Summers in Denver, Colorado are pup-fect and the spot-on meaning of ahhhh-mazing. In July, commonly the hottest month that the year, the typical high temperature is 88°F (or 31°C because that everyone outside of the U.S.). The low humidity bodes well for the season, developing an enjoyable heat throughout the day and also a cool night the comfort.

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With beautiful days choose that, funny time in the water is 100% necessary for you and also your dog. Denver is house to plenty of dog parks v spaces whereby you have the right to take off your pup’s leash and also let the run with fervor while acquiring all wet. So even if it is you’re visiting the Mile High City or live there and are searching for an off-leash variation of be afflicted with Creek Lake, we’ve got you and also your canine compatriot covered.

Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park has actually 70 acre of soil (insert a choir the barking angels here) prepared to it is in explored. In the off-leash area, there space two ponds whereby your dog can acquire her fur wet when under the sun. Native the park, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape boasting a mix of Rocky Mountains and metropolitan views. Obtain a pass for the day or authorize up because that an annual membership. The park additionally has multiple spaces committed to training – so you can aid your dog end up being the following Michael Phel-pups.

Westminster Hills

The whole 420-acre Westminster Hills park offers scenic views and an off-leash area with plenty of benches, a shaded area to enjoy a snack and a drink fountain that is because that VIPs only – very Important Pups. The pièce de résistance is the small pond where your dog can really make a splash. The park is completely cost-free and open from sunrise come sunset, so her dog deserve to enjoy a swim all DAY long (sing it choose Lionel Richie). The park is just north Denver in Westminster, Colorado, a nice quick drive away.

CRCG at home Pool

Colorado’s first and largest indoor swimming swimming pool for dogs can be uncovered at Canine & conditioning Rehabilitation Group. This boil watering hole is a an excellent way for her dog to get a an excellent paddle in during the cooler months or on rainy days. From sharing the swimming pool with other dogs and also owners come booking a exclusive swim because that the 2 of you, the CRCG helps accommodate all of your water needs in Englewood and also Broomfield.

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Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park is residence to 107 acres, perfect for sniffing, to run around and playing gamings of fetch. The off-leash area is in the southeast corner and also provides access to the creek, perfect for her water-loving dog. The park is supervisor popular, i m sorry may cause a wait time throughout peak hours − yet it’s completely worth it. Whether you’re in search of a location where her dog have the right to swim or just trot with shallow waters, this location creates the perfect getaway throughout the dog work of summer. Cherry Creek State Park is southern of the city and offers the ideal setting if you’re looking to hike, camp and enjoy the great outdoors v your puppy pal. 

Swimming is a fun task and an excellent exercise because that you and your dog. It enables dogs to burn turn off excess power while maintaining them happy and also healthy. It’s really likely, too, that your pup will be so tuckered the end that he’ll take a long nap – the sounds so adorable and we are so really jealous. The cool waters will certainly also aid them grow in the heat. So lug some floaties and also some treats and also take a refresh dip v your doggo.