(question) I'm on the arsenal step that the dark drinker quest and I am wondering what is the ideal route to take it to obtain it excellent the fastest


Get a Ghost through Relic iron Sensor.

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Equip a sniper.

(Optional) use Keen Scout/Memory that Gheleon

Whenever you go into an area, death time (or enemies) for choose a minute or two to offer the Relic steel time come spawn, then use your sniper to scan the area and also grab everything you find

Proceed to the following (open air) area, make a circle approximately the whoie planet, repeating the above step

Put on part music/show/podcast, because it's quiet gonna take it a while



That's what ns did, and it was at the very least reasonably bearable (still a small tedious).

Use Keen scout in the Nightstalker subclass, ghost through relic iron indications (look through sniper scope it will show longer distances), or storage of Gheleon artifact

The memory of Gheleon is really the way to go (unless you're currently doing it on a Hunter), as the magnified tracking is loads far better than the tracking nodes perk on the ghosts.

Combine that with among the ghosts v a + products on Mars for some extra (doesn't count towards completion though) if you're shooting things while dance around.

Other 보다 an engram ghost, i remember running the scablands bunker area for chests because that hours ago in vanilla to upgrade my vault the glass stuff.

I usually do a figure eight, beginning from the ar in suggest of the Mars patrol following to the best bunker (hitting the caves and rocky open up area) through the much tunnel come the Dust royal residence area (hit the structure to the much right because there space usually 3 chests in it) and ago to the ar in point. Generally, three circuits of this figure eight nets me around 40-50 relic stole in around 15 minutes.

Best tactic: (this works on any type of planet however on Mars I supplied the Barrens and the Scablands for this). In the Scablands friend can find a few mats appropriate on the sheet of the ar (use Keen scout or storage of Gheleon for easiest finding, however a relic stole sensor ghost functions find and is what i used). Take those mats, then zip ago to the Barrens, just until the reads "The Barrens" on the screen, climate turn appropriate around and also go earlier to the Scablands.

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The mats will certainly respawn in specifically the same place every time you reenter the zone. Just keep grabbing the exact same 2-3 mats and you'll be done in no time. I think it take it me around an hour to end up up. Couple more notes: if someone rather enters the zone, it will certainly reset the spawns so the carpet don't spawn in the exact same spot the next time you reenter. When this happened, I would certainly either go to orbit or overcome the Scablands and do the exact same thing however using Giants' Pass together my go-to zone instead of the Barrens.

This allowed me to finish farming in about an hour. It was tedious but didn't take too long. Ns hope this helps!