Where can I discover these two NPC"s in Pokemon X & Y? i accidentally gave my main starter a stupid useless HM move, and also now I"m an extremely unwilling to sacrifice the various other 3 to make room for another one.

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If I"d favor to delete a move, where deserve to I discover him? If I need to re-learn a turned off move, where deserve to I find a relocate trainer?



In Dendemille town, in a House, up and also right native the Pokemon center (next to some stairs), is the relocate Deleter and the move Reminder. The relocate Deleter is to the left side of the residence after entering, and also the reminder is in the ideal side the the house.

Just choose the previous Pokemon games, the reminder will certainly not remind her Pokemon because that free, you require a heart Scale, lugged by Luvdiscs or found in rock Smash rocks.

Either record them and also take the item indigenous them (at a expense of 200 per Pokeball), or usage item-stealing moves in fight such together Thief and also Covet, and also take lock off your Pokemon after ~ battle. Luvdiscs are uncovered in body of water, if fishing v an old rod.



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