So, you"ve made a decision to wear an evil eye, or an all-watchful eye bracelet eexceptionally day.

Good choice!

You"re wondering just how to style it, so we have actually a few tips that you could discover extremely useful. The most important is to begin with the basic question, "are you planning on leaving it on 24/7?"

If you don"t desire to problem about wearing the evil eye bracelet in the shower, or while washing your hands or doing the dishes, then you have to make certain of two simple things:

1. Is the bracelet simple to put on and take off.

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2. What is the steel supplied in the bracelet.

If the bracelet is tough to take on and also off yourself then you have 2 choices: a) put it on and also leave it on or b) wear it only when someone is tbelow to assist you clasp it.

That is why an elastic bracelet is terrific. It is designed to roll over your wrist, and left where it is. No tugging, no clasping, it is worry-cost-free. And the elastic is not the type you wear on your clothes, this is a unique jewelry grade elastic that never before stretches out and also is incredibly, very sturdy.


Next off is the metal.

This might seem a stvariety thing to carry up, however it is very necessary. If you chose a brass steel you are best to never wear the bracelet in the water, it simply isn"t made for getting wet. The steel becomes green and also so does your arm. The very same through base steel, it is cheap for a reason. Just take it off as soon as you are swimming, showering, washing your hands. And never spray perfume or hairspray on your metal jewelry-- simply don"t!

However, sterling silver and also 14k gold are perfect for wearing eincredibly single day. They do not chip, flake, rotate green, or rust. The bracelets don"t rot or autumn acomponent either.

How to style an evil eye bracelet.

Layer it.

Wear it alone.

We like to pile it on.


Do you choose the photo above?

It"s layered through various sizes of matching beads that are found interspersed inside of the blue, light blue, and also red evil eye bracelet. In truth, the 14k gold-filled beads that are hand-strung in the bracelet are 4mm. Available in sterling silver also, it"s incredibly eye-recording and stylish alongside the other bead arm bands.

As shown: gold-filled bead arm bands in 4mm, 3mm, 5mm then the evil eye bracelet.

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Here is an additional instance of just how to beautitotally stylize your glass security evil eye bracelet, yet here it is presented in all navy blue.