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Terms & Conditions

Edge Bioactives is the distributor of miscellaneous vitamins, dietary supplements, and other commodities sold on leaf Bioactives website in ~ and other sites wherein these terms and conditions room posted (each, the "Site"), maintains this site for your an individual information, education and communication.

PLEASE check out THESE TERMS and also CONDITIONS OF usage CAREFULLY prior to USING THIS SITE. Through ACCESSING OR using THIS SITE, girlfriend AGREE TO it is in BOUND BY these TERMS and CONDITIONS, consisting of THE DISCLAIMERS collection FORTH BELOW. IF YOU room NOT willing TO it is in BOUND BY these TERMS and also CONDITIONS, including THE DISCLAIMERS, YOU may NOT accessibility OR usage THIS SITE.

Your acquisition or use any of edge Bioactives products constitutes your covenant to these terms and also conditions. If you execute not agree to this terms and conditions, you have to return the product because that a refund within 90 days of the date of distribution of the product.


Internet an innovation and the applicable laws, rules, and regulations adjust frequently. We RESERVE THE RIGHT, in ~ OUR DISCRETION, to MODIFY, ADD, OR REMOVE parts OF these TERMS and CONDITIONS AT any TIME and also EACH SUCH readjust SHALL it is in EFFECTIVE automatically UPON POSTING. THE day OF this TERMS and CONDITIONS IS detailed UNDER THE "TERMS and also CONDITIONS" HEADING ABOVE. PLEASE examine THESE TERMS and CONDITIONS PERIODICALLY for CHANGES. YOUR ongoing USE the THIS SITE complying with THE POSTING OF transforms TO this TERMS and also CONDITIONS WILL typical YOU accept THOSE CHANGES.



You and Edge Bioactives agree that this arbitration agreement is make pursuant to a transaction entailing interstate commerce and shall it is in governed by the federal Arbitration action ("FAA"), and not by any kind of state law worrying arbitration; and that any type of dispute in between us, including problems by either of us versus any agent, employee, subsidiary, affiliate, predecessor in interest, successor, or entrust of the other, will certainly be fixed exclusively and finally through binding arbitration, other than for disputes emerging from supposed violation of pundit property civil liberties or breach that confidentiality, because that which the injured party might suffer irreparable harm and may seek a restraining order, preliminary injunctive relief, one injunction, particular performance or various other equitable relief and/or legit remedies, and actions come enforce the decisions of the arbitrators, for which activity may it is in taken in any kind of court of competent jurisdiction. By AGREEING to THIS ARBITRATION AGREEMENT, friend ARE offering UP YOUR right TO go TO COURT, including YOUR right TO A JURY TRIAL. In arbitration, a dispute is solved by a neutral arbitrator or dashboard of arbitrators, quite than through a referee or jury. Arbitration is more informal, however, an arbitrator can award the same relief the a court deserve to award. The arbitration will be administered by the American Arbitration association ("AAA"), and conducted under AAA"s advertisement Arbitration Rules and also the Supplementary actions for customer Related conflicts (collectively, the "AAA Rules") then in result at the moment of the dispute. You may obtain copies that the AAA Rules and forms and also instructions for initiating one arbitration by visiting the AAA website at, or by phone call AAA in ~ (800) 788-7879. If for any kind of reason the AAA is unavailable, the parties shall mutually select another arbitration forum. If friend initiate an arbitration, edge Bioactives will promptly reimburse you for any kind of standard submit fee i beg your pardon may have actually been forced under AAA"s actions once you have actually notified sheet Bioactives in composing and noted a copy of the arbitration proceedings. However, if edge Bioactives is the prevailing party in the arbitration, applicable regulation may enable the arbitrator to award attorneys" fees and also costs come Edge Bioactives consisting of the filing fee. Over there shall it is in no ideal or authority for any claim to it is in arbitrated on a class activity basis or in a purported representative capacity. No claim submitted to arbitration is heard by a jury or might be brought as a private attorney general. You do not deserve to act as a class representative or get involved as a member the a course of claimants v respect to any claim it is registered to arbitration. The arbitrator might not consolidate an ext than one person"s claims against Edge Bioactives and also may not preside over any kind of representative or class proceeding against Edge Bioactives You recognize that this class action waiver is material and essential to the arbitration of any kind of disputes between the parties and is nonseverable indigenous the covenant to arbitrate claims. If any part of this class activity waiver is limited, voided, or can not be enforced, then the parties" covenant to arbitrate shall be null and void. YOU recognize THAT by AGREEING come THIS CLASS activity WAIVER, YOU may ONLY lug CLAIMS against EDGE BIOACTIVES IN AN separation, personal, instance CAPACITY and NOT as A PLAINTIFF OR course MEMBER IN any PURPORTED CLASS activity OR REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING IF girlfriend HAVE already PURCHASED A PRODUCT and YOU execute NOT AGREE come THE FOREGOING TERMS and also CONDITIONS, YOU should TELL us IN WRITING and RETURN THE PRODUCT TO obtain A REFUND. IF YOU have actually PURCHASED THE PRODUCT at A sleeve STORE, YOU should RETURN THE PRODUCT follow TO THE STORE"S RETURN POLICY. IF YOU have PURCHASED THE PRODUCT by TELEPHONE OR virtual FROM US, YOU must RETURN THE PRODUCT PURSUANT to OUR RETURN POLICY, obtainable AT


These Terms and also Conditions and also the Privacy policy will it is in governed by and also construed in accordance through the regulations of the State of new York, without regard to principles of conflicts or selection of law. In addition, the applications of the United countries Convention top top Contracts for the worldwide Sale of Goods, including any type of amendments thereto, is expressly excluded hereby.


This website is listed by sheet Bioactives and also these Terms and Conditions administer to girlfriend (identified herein together "you" or "user") a personal, revocable, limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-transferable license to usage this website conditioned on your ongoing compliance through these Terms and Conditions. If you are using the site on instead of of a company or other service entity, please keep in mind that together a firm or entity may have actually a separate commitment with leaf Bioactives. Nevertheless, your use will be topic to these Terms and also Conditions. The Website, or any section of the Website, may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, modified, sold, resold, distributed, or otherwise exploited for any kind of commercial purpose without our express created consent. Other than as expressly collection forth herein, this covenant grants you no legal rights in or come our intellectual property or any type of other party. The patent granted in this section is conditioned on her compliance v the terms and conditions that this Agreement. In the occasion that girlfriend breach any provision the this Agreement, Your rights under this ar will instantly terminate.


The content of this site and information provided to in an answer to a request made or concern presented or inspection completed by friend (the "Information") is for informational functions only. The information is no a instead of for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Girlfriend should always seek the advice that a qualified wellness provider before making any type of adjustment to any kind of medication or therapy you are currently using, stopping the usage of any type of medication or treatment or beginning any brand-new medication or treatment, even if it is or no the topic was covered the Information listed to you. The details is to plan to carry out users with a general understanding of details wellness and health treatment topics and is not particularly applicable to any kind of individual"s clinical problems, pertains to and/ or needs. Any activity you take on the basis of the Information listed is specifically at your own risk and expense.

THIS website IS INTENDED because that ADULTS

You should be aware that this site is no intended or draft to entice anyone under the period of 18. We carry out not collection personally identifiable info from any person we actually understand is under the period of 18. Through downloading, accessing, or utilizing this website or in bespeak to watch our information and materials or submit info of any type of kind to this Site, you represent that you room at least eighteen (18) year of age (or the period of majority in your state the residence). Any kind of individual making use of the Website or services on behalf of a company further represents and warrants that they space authorized come act and enter into contracts on behalf of the company. This commitment is void wherein prohibited.


You will have the chance through ours Sites come e-mail us with any type of questions you may have actually for our featured expert concerning our products, diet supplements in general or health and wellness matters in general. Carry out not send us any type of medical, therapeutic or treatment questions. Sheet Bioactives and also the specialists featured ~ above the Site do not administer medical advice, and also we advice you to call your doctor if you feel you require medical advice or treatment.


We likewise impose particular restrictions on your usage of the Website and the Services. Girlfriend represent and warrant the you will not: (a) provide false, misleading or inaccurate details to Fairlight or any type of other member; (b) impersonate, or otherwise misrepresent affiliation, link or association with, any kind of person or entity; (c) harvest or otherwise collection information about our users, including email addresses and phone numbers; (d) usage or effort to use any kind of engine, software, tool, agent, or other device or system (including there is no limitation browsers, spiders, robots, avatars, or intelligent agents) come harvest or otherwise collect information from the Website for any kind of use, consisting of without limitation use on third-party websites; (e) access content or data not intended for You, or log onto a server or account the You space not authorized come access; (f) attempt to probe, scan, or check the vulnerability the the Services, the Website, or any kind of associated system or network, or breach defense or authentication actions without proper authorization; (g) interfere or effort to interfere through the usage of the Website or solutions by any other user, organize or network, including, without limitation by method of submitting a virus, overloading, "flooding," "spamming," "mail bombing," or "crashing"; (h) use the Website or solutions to send unsolicited e-mail, including without limitation promotions or advertisements for commodities or services; (i) forge any kind of TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header details in any e-mail or in any uploading or posting to, or transmission, display, power or circulation by way of, the Website or Services; or (j) effort to modify, reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise reduce or effort to alleviate to a human-perceivable form any the the resource code offered by the united state our connected parties in providing the Website or Services. Any type of violation of this section may subject girlfriend to polite and/or criminal liability.


The usage of this Site and the info is in ~ your very own risk. As soon as using this Site, information will be transmitted end a tool over which leaf Bioactives has no regulate or jurisdiction. Therefore, sheet Bioactives does not assume any kind of liability for or relating to the delay, failure, discontinuity or corruption of any information transmitted in connection with the use of this Site. This Site and also the Information given through this website are listed without charge and are detailed on an "As Is" basis. To THE FULLEST extent PERMITTED by LAW, edge BIOACTIVES DISCLAIMS every WARRANTIES, either EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING, but NOT minimal TO, include WARRANTIES of MERCHANTABILITY and also FITNESS because that A certain PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT OF 3rd PARTY RIGHTS. Please keep in mind that part jurisdictions might not allow the exemption of implied warranties, so few of the exclusions may not apply to you. Edge Bioactives does no warrant the the Information consisted of on this website will be uninterrupted or error free, or that defects will be corrected. Leaf Bioactives makes no warranty regarding the accuracy, reliability, completeness, timeliness, usefulness, adequacy or suitability that the Information, web links or communications listed on or through the use of this Site and does not warrant versus human or machine error, delay, omissions, interruptions or losses, consisting of loss of any data or the legality the the website or compliance v respect to legislations governing the products, services or promotions offered on this Site. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, INCLUDING, yet NOT minimal TO, NEGLIGENCE, candlestick WE, our DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, LICENSEES, SUPPLIERS, OR THOSE HEALTH care PROFESSIONALS that HAVE contributed MATERIAL OR ANSWERED concerns BE responsible FOR any DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, an individual INJURY, OR WRONGFUL fatality WHATSOEVER, including WITHOUT LIMITATION, loss FOR lost REVENUE, shed OR DAMAGED DATA, OR various other COMMERCIAL OR financial LOSS THAT result FROM THE usage OF, OR THE i can not qualify TO USE, THIS site OR THE INFORMATION, WHETHER based on WARRANTY, CONTRACT, TORT, INFRINGEMENT OF intellectual PROPERTY RIGHTS, strictly LIABILITY, OR any OTHER legitimate THEORY, even IF WE have BEEN advised OF THE possibility OF such DAMAGES. IN NO event SHALL OUR full LIABILITY come YOU FOR every DAMAGES, LOSSES, and CAUSES OF activity (WHETHER IN WARRANTY, CONTRACT, TORT (INCLUDING, but NOT restricted TO, NEGLIGENCE, OR OTHERWISE), INFRINGEMENT OF pundit PROPERTY RIGHTS, strict LIABILITY OR other LEGAL THEORY) EXCEED THE AMOUNT paid (WHICH may BE NOTHING) by YOU to US, IF ANY, because that ACCESSING THIS SITE. Friend KNOWINGLY and also FREELY ASSUME all RISK once USING THE WEBSITE and SERVICES. YOU, ON instead of OF YOURSELF, YOUR an individual REPRESENTATIVES and YOUR HEIRS, HEREBY VOLUNTARILY AGREE to RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, organize HARMLESS, DEFEND and INDEMNIFY US and also OUR OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, AFFILIATES, REPRESENTATIVES, SUBLICENSEES, SUCCESSORS, and also ASSIGNS (COLLECTIVELY, THE "EDGE BIOACTIVES PARTIES") native ANY and ALL CLAIMS, plot OR LOSSES for BODILY INJURY, residential property DAMAGE, WRONGFUL DEATH, emotional DISTRESS, ns OF PRIVACY OR various other DAMAGES OR HARM, even if it is TO friend OR TO 3rd PARTIES, i m sorry MAY an outcome FROM YOUR use OF THE WEBSITE and SERVICES.


YOUR responsibility FOR lose OR DAMAGE; back-up OF DATA you AGREE that YOUR use OF THE WEBSITE and SERVICES IS at YOUR single RISK. YOU will certainly NOT organize US OR our LICENSORS and SUPPLIERS, together APPLICABLE, RESPONSIBLE FOR any kind of LOSS OR damages THAT outcomes FROM YOUR accessibility TO OR usage OF THE WEBSITE, consisting of WITHOUT LIMITATION any type of LOSS OR damages TO any kind of OF YOUR computer systems OR DATA. THE INFORMATION and also SERVICES might CONTAIN BUGS, VIRUSES, ERRORS, problems OR various other LIMITATIONS. IMPORTANTLY, friend HEREBY recognize THAT A CATASTROPHIC DISK fail OR OTHER event COULD an outcome IN THE ns OF every one of THE DATA regarded YOUR ACCOUNT. You AGREE and also UNDERSTAND that IT IS YOUR duty TO backup YOUR DATA to YOUR personal COMPUTER OR exterior STORAGE device AND come ENSURE such BACKUPS space SECURE.


You agree that you will, at all times, carry out true, accurate, current, and also complete details when submitting info or products on this Site, including, there is no limitation, when you administer information via a site registration or submission form. If you carry out any false, inaccurate, untrue, or incomplete information, edge Bioactives to make reservation the right to terminate immediately your accessibility to and use of this Site. In addition, girlfriend agree the you will not make any type of transmission or submission to this site that violates any kind of laws or regulation or infringes or violates the civil liberties of any kind of person or entity. By making interactions or submitting information, success stories, testimonials, feedback, and/or photographs (collectively, "Submissions") to conversation rooms, article or discussion boards or various other forums, such together success stories or testimonials, or in contests or the like, girlfriend agree that such submission is not confidential for every purposes and we shall not be responsible for any use or disclosure of any such Submissions by united state or others. If girlfriend make any kind of such Submission, you immediately grant (or warrant that the owner the such content has specifically granted) edge Bioactives a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, world-wide nonexclusive patent to use, reproduce, create derivative functions from, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute, perform, and also display the entry (including without limitation your photo or likeness) in any kind of media or medium, or any type of form, format, or forum now well-known or hereafter developed and also waive any and all ethical rights in the Submissions. Edge Bioactives might sublicense its civil liberties through many tiers of sublicenses.


The procedure of specific portions that this Site may require the submission, use, and/or circulation of various personal identifying information around you. Please view Edge Bioactives Privacy policy for a summary of edge Bioactives an individual identifying info collection and also use practices. Girlfriend are entirely responsible for preserving the confidentiality of her password and also account and also for all tasks that take place under her account. You agree not to use an additional user"s username and also password. You will immediately notify leaf Bioactives if friend become aware of any type of loss or theft of her password or any unauthorized use of your username and password. Sheet Bioactives to make reservation the appropriate to delete or readjust a username or password at any type of time and also for any kind of reason. By utilizing the Website, girlfriend consent to the collection and also use of particular information about you, as stated in the Privacy Policy. Sheet Bioactives motivates users the the Website to frequently inspect Edge Bioactives Privacy plan for changes.


By registering v the Website, you thereby consent come receive routine email communications regarding the Services, brand-new product offers, promotions and other matters.


If you take part in a chat area, article or discussion board, forum, or e-mail role from this site or submit your success story or testimonial for publishing on our website ("Public Areas") friend are exclusively responsible for your own communications, the aftermath of posting those communications, and your reliance on any kind of communications uncovered in the general public Areas. Sheet Bioactives is no responsible because that the consequences of any communications in the general public Areas. In instances where you feel intimidated or think someone rather is in danger, you should contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. If friend think girlfriend may have actually a clinical emergency, speak to your medical professional or 911 immediately. Please save in mind that whenever you provide out personal information virtual for example, via message boards or chat areas on this website that information have the right to be gathered and used by people you don"t know. While leaf Bioactives strives to safeguard your personal information and also privacy, we cannot guarantee the protection of any information girlfriend disclose online; you make such disclosures in ~ your own risk. Although edge Bioactives may from time to time screen or evaluation discussions, chats, postings, transmissions, bulletin boards, and also the like on this Site, sheet Bioactives is under no duty to perform so and also assumes no responsibility or liability emerging from such products nor for any type of error, defamation, libel, slander, omission, falsehood, obscenity, pornography, profanity, danger, or inaccuracy included in any type of such materials on this Site. You agree the if friend use any type of Public Areas, you must not: violate any local, state, nationwide or worldwide laws; defame, abuse, harass or threaten others; make any bigoted, hateful or racially offensive statements; advocate illegal activity or discuss illegal activities with the will to go them; short article or distribute any kind of material the infringes and/or violates any type of intellectual home right of rather or the privacy or publicity legal rights of others; write-up or distribute any unlawful, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, hateful, discourteous, derogatory, or indecent language or photos or product that is ashamed to any type of other human or entity; advertising or sell to or solicit others; usage the Public areas for commercial functions of any type of kind; article or distribute any kind of software or other materials which save on computer a virus or various other harmful component; post material or make statements that do not normally pertain come the designated subject or layout of any type of chat room or bulletin board; impersonate one more person or post or transmit information anonymously or under a false name; collection information around others, including email addresses, without your consent; write-up chain letter or pyramid schemes; permit any other human being or reality to usage your account or to know for any purpose whatsoever, consisting of posting or viewing comments; ~ receiving a warning, continue to disrupt the normal flow of conversation in any type of Public Area; post the very same note more than as soon as or "spamming"; engage in any other conduct that restricts or inhibits any type of other human being from utilizing or enjoying the Site, or which in the judgment of leaf Bioactives exposes edge Bioactives or any of that is customers, licensors, or service providers to any liability or detriment of any type. Sheet Bioactives does not and cannot evaluation all communications and materials post or uploaded to this Site and is not responsible for the content of these interactions or materials. However, us reserve the appropriate (but no the obligation) come monitor this Public Areas and to refuse to post, eliminate or edit content from any kind of of these areas at any type of time and also for any reason. In addition, we reserve the right to take it any action we think essential to enforce compliance through your agreement or to protect the personal safety of our individuals or the public, consisting of recording conversation in public conversation rooms and terminating a users access to the Public locations or the Site. Edge Bioactives has no liability or duty to user"s that this site or any type of other person or entity for performance or nonperformance of any such activities.


Actual or check unauthorized use of this website may an outcome in criminal and/or civil prosecution, including, there is no limitation, penalty under the computer Fraud and also Abuse action of 1986 under U.S. Commonwealth law. Edge Bioactives make reservation the best to view, monitor, and record activity on this website without an alert or permission from you. Any kind of information acquired by monitoring, reviewing, or record is subject to review by legislation enforcement institutions in connection with investigation or prosecution of feasible criminal task on the Site. Leaf Bioactives will additionally comply v all court orders involving requests for such information. In enhancement to the foregoing, leaf Bioactives make reservation the ideal to, at any type of time and without notice, modify, suspend, terminate, or interrupt operation of or access to the Site, or any part of this website in bespeak to defend the Site, leaf Bioactives or edge Bioactives business. In link with your use of the Services, You might be forced to finish a it is registered form. Friend represent and also warrant that all user information you carry out on the registration kind or otherwise in link with your use of the Website and Services will be current, complete and accurate, and also that girlfriend will update that info as necessary to keep its completeness and also accuracy through visiting your personal profile. For added information, see the section concerning "User ability to Access, Update, and Correct personal Information" in our Privacy Policy. Girlfriend may likewise be asked to provide a user name and also password in connection with your usage of particular of the Services. Girlfriend are totally responsible for preserving the confidentiality of your password. You may not usage the account, user name, or password of any kind of other member at any time. Girlfriend agree to educate us instantly of any type of unauthorized use of her account, user name, or password. Leaf Bioactives shall no be liable for any loss the you incur as a result of who else using your password, either with or without her knowledge. You may be held liable for any type of losses occurs by leaf Bioactives, the affiliates, officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, and representatives due to someone else"s use of your account or password.

LINKS TO various other SITES


Third Party Provider content is the pundit property that the provider. Any copying, republications or redistribution that content, including, however not minimal to, through caching, framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited there is no the prior composed consent that Provider. 3rd Party Provider shall no be responsible for any errors or delays in content, or because that any action taken in reliance thereon. Similarly we have not reviewed and cannot control all of the material, including computer software or other goods or services made easily accessible on or v third-party websites. Accordingly, we carry out not represent, warrant or endorse any kind of third-party website, or the accuracy, currency content, fitness, lawfulness, or quality of the details material, goods, or services available through third-party websites. Us disclaim and you agree to assume every responsibility and liability for any type of damages or various other harm, whether to you or to third parties, result from your usage of third-party websites.


These Terms and also Conditions will take effect at the time you click "SUBMIT ORDER", register, respond come a inquiry for information, and/or begin downloading, accessing, or utilizing this Site, whichever is earliest. Edge Bioactives make reservation the appropriate at any kind of time and for any reason to deny you accessibility to this website or come any section thereof in stimulate to safeguard its name and also goodwill, the business, and/or other users, and also Edge Bioactives shall have actually the ideal to immediately terminate a user"s account in the event of any kind of conduct by a user which leaf Bioactives in its sole discretion, considers to it is in unacceptable, or in the event of any breach by a user of this Terms and Conditions. Discontinuation will be effective without notice. Friend may also terminate this Terms and also Conditions at any type of time by ceasing to use the Site, but all applicable provisions of this Terms and also Conditions will survive termination, as established below. Top top termination, girlfriend must ruin all copies of any type of aspect that this website in her possession. The provisions worrying Edge Bioactives proprietary rights, Submissions, indemnity, disclaimers that warranty and also liability, admissibility of these Terms and Conditions, and also governing law will endure the termination of these Terms and also Conditions for any type of reason.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold sheet Bioactives and also its affiliates and also their respective officers, directors, owners, agents, information providers, affiliates, licensors and licensees (collectively, the "Indemnified Parties") harmless indigenous and versus any and all claims, demands, liabilities, expenses and/or costs whatsoever (including there is no limitation reasonable legitimate fees disbursements) emerging out of or resulting, straight or indirectly, from: (a) her breach of these Terms and also Conditions; (b) your access to or usage of this website or any website to which this website is or may be attached from time to time; (c) your use of, dependence on, or publication, interaction or circulation of noþeles on or from this Site; and/or (d) her violation of any type of law, dominance or regulation. Girlfriend shall use your ideal efforts to cooperate with us in the defense of any claim. We reserve the right, at our very own expense, to assume the to exclude, defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you.


You represent and warrant the your usage of the Website and also Services will be in accordance v this Agreement and also any other Edge Bioactives policies, and also with any type of applicable legislations or regulations.


You recognize that any breach, endangered or actual, of these Terms and Conditions will cause irreparable injury to Edge Bioactives such injury would certainly not it is in quantifiable in monetary damages, and Edge Bioactives would not have an sufficient remedy at law. You because of this agree the Edge Bioactives shall be entitled, in enhancement to other available remedies, to seek and also be awarded an injunction or other proper equitable relief from a court of competent jurisdiction restraining any kind of breach, intimidated or actual, of your obligations under any provision of these Terms and also Conditions. Accordingly, friend hereby waive any requirement the Edge Bioactives post any type of bond or various other security in the event any injunctive or equitable relief is sought by or awarded come Edge Bioactives to enforce any type of provision of this Terms and also Conditions.

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