Who is Priscilla Shirer? | Priscilla Shirer Biography and Wiki

Priscilla Shirer is one American author, motivational speaker, actress, and a Christian evangelist. She teaches in Christian audiences and also is a conference speaker because that numerous significant corporations and organizations worldwide. Shirer has concentrated on to teach the scriptures to women through an expository teaching style.

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She operated for CBS together an live independence contractor and hosted a regional television show. Shirer has focused exclusively on Christian ministry opportunities recently.

Anne Graham Lotz(daughter the evangelist Dr. Billy Graham) is she mentor in ministry. The Shirer re-publishing ministry as well as family responsibilities. She continues to minister permanent and additionally she has authored miscellaneous books.

Priscilla Shirer Age and also Birthday

Priscilla Shirer to be born ~ above December 31, 1974, in Dallas, TX. Shirer celebrates her birthday on December 31 every year. She is 45 year of age as that 2019, she will certainly be 46 year of age as the 2020.

Priscilla Shirer Height and also Weight

Shirer stands in ~ a height of 5 feet 10 inch (1.77 m or 177 cm). She has a weight of 68 Kg (149 lbs). Shirer has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her dress size: 4 US and bra size: 34B.

Priscilla Shirer education – High School

Shirer graduated from Duncanville High School and Dallas Theological Seminary, earning a master’s level from the last in Biblical Studies. In 1993, she to be a student in the first year at the college of Houston.

Priscilla Shirer Family-Parents and Siblings

Shirer is the daughter of Tony Evans, senior pastor of Oak Cliff bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, and Lois Evans. She has a sister named Chrystal Evans Hurst and two brothers dubbed Anthony Evans, and also Jonathan Evans. Priscilla prospered up well acquainted v the Bible.

Shirer, lost her mother, Lois Evans, come a rare form of cancer. She claimed her surgical procedure was delayed due to the recent obstacles her family members has faced, consisting of the deaths of Dr. Evan’s father in November, his sister and the passing of she cousin Wynter Pitts.

Priscilla Shirer Mom

High file Christian author and a speaker is in mourning as her mom, Lois Evans passed away. After celebrating her 70th birthday in early December, Lois

Lois Evans had actually been battling biliary cancer, a rare form of cancer. The pair reached the end to the Christian neighborhood to pray for she healing end the last couple of months. Goodnight mine beautiful, beloved Mommy.

I’ll see you in the morning,” Priscilla said on Instagram.“Just prior to the sunlight came increase this morning, the love of mine life, Lois Irene Evans, transitioned indigenous the earth and watched her very first sunrise from heaven,” Dr. Tony Evans stated.

“I had the privilege that holding she hand together she to be lulled right into eternity. Ours four youngsters surrounded her together well. Together she slipped away, us told her just how much we love her, just how proud we are of her, and also how thankful we room for the life she has actually lived. “We space what we are due to the fact that of her.”

Lois Evans was active in ministry. She has been work by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the cool Old Gospel Fellowship Ministry, Dallas federal Savings and Loan, and also numerous executive monitoring positions with The Urban different since its start in the year 1982, including serving as Executive Vice chairman from 1989 come 1995. She currently works as an elderly Vice President.

She functioned in the office the the senior Pastor at Oak Cliff holy bible Fellowship Church, National religious Broadcasters Board, NRB television Board, and The Urban different Board the Directors. She was among the member of management Southwest, sponsored by the Oak Cliff room of Commerce and also worked ~ above the board of the Christian management Association. Also, she worked as the 1st President that the an international Pastors’ Wives Network.

Priscilla Shirer Events

The daughter that Tony Evans, senior pastor of Oak Cliff scriptures Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, Priscilla thrived up fine acquainted v the Bible. Together a student in the first year at the university of Houston, she interned v a Christian radio station. Priscilla speaks roughly the human being at churches as well as other events.

Priscilla Shirer Wedding, Husband Jerry Shirer: Is the married?

Shirer is married come Jerry Shirer, previous Hilton many hotels executive. The couple married in 1999. They are blessed v 3 youngsters together. The Shirer’s wedding may be a partnership in each feeling of the word. The 2 share society unit chores and also childcare, still together serving follow me in ministry.

His husband manages the day-to-day details of their “Going beyond Ministries”: negotiating publication contracts and answering speak requests. This permits Priscilla the liberty to it is in a much better half and mom initial. During the afternoons, Priscilla and Jerry facilitate your sons with schoolwork, spaceship them to sporting activities apply and cook dinner.

Priscilla Shirer Children

Shirer is a mom of three sons namely: Jackson Shirer, Jude Shirer, and also Jerry Shirer.

Priscilla Shirer net Worth

The American author, motivational speaker, actress, and Christian evangelist, Shirer, has actually an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars which she has earned with her successful career as a spiritual Author.

Priscilla Shirer Measurements and also Facts

Here space some exciting facts and body dimensions you must know about Priscilla Shirer.

Priscilla Shirer Bio and also Wik

Full Names: Priscilla ShirerPopular As: American authorGender: FemaleOccupation / Profession: Author, motivational speaker, actress, and a Christian evangelistNationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: WhiteReligion: ChristianSexual Orientation: Straight

Priscilla Shirer Birthday

Age / just how Old?: 45 year of period as that 2019Zodiac Sign: CapricornDate the Birth: December 31, 1974Place of Birth: Dallas, TXBirthday: December 31
Priscilla Shirer Ima

Priscilla Shirer body Measurements

Body Measurements: To it is in updatedHeight / just how Tall?: 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 m)Weight: 149 pounds (68 Kg)Eye Color: Dark BrownHair Color: Dark BrownShoe Size: To it is in updatedDress Size: To be updatedBreast Size: 34BWaist Size: To be updatedHip Size: To it is in updatedBody Type: Banana

Priscilla Shirer Family and also Relationship

Father (Dad): Tony EvansMother: Lois EvansSiblings (Brothers, and Sisters): Anthony Evans, Jonathan Evans(brothers) and Chrystal Evans Hurst (sister)Marital Status: MarriedHusband/Spouse: Married come Jerry ShirerChildren: boy (Jackson Shirer, Jude Shirer, and Jerry Shirer)

Priscilla Shirer Networth and also Salary

Net Worth: $3 million dollarsSalary: To it is in updatedSource that Income: American author

Priscilla Shirer Surgery

‘Home:’ Priscilla Shirer exit from Hospital, Recovering well Days after ~ Lung Surgery

Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer revealed via Twitter the she is home adhering to surgery Monday to eliminate a lobe from she left lung as result of “dangerous irregularities.” She tweeted, “Home,” just three work after her operation.

Shirer, daughter that Dr. Tony Evans, revealed on on facebook last week around the upcoming surgery, and also Christians around the country have to be rallying in prayer for her recovery. “Several pulmonary specialists and I have watched that meticulously since then. This previous summer, it to be clear the something surgical essential to it is in done together the nodule had started to grow and show indicators of attention irregularities,” she wrote.

Popular scriptures teachers Beth Moore and Christine Caine post a video on Instagram saying they were “armed and dangerous” v anointing oil come pray because that Shirer the morinng of her surgery. The women marched roughly the Dallas hospital wherein Shirer to be being activate on and pryaed because that her and also the surgical team. Later on Moore shared an upgrade on exactly how well the surgery went.

“I’m going to just offer you the an extremely basics due to the fact that I want to leaving every type of information to the family and respect them totally in this,” Moore claimed on Instagram Tuesday.

“She did very very well throughout the surgery. The surgeon said that it went absolutely according to plan. That her human body is strong and they have every anticipation that she’ll cure up well,” she continued.

Many comment to news around Shirer being earlier home, consisting of Hollywood producer Roma Downey who tweeted the emoji symbolizing hands increased in praise. Brenda Clarka wrote, “Prayers because that a finish recovery mighty mrs of God! Love you sister.” Shirer, shed her mother, Lois Evans, come a rare form of cancer.

Priscilla Shirer Awards and also AchievementsIn 2011, she exit her book The Resolution because that Women, which ended the year on the new York Times best Sellers list.

Priscilla Shirer new Movie 2019 Release, In battle Room

Overcomer perfect filming in July 2018 and also was released in theaters on august 23. 2020. Sony’s AFFIRM movies handled marketing and also distribution. After certification in battle Room, Shirer return to the large screen together the school’s principal.

Priscilla Shirer bible Studies

New York time Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and also a Co-founder of Going beyond Ministries with the expository teaching of the word of God, Shirer desires to see civilization not only know the uncompromising truths of scripture intellectually but likewise experience them virtually by the power of the divine Spirit.

She is the Founder the Going past Ministries alongside she husband Jerry, Priscilla is the writer of over a dozen books and also Bible researches on a myriad that topics and also biblical characters.

Priscilla Shirer Podcast

Listen complimentary to Going past Ministries through Priscilla Shirer top top iHeartRadio Podcasts, iHeartRadio.

Priscilla Shirer “The Armor that God”

This publication is around a mean of fighting in life. All-day, every day, an invisible battle rages roughly you unseen and also unheard yet.


Equip females to shoot an excellent in discipline, plan in your prayers.Turn challenges and also discouragement into avenues for prayerGrow spiritually digging deeper right into Scripture and also expanding your knowledge of prayerDevelop and implement practical, purposeful prayer strategiesAppropriate for brand-new or inexperienced scriptures study students and those well-versed in ScripturesLeaders deserve to be assured of a trusted teacher in every groupOpportunity because that multiple leaders or facilitators

Priscilla Shirer Movies

Overcomer 2019I can Only Imagine 2018War Room 2015Be quiet 2006

Priscilla Shirer Books, Fervent, Breathe, Discerning The Voice the God, Awaken

The Armor that God 2015Fervent: A Woman’s Battle setup To Serious, details And strategic Prayer 2015Awaken: 90 Days through The God who Speaks 2017Discerning The Voice the God: how To Recognize once God speak 2006The Resolution For ladies 2011The Prince warriors 2016Life Interrupted: Navigating The unforeseen 2011God Is able 2013One In A Million: journey To your Promised floor 2009He speak To Me 2005Jonah Leader Kit: Navigating A Life Interrupted 2010The Prince Warriors and also The Swords that Rhema 2017The Prince Warriors and also The Unseen invasion 2016Radiant: His Light, her Life For teenager Girls and Young females 2019Breathe: make Room for Sabbath 2014Unseen: The Prince warriors 365 dedication 2016A Jewel In His Crown newspaper 1999The Armor the God – Teen holy bible Study book 2018Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed: A examine Of David 2008Gideon: your Weakness. God’s Strength: Leader Kit 2013Faithful, Abundant, True – holy bible Study Book: Three resides Going Deeper tho 2010And We are Changed: Encounters with A Transforming God 2003Awaken, luxurious Edition 2018Unseen: The Armor of God For children Leader overview 2016Seed 2011 Unseen: The Armor of God For kids Younger Kids activity Book 2016Devotions with Priscilla – Audio Cd Volume 2 2019The Faithful – holy bible Study Book: Heroes the The Old testimony 2018Fervent, Leathertouch version 2016Seed – pack 1 2011Can us Talk? Soul-Stirring Conversations v God 2008The Faithful – Leader Kit: Heroes of The Old testament 2018The complete Gowise(Tm) electrical Pressure Cooker Cookbook: The Best, Mouth Watering, and also Easy Recipes because that Everyday! 2018Lifeway ladies Devotions, Volume two 2014Devotions v Priscilla: an Inspirational repertoire Of Audio Excerpts from The famous Studies that Pricilla Shirer 2014The Resolution for Women, Leathertouch 2015The Interrupted Life Booklet: Lessons native Jonah 2010Is that You God? – Booklet: A Taste that Discerning The Voice the God 2009Lifeway females Audio dedication Cd 2012The Resolution For women Day by Day: A Year of Devotions 2015The Winter war 2018Lifeway women Audio dedication Cd, Volume 3 2017Faithful, Abundant, True – Audio Cds: Three resides Going Deeper tho 2010

Priscilla Shirer Quotes

The heart of the complaint is born out of one unwillingness to trust God v today.Like the Israelites, it way you are spending her time looking earlier toward Egypt or wishing because that the future every the while missing what God is doing ideal now.Lord, please do this … or carry out something better!Disciplined runners consistently clear your heads and focus totally on the trip ahead…because your passion and zeal because that the goal supersede the strain. The goal beckons castle onward. Passion doesn’t negate weariness; it simply resolves come press beyond itWe pray because our own solutions don’t work and also because prayer deploys, activates, and also fortifies us versus the strikes of the enemy. Us pray since we’re serious around taking ago the soil he has actually sought to take it from us.Prayer is the portal the brings the power of heaven under to earth. That is kryptonite come the enemy and to every his ploys versus you.

Priscilla Shirer tour 2020-Ticket

GOING beyond LIVE (CANCELED) – June 27, 2020GOING past LIVE (CANCELED) – July 18, 2020LIFEWAY females LIVE – august 07, 2020 – august 08, 2020FERVENT 20/20 – respectable 14, 2020FERVENT 20/20 – respectable 15, 2020

FAQs (Frequently inquiry Questions) about Priscilla Shirer

Who is Priscilla Shirer?

Shirer is a fine recognized, American author, motivational speaker, actress, and a Christian evangelist.

How old is Priscilla Shirer?

Shirer is an American national born on 31st December 1974, in Dallas, TX. She is 45 years old together of 2019.

Who space Priscilla Shirer’s Parents?

Shirer to be born to she parents Tony Evans(father) and Lois Evans(Mother)

Who is Priscilla Shirer’s Father?

Shirer to be born to her father Tony Evans who was born as Anthony Tyrone “Tony” Evans is an American Christian pastor, speaker, author, and widely syndicated radio and also television broadcaster in the joined States.

Does Priscilla Shirer have actually a church?

The daughter the Tony Evans, an elderly pastor of Oak Cliff scriptures Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, Priscilla flourished up well acquainted through the Bible. If Priscilla continues to minister full-time, Jerry manages his schedule and other business elements of Going beyond Ministries.

How high is Priscilla Shirer?

Shirer stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Is Shirer married?

Yes, she is married to Jerry Shirer, former Hilton many hotels executive. The couple married in 1999. They space blessed with 3 youngsters together. The Shirer’s wedding might be a cooperation in each sense of the word. The 2 share society unit chores and childcare, still together serving follow me in ministry.

Does Priscilla Shirer have a daughter?

Shirer is married come her best friend, Jerry, and also the pair has three sons: Jackson, Jerry Jr., and also Jude. They live in Dallas, Texas. Jerry and Priscilla have established Going past Ministries through which the message of God’s desire because that a passionate love partnership with His youngsters is boldly proclaimed.

How is Priscilla Shirer’s health?

A month ~ the successful lung surgery, Priscilla post an update on Instagram around her health and wellness condition. “I to be recovering well from the surgery,” Shirer announced on February 15 on one Instagram post. “My breath is quiet pretty labored so i am working on my lung capacity and getting a tiny breath earlier here.

How lot is Priscilla Shirer worth?

Shirer has an estimated net precious of $3 million dollars. She is has gathered her wealth from her successful career together an author, motivational speaker, actress, and Christian evangelist.

What does Priscilla Shirer believe?

Unbiblical Teaching. Priscilla teaches christians to “listen for God’s voice” in an unbiblical kind of “prayer” called contemplative prayer. Combining elements of eastern mysticism and new Age spirituality, this exercise of emptying the mind and listening for God’s voice is uncovered nowhere in Scripture.

Where walk Shirer live?

Shirer is a residents of Dallas, Texas, USA, us shall upload pictures of her house as shortly as we have actually them.

What movies has Priscilla Shirer been in?

War Room 2015, Overcomer 2019, I deserve to Only Imagine 2018 and also Be still 2006

What church does Priscilla Shirer attend?

She and also her husband, Jerry Shirer, who co-manages your Going past Ministries service, tho reside in Dallas and also attend Oak Cliff holy bible Fellowship.

Is Shirer dead or alive?

Shirer is tho alive and in good health. She had successful lung surgery.

Is Priscilla Shirer one actress?

Priscilla Shirer who was born on December 31, 1974, is one American author, motivational speaker, actress, and Christian evangelist

Where is Priscilla Shirer now?

Shirer teaches in Christian audiences and also is a conference speaker because that numerous major corporations and also organizations worldwide.

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