"How about No?" is a memorable quote associated with Mike Mayers" character Dr. Angry from the Austin Powers films. Online, it have the right to be found as a hashtag or a retort on picture boards once a poster is conversation an opinion that or she disagrees through or is denying a proposition. The phrase is used similarly to perform Not Want.

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Though the expression "How about No?" has actually been used since as beforehand as 1987<4>, that did not gain broader popularity till 1999, as soon as it was used in Austin Powers: The Spy that Shagged Me.<5> In one exchange in between Dr. Angry (played by Mike Myers) and also his son, Scott (played through Seth Green) after ~ Scott suggests that his father use his time machine to kill Powers once he does no anticipate the (shown below, left). Dr. Evil uses the expression again in the 2002 film, Austin strength in Goldmember<6> after the agent known as Goldmember (also played by Mike Myers) asks Dr. Evil if he can paint Powers" genitals gold after ~ he catches him (shown below, right).


In the at an early stage 2000s, the phrase "How around No?" can be discovered as a retort in fanfiction dialogues in stories about the Superman television present Lois and also Clark<7> and also Pokemon"s Team Rocket.<8> at the same time, the phrase began appearing in comment on blogs<9> and message boards<10> (shown below) in effort to dissuade civilization from partaking in an task the poster did no agree with.


"How about No" was characterized on urban Dictionary<20> in 2005. In April 2008, photo macro with the phrase appearing as a caption on a photo of Dr. Angry was added to Threadbombing.<21> 3 years later, it was also included to reaction picture repository My challenge When.<22> In November 2011, the facebook fan web page "How about NO?"<23> was created, gaining much more than 1,500 likes together of June 2013. At least two pictures titled "How about No" have appeared on the front page of Reddit consisting of a photo of a dog it is registered to /r/Funny<24> in may 2012 and also a sloth GIF (shown below) submitted to /r/sloths in march 2013. Additionally that March, The Chive<26> post a compilation that 25 photos the evoked the emotion of the phrase. "How about No" is likewise a renowned hashtag ~ above Tumblr<27>, Twitter<28> and also Instagram<29>, where an ext than 19,000 photos have actually been tagged #howaboutno.

How about No Bear

As at an early stage as 2006, the expression "How around No" became associated with a picture of a black color bear with both that its paws outstretched. Despite it is unclear whereby it originated, the picture macro was very first uploaded come Flickr<11> top top December 14th, 2006. In April 2007, it was posted ~ above humor site My limit Space.<12> In 2008, the photo was referenced on Fark<13>, supplied as spraypaint art in the video game Day of defeat Source<14> and also used to make a tradition Pokemon card.<15>


The picture macro made a comeback in 2012 after showing up on 9gag<16> and also We understand Memes.

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<17> A Quickmeme generator<18> for the be affected by each other photo has actually received an ext than 1,000 submissions together of June 2013 and also multiple How around No bear photos have actually been common on Memebase.<19>