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Which option listed below is not a hashing duty used because that validation checks?Select one:a. RC4 b. MD5c. SHA-1d. CRC32

The _______ copies evidence the intrusions come an examination workstation immediately for further evaluation over the network.Select one:a. Intrusion detection system b. Energetic defense mechanismc. Total awareness systemd. Intrusion surveillance system

Which open-source acquisition style is capable of developing compressed or uncompressed image files, and uses the .afd expansion for segmented picture files?Select one:a. Progressed Forensics Diskb. Advanced Forensic format c. Advanced Capture Imaged. Progressed Open Capture

What is the name of the Microsoft equipment for totality disk encryption?Select one:a. DriveCryptb. TrueCryptc. BitLocker d. SecureDrive

In which paper system can you hide data by placing sensitive or incriminating data in totally free or slack room on disc partition clusters?Select one:a. NTFSb. FATc. HFSX d. Ext3fs

The goal of recovering together much info as feasible can an outcome in ________________, in i beg your pardon an investigation expands past the initial description since of unexpected proof found.​Select one:a. Litigationb. Scope creep c. Criminal chargesd. Violations

In Windows, the ______________ command have the right to be provided to both hide and reveal partitions in ~ Explorer.Select one:a. Formatb. Fdisk c. Grubd. Diskpart

A user with programming experience may use one assembler regime (also dubbed a __________) on a record to srwcchristchurchappeal.comble bits, in order to secure the information included inside.​Select one:a. Compiler b. Shifterc. Macrod. Script

In bespeak to help a forensics investigation, a hardware or software application ______________ have the right to be made use of to capture keystrokes remotely.Select one:a. Keygrabberb. Keylogger c. Packet captured. Protocol analyser

The term for detecting and evaluating steganography documents is _________________.​Select one:a. Carvingb. Steganology c. Steganalysisd. Steganomics

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