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Warning triangles, flares, a vehicle"s peril lights, or emergency vehicles ahead, room all ideas that you can be pull close ______________________.

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A.) A parade ceremonyB.) A funeral processionC.) A railroad crossingD.) A collision scene
when you hear or view the warning signal of any kind of emergency vehicle, you must ________________.A.) continue to be in the facility of the laneB.) pull over to closest leaf of the roadC.) rate up and also get out of the way
once you watch an emergency auto with flashing lamp behind you, friend should:A.) stop and don"t move. You"ll cause much more accidents if you try to obtain out that the way .B.) save going regardless of traffic signals since they have to keep moving.C.) yield by pulling to the side and stopping till they pass and don"t block intersections.D.) obey website traffic signals as usual. They can wait
You should __________ every emergency vehicles making use of a siren or flashing lights.A.) honk to make her position recognized toB.) followC.) yield the right-of-way toD.) drive around
The gravel or paved crossovers in the medians of part expressways __________A.) have the right to be provided to do a U-turn if you miss out on your exit.B.) deserve to be provided to turn ago on an interstate under particular special circumstances.C.) are just for usage by police and emergency vehicles.D.) no one of the above
once is a wrecker thought about to it is in an emergency vehicle?A.) when they performing a recovery along a roadwayB.) when their amber light is rotating or onC.) as soon as they are loading along a roadwayD.) all of the rwcchristchurchappeal.com are correct
All of the rwcchristchurchappeal.com space correctHINT: Emergency vehicles incorporate wreckers that room displaying their amber rotating flashing lights and also performing a restore or loading ~ above a roadside.
when you have actually stopped because that an emergency vehicle, stay stopped till the emergency auto has passed.
as soon as passing a stopped emergency auto that has actually lights caused on a two-lane roadway with 40 mph speed limit, girlfriend must reduce your rate to:A.) 15 mphB.) 10 mphC.) 25 mphD.) 20 mph
it is illegal to have __________ emergency lamp on your vehicle.A.) Red and also blueB.) Green and yellowC.) Red and also yellowD.) Green and also blue
Original: https://rwcchristchurchappeal.com/2015/09/when-you-see-emergency-vehicle.html Which form of vehicle listed below is taken into consideration an emergency car under Florida’s move Over Law?A.) regulation EnforcementB.) Wrecker/Tow TruckC.) Fire/rescueD.) all of the above
The move Over Law applies not only to police and also fire vehicles but likewise to ___________ A.) tow trucks.B.) sanitation and utility vehicles.C.) Both A and also B
In Florida, drivers are compelled to adjust lanes in the visibility of emergency vehicles.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
Florida"s "Move Over" legislation requires drivers to move over or slow down includes tow van that are working through the side of the roadway.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
Under Florida"s move Over law, you need to slow to 5 mph when passing an emergency vehicle if the posted speed limit is under __________ mph.Correct Answer: D. 20 Under Florida"s move Over law, if the posted rate limit is under 20 mph, you have to slow to __________mph as soon as passing an emergency vehicle.A.) 20B.) 15C.) 10D.) 5
If an emergency car is parked follow me the edge of the roadway with emergency lamp flashing drivers must relocate over as soon as safely feasible if the road has two or an ext lanes walk in the very same direction. If it is not safe to relocate over or if top top a two lane road with a rate limit that 25 mph or higher, sluggish to 20mph below the rate limit.
Florida"s "Move Over" legislation requires vehicles to relocate over right into the opposite roadway or to slow when encountering __________ on the side of the road.A.) emergency vehiclesB.) sanitation vehiclesC.) utility vehiclesD.) every one of the above
The driver approaching the emergency automobile in this photo must __________ A.) leave the lane closest come the emergency vehicle, as shortly as that is safe to execute so.B.) stop before approaching the emergency vehicle.C.) keep speed yet be all set to slow.D.) none of the above
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