What do you obtain when you incorporate the world’s best-selling cookie v an global powerhouse in chocolatiering?

An oversized weight-gain supplement the retails because that $3.98 at Walmart. The drug’s name?

The Milka Oreo big Crunch Bar.

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Milka Oreo large Crunch Bar

Oh, my stars and garters. The Milka Oreo big Crunch Bar combines 2 of Mondelez International’s most renowned brands: Milka chocolate and Oreo cookies.

For the unfamiliar, Milka is an extremely popular coco brand throughout the globe. Its biggest markets are Germany, France, Austria, and also Poland, yet they market in end 40 nations including the joined States. Your chocolate, made through Alpine milk, is held in high regard amongst candy lovers everywhere. Alpine milk is milk made through this fella:


Alpine Cow. (Image through Royalty-Free/Corbis)

Milka Oreo big Crunch Bars debut stateside in limited quantities this week at pick stores such as Walmart, Kroger, Shop Rite, and Albertsons. By January 2017, the candy bars will certainly receive huge distribution nationwide. Over there will also be three different sizes of Milka Oreo chocolate Candy Bars and also a Milka Oreo Snack Mix bag, so friend can proceed your quest to look like Alpine cow at everything pace you choose.


The Milka Oreo large Crunch is a layered candy bar v Oreo cookie wafers sandwiched between two layers of Oreo creme, every coated in European coco made by Milka. This bar is a 10.5 ounce bohemeth that’s supposed for sharing (LOL). It division apart nicely and comes in easy-to-seal packaging for this reason you have the right to stash part away and save it for later (LOLLL).

If you’ve never had actually Milka before, you’re in because that a genuine treat. The milk cacao melts effortlessly when you start to chew, and the sweetness is neither overbearing nor artificial. This is high quality coco that satisfies with nothing to complain about.

Perhaps the most flavorful component of the Milka Oreo huge Crunch Bar space the great of Oreo creme filling. This creme is softer and much more whipped than the classic Oreo creme; it’s prefer an Oreo ganache or truffle. The cream catches the essence of the Oreo cookie with its signature vanilla flavor. Having your teeth go native the crispy milk coco shell come the pillowy creme come the crunchy Oreo cookie wafer in rapid sequence is a terrific sensation that Alpine cows anywhere must suffer for themselves.

The thickness the the cookie within the Milka Oreo huge Crunch Bar is just right. The imparts some bitter cocoa smell to stop an overreliance on sweet contents while earning the candy civil liberties to the Oreo namesake. The an outcome is a marriage between candy and also cookie that you’ll want to attend. Ns heard it’s open up bar too.

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International readers, of which we have zero, are probably asking themselves: Is the Milka Oreo large Crunch Bar better or worse 보다 the Cadbury version marketed abroad? The latter is called the Cadbury dairy products Milk large Taste Oreo Crunch Bar. And because I’m adept at tracking down anything with Oreo published on the label, I tried it not lengthy ago.