sign up with us as Donna Palumbo-Miele, plank of director Chair, Sustainable supply Chain Committee and also Founder & CEO of Concordia it is provided Chain team LLC, sit down v representatives of Intel -"s 2021 supply Chain Sustainability compensation winner, funded by KPMG.
This webinar will comment on some of these pain points and also solutions/tools being provided to ensure together smooth a circulation of products from inbound raw materials to outbound distribution execution.
This webinar will talk about the true cost of yearly transportation procurement and also freight contracts, just how RFPs fail to supply on the assures of reliable business with lower predictable costs and also how guarantee Primary can save shippers numerous dollars annually.
join us for a dashboard featuring members the’s Young professionals Committee together they re-publishing the details and also responsibilities of their duties within the YPC and supply chain. This panel offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the varied career paths and details jobs discovered in it is provided chain and logistics.
Learn about member-to-member connection building, expert development, regional Roundtables, the annual EDGE Conference, the job Center, how to accessibility the Member-Only directory, volunteer opportunities, and more.

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Sustainability as a service Imperative in it is provided Chain administration Increases, according to brand-new Report ─ new Research

The 2021 State of supply Chain Sustainability Report explores just how supply chain sustainability (SCS) methods are being imposed globally and also what that method for professionals, enterprises, industries, and the planet. The report is a collaboration in between The MIT center for transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) and the the supervisory board of it is provided Chain Management professionals (, and also sponsored by BlueYonder, C.H. Robinson, KPMG, Intel, and Sam’s Club.Download your copy of the report

Digital transformation in supply Chain Planning: 2021 ─ new Research

A new study through ToolsGroup, a an international leader in it is provided chain plan software, and the board of directors of supply Chain Management specialists ( has found that only 3% of carriers experienced no COVID-related organization impact, and also 42% of institutions say the pandemic has sped up their digitization plans.Download this survey-based study study by ToolsGroup and

Don’t start a it is provided Chain machine Learning Project before Reading This ─ A hot Topic

Machine learning seems come be anywhere you look, from tv commercials and also supply chain conferences to college degrees. But despite that is buzzword status and the truth that that been about since the so late 1950s, this technology is quiet shrouded in mystery for many supply chain practitioners. Follow to Gartner, “While maker learning assures transformational benefits in the supply chain, present expectations of short-lived readiness and benefits remain unrealistic.” In this hyped-up phase in modern technology maturity, it’s critical to it is in well informed so you can see beyond the headlines and apply the modern technology correctly to solve business problems and deliver genuine value.Download this warm Topicwritten by rob Kaufholz, VP the Product creation at ToolsGroup.

Why The Barcode has to Evolve ─ A warm Topic

In period when consumers expect to it is in able to access real-time information around the commodities they buy, the moment has involved rethink the duty of the U.P.C. Barcode, and help industry take on robust two-dimensional password that provide dynamic details instantaneously v a single smartphone scan.Download this warm Topicwritten by Melanie Nuce, senior Vice President, Corporate advance at GS1 US.

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rwcchristchurchappeal.coms new podcast, supply Chain Conversation, is our newest platform for bringing you the recent insights indigenous the industry’s top professionals.


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Authored through Kearney and also supported by Penske Logistics, this report is widely used by professionals as the premier benchmark for us logistics activity.

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Since 1963, the board of directors of it is provided Chain Management specialists ( has actually been giving networking, career development, and also educational opportunities to the logistics and supply chain management community.