The shy little girl is the correct answer for an archetype. The reason that that is the shy little girl is since it is a continually recurring layout in literature. The various other three options can be common, but they room not necessarily a literary an equipment that is common in all species of literature.

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| 10 -10 1 |

| 1 -2 -4 |

| -8 13 -24|

Step-by-step explanation:

First multiply each aspect in procession A, this gives:

| -6 - 2 -3 |

| 1 -6 -4 |

| -4 5 0 |

Now us multiply each facet in matrix B through 4, this gives:

| -16 8 -4 |

| 0 -4 0 |

| 4 -8 24 |

finally subtract this indigenous the an initial matrix ( subtracting facet by element) gives:

| 10 -10 1 |

| 1 -2 -4|

| -8 13- 24|


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