So, what occurred to Rittany? at the end of Season 4, fans will remember the Rittany make the decision to have her nephew Crystianna Summers leaving the Dollhouse in order come pursue more solo run opportunities. However, that leave was short-lived and Coach D recently took Crystianna off probation.

Who is captain of dance dolls 2020?

Camryn Harris

How lot does it expense to be a dance doll?

Dancing Dolls is because that girls periods 10-17. Over there is a $25 fee per brand-new dancer and also $1o tryout dues for all returning dancers.

How old is Sunjai from lug it?

She is now 24 year old….Birthday, age & Zodiac Sign:

Birth date9-Feb
Day the BirthSunday
Year of Birth1997
Birth SignAquarius
Birth sign DualityAssertive

How much is Kayla from bring it worth?

How much is Kayla from carry It worth? Kayla has actually an estimated net worth of $500,000 and also is expected to climb as she builds she career. She is Tina Jones and also Terrell Vaughn’s daughter that assistance her dancing job as watched on the fact television show carry It.

What university did Sunjai Williams go to?

DeSales University

How old is Camryn indigenous dd4l?

she is now twenty years old. I love you camryn and also will currently serve as tail in the southern university dance dolls….About.

Camryn HarrisCAMRYN
Date that BirthSeptember 25, 2000

Who is Camryn Harris boyfriend?

Her love life is not exactly known, however the rumors that her date her boyfriend named Kinley is no hidden. Other than for the story, nothing lot is known. Together a exclusive person, Camryn can be keeping her an enig love life under the wraps. One day, she can feel comfortable sharing it v her pan following.

Who got the scholarship on lug it?

Williams, who graduated from Clinton High school with honors, said the present helped her obtain a full dance scholarship come DeSales college in center Valley, Pennsylvania. The show’s manufacturing company, Pilgram Studios, arranged for Williams come audition because that a scholarship in the show’s second season.

How old is Makya?


Bio / Wiki
Full NameMakya Griffin
Date that BirthJune 28, 2001

What room all the to dance dolls names?


Coach. Dianna “Miss D” Williams.Dana & Faith.Mimi & Camryn.Rittany & Crystianna.Selena, Sunjai, Sky, & Star.Tamala & Tanesha.Tina & Kayla.

How old is belief from the dancing dolls?


What go JJ Williams perform for a living?

Successful and experienced entrepreneur who is the father of dancers Sunjai, Star and also Sky Williams. He deserve to be seen with his family members on the Lifetime series Bring It!

What is Kayla from dancing dolls Instagram?

Kayla Jones (
teamkaylaproductions) • Instagram photos and also videos.

Who is Kayla Nicole Jones?

As of October 2020, her pages have actually exploded v popularity — she now has actually 4.9 million Instagram followers and 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube. She’s well-known for creating the sort of parody tutorials and also funny videos that conveniently go viral, and also lately, she’s to be posting loads of beautiful selfies on Instagram.

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Is to dance dolls scripted?

21 during the halftime display when the hawks take top top the Toronto Raptors. “Bring It!,” the non-scripted collection that functions Williams and also her to dance Dolls dance team aired its 5th season finale top top Sept. The lifetime Network series has aired because that a full of five seasons, consisting of end 100 episodes.

Who is the owner of dancing dolls?

Dianna Williams

Which dancing doll father was killed?

Christal Summers

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