There are many different type of living points or biology on Earth. Scientists have actually grouped them together right into kingdoms. These kingdoms room called:


The biology in every kingdom are comparable in certain ways.

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You space most familiar with the plant and also animal kingdoms. Together you deserve to see, lock are an extremely diverse groupings. A blade of grass and also a huge tree may seem very different, however both space still plants. Elephants and also grasshoppers are really different, yet both belong in the animal kingdom.

Placing biology into various groups is referred to as taxonomy.


Animal Kingdom (Animalia)

There are lots of different kinds that animals, such as mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and also amphibians. People are mammals. So, why are so plenty of diverse organisms in one kingdom? Well, they have some things in common. All pets can move on your own. Animals are heterotrophic. This means they can't make their own food. They need to eat come survive.

Animals can be separated into other groups: Vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates have backbones. Invertebrates don't. Humans have actually a backbone, for this reason we're vertebrates. Worms space invertebrates.

Each kind of animal group can be separated into even an ext groups. Mammals have the right to be separated into groups like primates (apes, monkeys), rodents (rats, squirrels), cetaceans (dolphins, whales), marsupials (kangaroos, koalas) and also monotremes (eggs laying mammals like the platypus).

Plant Kingdom (Plantae)

Animals room heterotrophic, which means they should find and eat food. Plants are autotrophic. They have the right to make their very own food using a process called photosynthesis. Plants use air, water and sunlight to do the food they have to survive. Unlike animals, tree can't move about on their own.

Plants deserve to be split into two significant groups: vascular and nonvascular. Vascular plants soak up water utilizing their roots. Nonvascular plants usage their totality bodies come soak increase water. Most plants girlfriend see, prefer trees and flowers, are vascular. Moss is an example of a nonvascular plant.

Vascular plants have the right to be split up right into even an ext groups: flowering and nonflowering. Many plants space flowering plants. Fruits and also seeds thrive in flowers. Ferns are an example of a nonflowering plant.



Bacteria are organisms made up of simply one cell. Plants and animals space made of numerous cells. Many human being think bacteria are bad. Yet there space both an excellent and bad types. Bacteria space everywhere. Lock are almost everywhere your body. Lock even aid you digest your food. Bacteria are used to do some foods like yogurt and also cheese. Bacteria dubbed decomposers break dead plants and also animals down right into the soil. Bacteria make much more of themselves by splitting in half.



Archaebacteria space bacteria that have the right to survive in places no various other organism can live. Thermophiles space bacteria that deserve to survive in very hot places like the geysers in Yellowstone national Park. Methanogens room bacteria that create a gas referred to as methane. They can live in locations that don't have any kind of oxygen. Halophiles deserve to live in really salty places like the Dead Sea. They would certainly die in fresh water.



You are probably an extremely familiar through one form of fungi. You've most likely seen it on pizza. It's the mushroom. Mushroom (pronounced fun-guy) are pertained to both plants and also animals. Mushrooms might look choose plants. But like animals they space heterotrophic. Lock can't make their very own food. They usage something dubbed enzymes to rest up disk organisms the they can absorb together food. So, fungi room decomposers. Decomposers are really important. There is no them dead plants and also animals would litter the ground and also would prevent the expansion of brand-new plants.

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Protists are related to either plants, pets or fungi. There are different types. Prefer fungi, slime molds absorb nutrient from your environment. Protozoans mainly live in water. They space heterotrophic, which makes them more like animals. Algae room autotrophic, which method they do their own food. So, lock are similar to plants. Seaweed is a form of algae. You may sometimes see eco-friendly slimey ingredient in water. That is commonly algae together well.