Hoi! I"m here! My first quiz, I"m proud! price 11 questions, uncover your undertale boyfriend! Yep! 150 words?!?! IMPOSSIBLE! 126 word! XD YAY! BYE! LOL!


developed by: Brooke

Hi! Heya, NYEH! hi... YO! oh, hello there HELLO,DARLING! howdy!why room you acquisition this? i was boring I want to show ho- is this underbook? ns was lonely... I want to discover an idol! I"m done with the garden. Hi, her on tv...? no souls come collect...

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do you know Gaster? -leaves- me: COME BACK, PLEASE! why have I heard that name before??? oh, yeah! He resides in the void with me in the genocide run! who? ahh, the old royal scientist... Oh YES~ I"m kidding, no... Yep!this is short.... I"m going come Grillby"s. Me: i JUST gained YOU back! Nyo hoh hoh.... Oh, that"s it s okay I don"t care! well, the throne won"t often tend itself well short episode then! you need to stay and LeT mE have yOuR SoUl!next question is last one... Who execute you desire to obtain out the these.1. Sans 2. Papyrus 3. Asriel 4.MK 5.Asgore 5.Mettaton 6.Flowey SANSY!!!!!! me: yes sir OK JEEZ! NYEH! goat kis pls... MK YO! Asgore....? METTATON! Howdy! I want Flowey!4 inquiries left, ns don"t want this to end! WHY?! me: -whimpers softly- em.... Then remain forever! me: girlfriend don"t get it... Neither perform I... Me: us both know why... I"m no scared! why, tiny one? i don"t want it to either... Me: since of your show I do! I"LL TAKE her SOUL once IT DOES!Od ni! HwLm Mq! glitching? what???? Qt"ll stQp woon... YO! oh my.... DARLING, LANGUAGE! me: ni! ???No much more glitching!!! what was that? yay! whew... Glitching? DARLING, just ROBOTS do THAT! hehehe...DOKI DOKI FOREVER! Natsuki! Sayori! Yuri... MoNiKa!Sans or Papyrus? SANS! PAPYRUS!

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Quiz topic: Which male undertale character will certainly I date?

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