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ax 1) The six important organization objectives the information an innovation are: brand-new products, services,and company models; customer and supplier intimacy; boosted decision-making; competitive advantage; work excellence, and:A) flexibility.B) survival.C) improved business practices.D) enhanced efficiency.

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Definition B) Survival
Term 2) Verizon"s implementation that a Web-based digital dashboard to administer managers through realtimeinformation such as customer complaints is an instance of:A) boosted decision-making.B) enhanced flexibility.C) enhanced efficiency.D) customer and supplier intimacy.
Definition A) enhanced Decision Making
Term 3) The move of retail banking to usage ATMs ~ Citibank unveiled its an initial ATMs illustrates theinformation system company objective of:A) boosted efficiency.B) customer and supplier intimacy.C) survival.D) competitive advantage
Definition C) Survival
Term 4) The three activities in an info system that create the info organizations usage tocontrol work are:A) details retrieval, research, and analysis.B) input, output, and feedback.C) input, processing, and output.D) data analysis, processing, and feedback.
Definition C) Input, Processing, and Output
Term 5) The average number of tickets sold daily online is an instance of:A) input.B) raw data.C) systematic information.D) output.
Definition C) meaningful Data
Term 6) convert raw data right into a much more meaningful type is called:A) capturing.B) processing.C) organizing.D) feedback.
Definition B) Processing
Term 7) an instance of raw data indigenous a national chain of car stores would be:A) median of 13 Toyotas sold everyday in Kentucky in 2007.B) 300 Toyota RAV4s sold during fourth 4 minutes 1 2007 in Kentucky.C) yearly sales the Toyota RAV4s increased 2.4 percent.D) 1 Toyota RAV4 offered January 7, 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky - $28000.
Definition D) 1 Toyota RAV4 offered January 7, 2008 in Lousiville, Kentucky - $28,000.
Term 8) The an essential set that assumptions, values, and also ways that doing things that has actually been acceptedby most of a company"s members is called its:A) culture.B) environment.C) atmosphere.D) values.
Definition A) Culture
Term 9) take into consideration an info system in a moving agency that analyzes take trip patterns anddecides which courses are the most effective for every van. The actions that the employeesneed to monitor to upgrade this mechanism with arrival and also departure times would be thought about a(n)________ element of the system.A) organizationalB) managerialC) peopleD) technology
Definition A) Organizational
Term 10) Intranets:A) are based upon mainframe technology.B are multiple networks joined together.C) are frequently used to interact with the business’s reliable vendors.D) usage Internet technology for a private firm network.
Definition D) use Internet technology for private company network.
Term 11) poor business processes and also unsupportive society are instances of the ________ dimensionof company problems.A) managementB) organizationalC) peopleD) infrastructure
Definition B) Organization
Term 12) The last step in the four-step model of service problem resolving is:A) outcome.B) implementation.C) readjust management.D) feedback.
Definition B) Implementation
Term 13) A significant criterion in deciding the most essential perspectives that a company problem is:A) implementation.B) readjust management.C) usefulness.D) business needs.
Definition C) Usefulness
Term 14) an example of a service using info systems to obtain competitive benefit is:A) Apple"s creation of the iPod.B) JC Penney"s information system that allows its contract manufacturers to check out what garmentshave to be sold and also need to be replaced.C) Verizon"s Web-based digital dashboard giving real-time firm information formanagers.D) Toyota"s legendary TPS the has created superlative efficiencies and permitted Toyota tobecome the world"s largest auto maker.
Definition D) Toyota"s legendary TPS the has produced superlative efficiencies and enabled Toyota tobecome the world"s biggest auto maker.
Term 15) an instance of a service using details systems because that customer and also supplier intimacy is:A) Apple"s development of the iPod.B) JC Penney"s information system that enables its contract manufacturers to see what garmentshave been sold and need to it is in replaced.C) Toyota"s legend TPS the has developed superlative efficiencies and allowed Toyota tobecome the world"s largest auto maker.D) Verizon"s Web-based digital dashboard offering real-time company information formanagers.
Definition B) JC Penney"s info system that permits its contract manufacturers to see what garmentshave to be sold and need to it is in replaced.
Term 16) An information skill crucial for one accounting significant would be:A) an knowledge of online transaction and reporting sytems.B) an expertise of product administration enterprise systems.C) an knowledge of supplier management enterprise systems.D) an expertise of enterprise systems that boost leadership.
Definition A) an expertise of digital transaction and reporting sytems.
Term 17) An information skill essential for a marketing significant would be:A) an expertise of online transaction and reporting sytems.B) an knowledge of product management enterprise systems.C) an understanding of supplier management enterprise systems.D) an expertise of enterprise equipment that improve leadership.
Definition B) an expertise of product administration enterprise systems.
Term 18) The society of UPS places organization to the customer amongst the company"s highest businessobjectives, i beg your pardon is reflect in their usage of information systems to permit customer tracking oftheir packages. Based upon your analysis of chapter 1, why is "culture" vital factor toconsider when building information mechanism solutions to service problems?A) society is one element that have the right to be radically changed, not constantly for the better, through newinformation systems.B) culture affects how information system solutions are implemented and used.C) society is a cauldron of employee perspectives and conflicts, which deserve to be provided to improvebusiness processes.D) society is the driving pressure behind decision making and also innovation.
Definition B) society affects exactly how information device solutions space implemented and used.
Term 1) i m sorry of the complying with is a cross-functional service process?A) Fulfilling a client orderB) rental an employeeC) identifying a customerD) developing an invoice
Definition A) Fulfilling a customer order
Term 2) Engineers and architects are examples of:A) senior management.B) manufacturing workers.C) knowledge workers.D) center management.
Definition C) expertise workers
Term 3) A computerized system that performs and records the everyday dealings necessary to conductbusiness is classified as a(n):A) executive assistance system.B) management-level system.C) decision support system.D) transaction-processing system.
Definition D) transaction-processing system.
Term 4) these systems are designed to summarize and report ~ above the company"s simple operations.A) Management info systemsB) Decision-support systemsC) Executive information systemsD) Transaction processing systems
Definition A) Management details systems
Term 5) DSS and MIS are additionally referred to together ________ systems:A) organization information systems.B) organization intelligence systems.C) executive assistance systems.D) organization model systems.
Definition B) organization intelligence systems.
Term 6) Executive support systems are details systems that assistance the:A) long-range planning activities of an elderly management.B) knowledge and data workers in an organization.C) decision-making and also administrative activities of center managers.D) day-to-day procedures of production.
Definition A) long-range planning tasks of an elderly management.
Term 7) A(n) ________ collection data indigenous various vital business processes and stores the data in asingle substantial data repository, usable by other parts the the business.A) transaction processing systemB) companies systemC) automatically reporting systemD) management information system
Definition B) companies system
Term 8) What is the many important benefit of an companies application?A) allowing speed the communicating.B) allowing a agency to occupational collaboratively through customers and also suppliers.C) allowing business functions and departments come share information.D) allowing cost-effective, e-business processes.
Definition C) enabling business functions and also departments to share information.
Term 9) ________ systems administer information come coordinate every one of the business processes that dealwith client in sales, marketing, and also service come optimize revenue, client satisfaction, andcustomer retention.A) CRMB) MISC) ESSD) CPS
Definition A) CRM
Term 10) second Life is an example of a:A) wiki.B) digital world.C) society networking site.D) mental mapping tool.
Definition B) digital world.
Term 11) The many widely used cooperation software tool used by very huge firms is:A) Lotus Notes.B) Microsoft SharePoint.C) Google Apps.D) Onehub.
Definition A) Lotus Notes
Term 12) i beg your pardon of the following cooperation tools would be appropriate for participants in separatelocations who have to collaborate synchronously?A) blogB) team roomC) group calendarD) digital meeting software
Definition D) digital meeting software
Term 13) The major liaison between the details systems groups and also the rest of the organizationis a(n) _________. It is the _____’s project to translate business problems and also requirements intoinformation requirements and also systems.A) programmer.B) details systems manager.C) solution analyst.D) CIO.
Definition C) solution analyst.
Term 14) A ________ is a senior manager who oversees the usage of it in the firm.A) CIOB) CEOC) CFOD) CIT
Definition A) CIO
Term 15) development and support solutions for a firm"s company systems are provided by:A) IT education services.B) IT management services.C) Application software application services.D) IT standards services.
Definition C) Application software services.
Term 16) The three primary levels of hierarchies in ~ a company organization are:A) management, understanding workers, and also service workers.B) senior management, center management, and also operational management.C) management, data workers, and operational management.D) an elderly management, to work management, and also workers.
Definition B) senior management, middle management, and also operational management.
Term 17) crucial forces in a business"s immediate setting include:A) regulations.B) technology.C) economy.D) politics.
Definition A) regulations.
Term 18) which of the adhering to is an example of a an essential force in a firm"s broader, much less immediateenvironment?A) StockholdersB) RegulationsC) Shipping firmsD) an innovation innovations
Definition D) technology innovations
Term 1) software that organizes, manages, and processes organization data, such together data concerned withinventory, customers, and also vendors, is called:A) system software.B) applications software.C) data management software.D) network software.
Definition C) data monitoring software.
Term 2) software that manages the sources of the computer system is called:A) device software.B) application software.C) data monitoring software.D) network software.
Definition A) system software.
Term 3) Software supplied to apply the computer system to a details task because that an finish user is called:A) mechanism software.B) applications software.C) data administration software.D) network software.
Definition B) application software.
Term 4) i m sorry of the following types of computer is offered for weather forecasting?A) MainframeB) ServerC) MinicomputerD) Supercomputer
Definition D) Supercomputer
Term 5) Connecting geographically remote computers in a single network to produce a "virtualsupercomputer" is called:A) co-location.B) cloud computing.C) grid computing.D) autonomic computing.
Definition C) network computing.
Term 6) i m sorry of the following statements is not true about cloud computing?A) It consists of three types of services: cloud infrastructure, cloud platform, and also cloud software.B) It removes the concern about data and systems protection for businesses.C) It enables smaller that company to use resources previously unaffordable.D) It relies on the internet as the platform because that delivering solutions to users.
Definition B) It clears the concern around data and systems defense for businesses.
Term 7) A high-speed network specialized to storage the connects various kinds of warehouse devices,such together tape libraries and disk arrays so they deserve to be common by many servers ideal describes:A) SSN.B) ASP.C) LAN.D) SAN.
Definition D) SAN.
Term 8) The main difficulty coming to Microsoft"s Office software application suite will be:A) open-source, Linux-based suites such together StarOffice.B) Web-based productivity software such as Google Apps.C) mobile software.D) in-house, tradition software developed using open-source web services.
Definition B) Web-based performance software such as Google Apps.
Term 9) In client/server computing, the client is:A) software program program supplied for logging on come the network.B) the ar of the mass of the processing.C) the computer system that acts as the user point of entry.D) the computer system that firsts asks because that services.
Definition C) the computer system that acts together the user suggest of entry.
Term 10) In stimulate to control their connection with an outsourcer or modern technology service provider,firms need a contract that includes a(n):A) SLA.B) SOA.C) TCO.D) API.
Definition A) SLA.
Term 11) Linux plays a major role in supporting company information systems, and has garnered about________ the the U.S. Server market..A) 10 percentB) 25 percentC) 50 percentD) 80 percent
Definition B) 25 percent
Term 12) which of the following refers come the capacity of a computer, product, or device to expand toserve a larger variety of users without breaking down?A) ModifiabilityB) ExpandabilityC) ScalabilityD) Disintermediation
Definition C) Scalability
Term 13) Linux is:A) primarily concerned with the jobs of end users.B) draft for certain machines and certain microprocessors.C) an instance of open-source software.D) especially valuable for processing numeric data.
Definition C) an example of open-source software.
Term 14) Virtualization:A) permits one operating mechanism to regulate several physics machines.B) has enabled microprocessor manufacturers to reduce the size of transistors come the broad of anatom.C) permits smartphones to operation full-fledged operating systems.D) can an increase server utilization prices to 70% or higher.
Definition D) can rise server utilization rates to 70% or higher.
Term 15) A collection of self-contained solutions that interact with each various other to create a workingsoftware applications is called:A) web services.B) SOA.C) enterprise integration.D) SOAP.
Definition B) SOA.
Term 16), which combines Google Maps with crime data for the city the Chicago, isan instance of:A) cloud computing.B) SOA.C) a widget.D) a mashup.
Definition D) a mashup.
Term 17) A ________ cloud is owned and also maintained by a cloud organization provider such together AmazonWeb Services, and also made accessible to the basic public or sector group.A) private.B) white.C) public.D) net computing.
Definition C) public.
Term 18) To analyze the direct and indirect costs and determine the actual cost of specific technologyimplementations, friend would usage a:A) complete cost of ownership model.B) return on investment model.C) breakeven point.D) cost advantage analysis.

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Definition A) full cost of ownership model.