Guys, we invest eight hours a day doing digital activities. That’s much more than fifty percent the day. Much more than many of us sleep. And also we have various identities online—we’re hobbyists (gaming), transform egos (Reddit), society butterflies (Facebook), professionals (LinkedIn), and also consumers (what we’re focusing on in this post).

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Finally, i cry mentality. Every of your digital assets and identities gives power to one another. Every channel performs much better in concert with the others than it would on the own.

How to rise your online presence with her website

No matter how someone find out about your business—whether v social media, one ad, a listing, straight mail, a friend, or even seeing it in your travels—their an initial inclination is to go to your website. Going right into the business or call is much less appeal than browsing your site on their own terms and also gathering the info they want, quickly. I m sorry is why 56% of consumer won"t think about a business without a website. 

56% that consumers won"t think about a business without a website.

And it is a stat indigenous 2017, therefore the percentage has actually most likely grown and also been further accelerated by the pandemic.

So through that gift said, here’s how to usage your website because that an optimal virtual presence.

1. Gain a modern, attractive site

Consumers have actually high expectations this days—to the suggest where if girlfriend don’t have actually a great website, you almost far better off not having actually one in ~ all. In fact, 75% of consumers have actually admitted to evaluate a company’s credibility based on their website design.


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And fact be told, i would highly suggest rental an skilled to set up your site. DIY home builders are amazing in theory, however in my own experience, civilization end increase spending hours on them and experiencing unlimited glitches—oftentimes to the point of eventually spending an ext to rental someone. Having actually a lead-generating website that looks and functions precisely the way you desire it to there is no losing hours of her time or hairs on her head is, to me, precious every penny

2. Do SEO v the recent updates in mind

Did you recognize that just 49% of small businesses invest in SEO? Or the only 18% of little businesses execute not plan to ever before pursue targeted SEO efforts like link building, contents creation, or keyword research?



3. Target much more keywords v a service blog

The main point pages of her website (homepage, about, pricing, products/services, contact) are relatively restricted in regards to optimizing for keywords various other than her service and also location. Friend don’t have much text to work-related with and also the score is come distill the info down to the essentials visitors are looking for.

With a company blog, each write-up you publish deserve to dive deep right into a appropriate keyword and it is in individually optimized to location for that keyword, enabling you the opportunity to appear in search outcomes for loads of searches her target customers room performing at miscellaneous stages in their journey. More first-page appearances doesn"t just mean stronger internet presence; that also equates to much more traffic to your conversion-optimized site and greater credibility. In fact, businesses that blog gain 55% an ext website visitors than businesses that don"t.

Plus, this is where you can demonstrate your expertise and also let her brand personality bright through—both of i beg your pardon play right into the reputation component the your online presence.

When blogging for digital presence, make sure to:

Target one keyword (or keyword theme) every post and include it in her title, headings, image paper names, alt text, and also meta description.Target concern keywords through H2s to boost your possibilities of getting here in "People likewise ask." Promote your articles using social media and email.

How to rise online visibility with society media

Using society media to rise your online presence is a no-brainer, together its substantial user bases and also sharing capabilities make it one amplification tool. Plus, follow to Sprout Social, after complying with a brand on society media, 91% the consumers will visit the website, 89% will certainly buy native the brand, and 85% will certainly recommend the brand to a household or friend. 

Here"s just how to improve your social media presence.

4. Border the variety of platforms to just what you can handle

Online presence is about quality, not quantity. Choose the platforms that your audience is using, and limit the number friend choose based upon your bandwidth. Having just one or two accounts with solid engagement is better than having several accounts through weak activity.

Platforms to think about include:


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5. Think audience, no followers

Your online visibility doesn’t improve with much more followers. Rather, your complying with improves with a stronger presence. So work on cultivating a quality, niche audience of individuals who space interested in and also can benefit from what you need to offer. This will translate into much more likes and comments through your posts and more user-generated content. And if friend didn’t currently know, marketing campaigns with user-generated contents result in 29% higher conversions than campaigns or without it.

It’s much better to have actually fewer followers through a vibrant page 보다 to have lots that followers and also not much value come offer.

6. Post with emotion for shareability

Quality posts that gain engagement are vital if you want social algorithms to screen your write-ups in users’ feeds. But quality isn’t really enough. You want your pendant to feeling something when they consume her content—so much so, the they feel compelled come share it with others. Usage emotional words and phrases in your captions. Include emojis. Use compelling stats and evocative images.

And speak of shareability, pay attention to small nuances in her captions to see if you can find any type of patterns. We recently found that leading off v a an essential stat in the subtitle resulted in an ext shares. An additional approach is to create link-free posts that followers can consume quickly. They don’t constantly want to read a long write-up or go to a link, and they’re much more likely to share something the isn’t a large ask for your followers either.

7. Do social media SEO

Facebook receives end 2 exchange rate searches every day. And also in 2020, Instagram announced the it currently supports general keyword searches (as protest to simply accounts, hashtags, and people). So just like with your website, girlfriend should include popular keywords in your profiles and also posts. You deserve to use numerous of the very same keywords as you carry out with her site, but perhaps with a prejudice toward idea-oriented and lighter-hearted queries. Society media platforms are more of the browsing and inspirational types. However it all depends on your business. The very first result for the query "how to clean a sink" on facebook is a video clip with practically a million views. 

You should also still be using hashtags in your short articles to enhance your society media presence, but treat them together you would certainly keywords. Use vast hashtags sparingly and focus much more on location-based and niche terms so the you have the right to increase your visibility to the best audience. 

8. Be active (duh)

You"ve heard this a million times, and now, for the million-and-oneth time: If you’re walking to do social media a component of your virtual presence, you need to have actually an energetic account. So that means publishing quality articles regularly, responding come likes and also comments top top those posts, liking and commenting on her followers’ posts, answering straight messages, sharing contents from various other sources, and also more. And it means doing this consistently. This is the difference between a profile and a presence.

If gift able to have actually this kind of engagement way only having actually one profile, then so it is in it. Better to have one colorful profile than to have three that space subpar. And precisely why it’s important to just take on the variety of profiles you can manage.

Plus, if you want to find and also connect with influencers, you have to be active in her niche so you can identify who is realistic to reach out to and gradually construct your relationship with them.

How to boost your online existence with listings

With hundreds of online directories out there, producing listings because that your company can assist you display up in much more places online. In addition, links to your website from well-known directories serve as citations for your business, i beg your pardon Google takes into factor to consider when ranking her site. Finally, maintain “Top 10” perform from well-known directories can overcome the SERP, for this reason if you ranking in their top 10, you can attain that much much more exposure.

But reaping these services takes much more than simply throwing your NAP out there and then kicking back. Stop cover the actions for making use of online listings to properly an increase your online presence.

9. Begin with the heavy hitters

Many of the smaller directories out there aggregate information from the greatest ones. For this reason take the time to perfect your listings top top the complying with sites:

Google My service (If you just do among the suggestions in this post, let it be this one!)

Your Google My Business profile is arguably the brand-new homepage for your business. That provides every one of the vital details of your business, straight in the SERP because that Search and also Maps.

The fact that an HVAC organization can display up top top a Facebook find speaks to its validity together a directory.


We recognize that Google is the leading search engine, by far. But that doesn’t mean Bing is to it is in ignored. Here are part stats the prove it’s precious being existing on:

Bing accounts for approximately 30% of every searches in the US.Bing is on an ext than 1.5 exchange rate devices.Over 70% that those who usage Bing space older 보다 35.

Small businesses, in particular, can advantage from a existence on Bing due to the fact that there is much less competition and also the enlarge audience might be ideal.


Foursquare has fizzled out as a social platform, but its Places modern technology powers location data because that Apple, Uber, Twitter, Microsoft, Samsung, and 120,000 various other developers. As soon as your organization is listed on Foursquare, it’s instantly included in thousands of local apps and also services.

For a much more complete perform of listing sites, inspect out LOCALiQ"s 10 Best free Business Listing Sites.

10. Populate every field, meticulously

Like society media feeds and search engine outcomes pages, listing results are determined by an algorithm. This means that the quality of your listing matters. Make sure that for each listing, you populate every section available, such as:

Contact informationWebsiteCategoryHoursDescriptionPhotosMenus/offeringsBooking/reservation options

As lot as possible, make certain the info you provide is identical across listing sites. We’re talk St vs street,  vs , LLC, and other tiny details. This is because Google looks in ~ consistency the information around you across the web when determining your credibility and ranking; and additionally because auto-populated listings hazard inaccuracies, for this reason you can save deviations to a minimum with identical listings to start with.

11. Have actually a proactive testimonial strategy

Reviews have perhaps the most an effective influence over exactly how high you show up in magazine results. No to mention the reality that lock are one of the top ranking components for Google neighborhood search. Simply providing review-worthy company will not carry out it. You require to have actually a proactive strategy in ar to store a steady stream of reviews coming in. Here are some means to obtain and also ask for reviews:

12. Maintain and monitor your listings

With the hundreds of directories throughout the net that pull info from one another, your listings can build inconsistencies or inaccuracies end time. And 80% that consumers shed trust in local businesses if they see incorrect or inconsistent information. You don"t have control over every one of these profiles, however take the moment to keep the persons you do have control over updated and also consistent. Another option is to use a listing business provider who can stay on optimal of everything for you.

Monitoring her reviews on these directories is additionally crucial, for apparent reasons.

How to improve your online existence with advertising

Paid declaring is a fast means to present up prominently on search engines, social media feeds, and also websites your best customers frequent. Through SEO, you have the right to really only target her audience v keywords, but with PPC, you deserve to layer audiences onto your targeting based on a variety of criteria. Here are some of numerous the different ad options you have the right to use to rise your online presence.

13. Search ads

It"s precious investing in paid search ads since not only do castle land you in ~ the top of the SERP, yet they additionally reach your target customers as soon as they have actually the highest intent. And also if friend can gain your site to rank in both organic and also paid outcomes for a keyword, the possibilities of gaining a click one or the various other are higher. 

And back Google is the most well-known search engine, there are still many advantages of advertising on Bing. 

14. Society ads

Social media ads deserve to be offered to improve your online presence because ads have higher reach and engagement prices than necessary posts. And while social media users have actually less intent than on find engines, society ads come with more powerful targeting capabilities and more an imaginative freedom. Plus, you deserve to leverage the strength of video ads.

Here room tips for advertising on:

15. Screen ads

Display ads placed your company in front of practice audiences based on their interests, behaviors, species of websites and also apps castle frequent, and even locations they"ve visited. Though display ads have lower engagement prices than find ads, they will certainly earn you many impressions and also like social media ads, friend have more options because that branding, color, and creative.

16. Retargeting ads

Retargeting ads appear in former of individuals who have actually previously expressed interest in your business, such as by communicating with a previous ad or visiting her website. This is a an excellent way to keep a presence with prospects as they engage elsewhere on the web.

17. Google regional Service Ads

Google Local organization Ads likewise show up at the top of the SERP in card form. If girlfriend go with the applications process, you can show up with a eco-friendly "Google Guaranteed" badge under her name, which renders for a stronger existence in this section of results.

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. There"s podcast advertising, Google to buy Ads, Reddit ads, and more.

More means to boost your online presence

Your online visibility isn"t just restricted to her website, social media profiles, virtual listings, and also ads. Right here are eight much more ways to increase your visibility online.

18. Have actually a existence in the inbox v email marketing

The benefit that email marketing has over other networks is the your recipients have actually opted in to obtain your emails. Yes, her social media followers have actually opted to follow you, yet feeds space infinitely much more crowded and also competitive 보다 email inboxes. Plus, while 79% of facebook users inspect Facebook once a day, 99% of email users check their email every day, some as much as 20 time a day. Lots of opportunity to obtain exposure.

 99% of email users check their email every day, some as much as 20 times a day

The email marketing ideal practices room pretty evergreen, yet if there"s 3 to focus on with regard to your virtual presence, it would certainly be these:

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19. Usage guest posting to reach an ext potential customers

Do you understand of any type of complementary enterprise or regional media outlets that have actually a solid online presence? view if they’ll expropriate a guest short article from you. No only deserve to you gain your service in prior of their audience, but a link to your site from your can assist to improve your SEO.

You can also accept guest short articles on your very own blog. Authors are always eager to share their publications v their audiences. 

20. Leverage the power of video clip for an ext shares and memorability

There are lots of video marketing stats the highlight the prominence of this tool for growing your business, but in terms of online presence, friend should know these three: 

YouTube is, by much (with the exemption of Facebook) the most popular online platform in the U.S.

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Here room some means to use video clip to improve your virtual presence:

Create a YouTube channel.Embed videos into blog articles or society media posts.Jump on the Tik Tok bandwagon

21. Encourage your employees come share her content with their networks

According to Linkedin, employees have actually a network that is 10X larger than that is company’s monitor base. And Social Media this day tells us that content shared by employees receives 8X more engagement 보다 content shared by brand channels. 

Take benefit of this! Share your blog articles with your agency employees and encourage them come share the on your networks. The included bonus is the your sales and support teams deserve to stay on height of content that have the right to be of use to them.

And don"t forget that your online presence is also made up of what rather say about you online. Get listed on Glassdoor, treat your employees well, and let castle play a part in building your reputation.

22. Build relationships with lots of various people

Building your online presence is a most work. However who claims you need to do that alone? Those v whom you have a solid relationship can assist you in a variety of ways.

Writers can help you to develop quality, shareable content.Reporters can give you exposure on local media outlets.Influencers can broaden your reach to a pertinent audience.Fellow business owners can offer tips and recommend resources they"ve provided with success.Vendors have the right to spread positive word that mouth about your business.Neighboring businesses can promote girlfriend on your networks.

Plus, these prompt connections can introduce you to their connections. Maybe you attach with a developer the can assist you with your website, or a young videographer giving inexpensive job-related to obtain experience. Yet as always, networking and also building relationships need to not be self-seeking. The goal is to cultivate mutually valuable relationships from which organic avenues can arise. 

23. Make your content available to all

Make her website pages and also emails accessible to civilization with disabilities. Not just does one in 4 adults have a special needs in the US, however also, the assistive an innovation industry is growing. With those v disabilities having an ext access to online content, you have the possibility to increase your online presence to the 61 million adults in the united state who have actually one—not to mention demonstrating worths that issue to consumer today.

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24. Necessitate diversity

With the antiracisim and inclusivity movement that began in 2020, combine diversity into your workplace and marketing product is more important 보다 ever. Plus, people are attractive to material—whether intuitive or written—that represents them. This is partly due to the familiarity principle (more ~ above marketing psychology here), but additionally because that conveys to them the blog post that they room heard and also seen. By representing the diverse selection of human being within her audience in your virtual assets, girlfriend can get noticed by much more people while likewise demonstrating social responsibility.

25. Use mobile-specific marketing strategies

As discussed earlier, Google is currently using mobile-first indexing for all sites on the web, so having a responsive site and also enhancing performance with methods like lazy loading is essential. Plus, with an ext than fifty percent (60%) of web searches being performed on cell phone devices, you yes, really do have to prioritize your mobile online presence. This means making certain your website pages and emails render effectively on tablets and phones, yet also leveraging mobile-specific strategies, such as:

And for neighborhood businesses in particular, regional SEO is critical for mobile marketing. Follow to Google, 76% the consumers that search because that a local organization on your smartphone end up visiting the organization within a day, and also 28% that them make a purchase.

Free tools for online presence management 

With so numerous online channels, building and also maintaining your online presence is a huge undertaking, but with large returns. Here are some free tools that can aid you with your efforts.

1. LOCALiQ"s Digital Marketing Healthcheck

With LOCALiQ"s free presence checker, enter your organization name and attend to and get a report showing you i m sorry of your service listings are complete, which ones are absent information, and which persons are absent entirely.

2. Google search

Google yourself. Watch what shows up on the SERP. Hopefully your website is the very first result and also your Google My organization profile shows up on the right. It"s most likely that the remainder of the outcomes will be magazine sites that have actually you in their database. Take it a gander v them to make sure each listing is complete and accurate, and that reviews space accounted for. 

3. Google"s web page Speed Insights

When you plug her website into the page Speed Insights tool, you"ll gain a score for both cell phone and desktop computer as well as recommendations to boost page speed.

4. Google"s Mobile-Friendly Test

Simply Google "mobile friendly test" and also enter her website into the find result.

5. Google Alerts

Set increase Google advises so you have the right to be informed when new results for a topic present up in Google Search—i.e. Your business.

6."s Google My company Grader

BrightLocal"s research has uncovered that businesses with an ext than 100 images in your Google My service listing get 520% much more calls, 2,717% an ext direction requests, and 1,065% more website clicks than the typical business. This is simply one that the many tiny tweaks you deserve to make to her profile to get big results."s complimentary Google My business Grader identifies what"s absent in her profile and also exactly what you have to do to boost it.

7."s Google and Facebook Ads Graders

Our totally free Google Ads Grader and Facebook Ads Grader tools execute a thoroughly audit of her accounts and carry out a comprehensive report on optimizations you deserve to make to rise the visibility of her ads, prevent wasted spend, and also get an ext conversions. 

Use these strategies and also tools come increase your online presence (and ultimately, your revenue)

You have the right to only exist in one ar in the physical world, however with the internet, you can be in multiple locations at once, areas your current and potential customers room spending many of their time. Having actually a strong online presence permits your service to get found by brand-new customers, and also the an ext touchpoints you have with her audience, the much more you can build your reputation, increase brand awareness, do data-driven optimizations, and also ultimately boost revenue.

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There were many strategies discussed in this post for boosting your digital presence, for this reason let"s recap:

Get a contemporary website come meet consumer expectations.SEOptimze your website to present up in local searches.Build your organization blog to rank for much more keywords.Limit her social media account to what you deserve to handle.Strive to build an audience, not acquire followers.Inject emotion right into your society media short articles for shareability.Be consistently active and communicate with followers and influencers.Create listings top top Google, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare (yes, Foursquare), and more. Fill the end every listing completely and repeatedly to display up greater in results.Have a proactive testimonial strategy therefore you have the right to have a positive presence online.Monitor and also maintain her listings to avoid unhappy customers.Use find ads to obtain to the peak of Google.Run society media ads to have a existence in users" feeds.Use screen ads to show up on websites your audience frequents.Use retargeting ads to travel in addition to your interested prospects throughout the web.Run Local business Ads to obtain your service-based organization at the peak of results. Use email marketing to stand the end in her subscribers" inboxes.Write guest write-ups for other sites or recruit authors for your own. Leverage the power of video clip to get much more shares and show up on the SERP.Encourage her employees come share your content throughout their networks.Build her network and create mutually advantageous relationships with customers, vendors, business owners, and also more.Optimize for accessibility to make her content obtainable to much more consumers.Incorporate diversity right into your marketing strategies.Make use of mobile-specific marketing strategies.