find time in your day for a laugh! these funny news websites offer weird news, satire, and also offbeat stories from actual life.

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It"s crucial to continue to be up-to-date on the news. But with so countless depressing headlines the end there it have the right to be simply as necessary to uncover some time in her day because that a laugh.

this websites market funny political news and commentary, satirized reporting, and also weird news story from actual life.

We"ve tried to compile a broad an option of options here. Some are intended to produce thought-provoking discussions, if funny news web page just offer you the opportunity to see what the cute pandas that the world have been as much as lately.

I execute want to worry a disclaimer prior to the perform begins---many that the websites noted below attribute comments that might not be her cup that tea or headlines that might not be work-related appropriate! Satire"s intent is generally to spark a discussion, yet do continue cautiously through these web page if girlfriend are conveniently offended by language or content.

The Classics

If you don"t know these odd news websites, then i am honored to it is in the one that gets to introduce you come them because that the first time. The being said, if you reap satire, you"ve most likely been complying with these web page (or their on facebook posts) because that a long time.

The Onion Funny News Sites
The Onion is the best satire website top top the internet right now. Opportunities are you"ve seen an ext than among your facebook friends review an Onion article completely believing that its title is true.

The Onion offers a huge range of headlines in a range of categories, and also its ethereal hilarity is second to none.

Sample headline: "Pedestrians happen Each other on Sidewalk stop to Let kids Sniff each Other"

2. Cracked

Cracked Funny News Sites
Cracked is much more of a basic humor website than a website with funny news stories. However many of its short articles are appropriate to present events or administer insight into an area you might be interested in (such as technology, history, or entertainment).

In any case, Cracked is too famous not to be pointed out in a list favor this and also it will certainly definitely provide you through a laugh or two!

Snopes Funny News Sites
i can"t in great conscience proceed with the remainder of this list until I include Snopes. Again, Snopes isn"t truly a satire news source, yet it is one of the finest fact-checking sites.

Snopes can lead you to the satire posts that inspire outrage on social media, and honestly, see the kind of short articles that have to be debunked since people think them is usually satire in itself.

Sample headline: "Is This Lawmaker drinking From a coco Syrup Bottle?"

4. ClickHole

ClickHole Funny News Sites
ClickHole concentrates less on actual news and more on satire. You"ll uncover hilarious short articles that you can relate to, v topics varying from day-to-day life, celebrities, and also social media.

keep in mind that this site is dubbed ClickHole for a reason---once girlfriend start searching through stories, you"ll quickly find yourself clicking others the pique your interest too.

Sample Headline: "Kinda taking a While: This mrs Is clearly Still Scrolling to find an Acceptable snapshot of the new Guy She’s date to show Her Friends"

The Borowitz Report, which has been composed by Andy Borowitz due to the fact that 1998, is a satirical ingredient of The new Yorker that offers a various perspective on political happenings in the united States.

There might be much less of these short articles than on bigger sites, however the top quality is consistent and Borowitz"s insights space hilarious.

Sample headline: "El Chapo Outraged the His Trial consisted of Witnesses"

Fark is a tiny different than the rest of the websites featured ~ above this list because it highlights user-submitted headlines for real news story happening approximately the world. Customers submit a local news story, include a practice headline highlighting the bizarre event being described, and also then various other Fark users can discuss the article.

The worst thing about Fark is the truth that many of the submitted headlines and news stories really seem favor they should be satire!

Sample headline: "On the add to Side, Though, the history Channel May have Its following Hit collection Coming. Look because that "Melting Ice roadway Census Truckers," Coming shortly to your Television"

7. Huzlers

Huzlers write-ups a mix the satirical blog posts, trending stories, and also interesting news. While no all posts on the website are fake, you deserve to assume the the majority of castle aren"t real---any truthful article will encompass a attach to a reliable source.

that said, it"s still a great funny fake news website that revolves approximately pop culture, i know good hop, and also bizarre happenings.

Sample Headline"Bill Nye the Science male Arrested for Manufacturing and Selling Illegal Drugs"

8. Reductress

on Reductress, you"ll find fake news story from a woman"s perspective. Although most stories have to do with difficulties that females face, you can still have actually a laugh at most of these posts whether you"re a male or woman.

Sample Headline: "Woman’s Financial setup Just Patiently wait for parents to Die"


If you"re in search of a replacement because that watching the news, these comedic (but insightful) video clip commentaries may be an ext your style.

9. Critical Week Tonight

critical Week this evening is hosted by John Oliver and also generally concentrates on one large cultural phenomenon or news story that has happened end the last week. Man Oliver mixes comedy with research study to articulate vital points around the news story in a humorous and often-sarcastic way, which gives you some intelligent understanding into at the very least one existing event every week.

Comedy Central"s The Daily show is a satirical news present that has actually been running consistently since the "90s. Currently hosted through Trevor Noah, this show supplies commentary on existing events in the news (jumping off from actual news footage) with a emphasis on humor.

plenty of of the clips are accessible online one of two people on YouTube or on Comedy Central"s website (if friend live in the united States).

Outside the united States

many of the sites had on this list are based in the United claims (even if they incorporate a "World News" section). Full disclosure, this component of the list only contains "International" news satire websites from Canada, Australia, and the U.K., however I"d love to hear about any similar sites indigenous other countries or in various other languages in the comment section!

The Beaverton is a Canadian satirical news site that tends to be an ext political and subtle. This website does veer into American topics also but often tends to emphasis primarily on topics of interest in Canada.

Sample headline: "Trudeau Slides right into African Union"s DMs"

12. The everyday Squib

The everyday Squib provides political satire on human being news, technology, business, sports, and also health. The website doesn"t shy far from commentary on controversial topics, yet many posts veer in the direction of the ridiculous together well.

Sample headline: "Remainer Tears to be offered to Generate power for Britain"

13. The everyday Mash

The day-to-day Mash is one more UK-centric site that uses a many commentary on present happenings. It likewise has many of man articles around commonplace events and Internet fads that can quickly be shared across borders.

The poke divides the content in between satirical U.K. Commentary and much more traditional web humor, such as cat videos and reaction photo compilations.

Sample headline: "12 points This Close-Up that the sun Looks Like---And It’s mostly Tasty Treats"

15. The Beetoota Advocate

Aussies can get their source of satirical news native The Beetroot Advocate. Here, you"ll uncover bizarre fake news, and hilarious takes on Australia"s government.

Sample Headline: "Twist: good Barrier Reef reportedly on Fire now Too"

What"s her Favorite Website because that Weird News?

At the very least one of this funny news websites is bound to become your following favorite source for satire. They ought to provide you a different (and more comedic) perspective on existing events, and will hope brighten her day.

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looking for more weird news stories, hilarious memes, and also outrageous videos? You"ll absolutely want to examine out these funniest websites for the finest humor ~ above the web.

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