As the sun begins to peek over the hills surrounding hope Valley, Elizabeth and also Charlotte are making their way back into town. An early riser, Charlotte’s encouraged Elizabeth come accompany she to pick berries for their hearty country breakfast. Together they enter the outskirts of town, Jack, who’s just getting earlier from his early morning patrol, pulls up next to them. Elizabeth invites that to join them because that breakfast but the assumed of one more of his mother’s lard-filled meals is not part of his morning routine.

On his means back with town, Jack overcome by the new infirmary. The walks in and finds faith treating a bad wounded man. The male is Roy, Edith’s husband and also one that the neighborhood settlers. He speak Jack that a mudslide to win the Silverton mine and many the the miners were injured. Jack instantly heads out and gathers as plenty of of the males as he have the right to for a rescue mission come the mine. As word the the tragedy spreads with town, homes start to empty as the townsfolk start to carry out anything that might be of help. Confidence hurries off to collection up one extra infirmary at the school and once the gives are loaded, the males ride off to the mine.

At the schoolhouse, Elizabeth shuffles her class outside together the women carry in supplies to treat the wounded miners. Leaving Rosemary behind as a substitute teacher, Elizabeth is going to speak to the youngsters at the settlement around the accident. The kids of hope Valley are worried around the injured guys and about the damage the flood might cause. Elizabeth assures them that their house will it is in fine and that constable Thornton will perform his ideal to aid all the men at the mine.

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Meanwhile, just exterior of town, Bill proceeds his find for Nora and also Henry. Together he rides under the south road he hears Nora screaming up ahead. That comes roughly a curve in the road and finds Henry’s car, empty and also stopped in ~ the top of a ravine. At the bottom of the ravine he finds Nora, muddy and also disheveled, sitting next to the unconscious Henry Gowen. Nora yells that she can’t relocate Henry by herself and Bill instantly scrambles down help.

top top the rain soaked trail leading right into the mine, the wagon train that supplies and also men finally arrives. In ~ the entrance to the mine, injured guys lie scattered. Few of the guys are buried in the mud, while still others space trapped within the mine. The males from expect Valley instantly spring right into action, treating the injured and also clearing the rubble.

At the settlement, Abigail and also Elizabeth arrive to provide the dreaded news. The ladies gather around to listen news that the catastrophe at the mine. Edith is relieved the Roy is safe, but many of the various other women are left to worry around the fate of your loved ones. Nearby Elizabeth breaks the news to the children. She does her ideal to describe the situation and also lets them understand that they space doing whatever they have the right to to rescue the men.

When Abigail and Elizabeth return to the café later on that day, castle find an entire room that napping children. The hope Valley children never take it naps for Elizabeth and she and also Abigail space thoroughly impressed that Rosemary was able to pull that off. Rosemary describes that they had run the end of things to do and that the youngsters were obtaining “difficult.” She had no option however to bribe them by informing them if castle were good and saw sleep she would carry the circus come town. If she has actually no setup on exactly how she’ll fulfill the promise, the outcomes speak because that themselves.

At the mine, the number of wounded proceeds to pile up. Pastor Hogan sits with a seriously wounded man, who knows the he’s around to die. Jack notices the scene and joins with Frank to comfort him. The dying man wants his son to know exactly how proud he is that him, and also Jack, who knows the man’s son Harper, guarantees to pass follow me the message. The male grasps Frank’s hand and within a couple of moments, that is gone. Frank take away a deep breath before covering the body and also bowing his head in prayer.

At the hospital in Union City, Jack emerges to talk to Nora. Nora many thanks Bill for coming come the rescue yet Henry’s condition is tho touch and go. Bill sits her down and also asks why she left. She describes that both she and Henry want a new start. She is quiet unsure as to why Henry remained in such a hurry yet she to know something to be wrong through him. Invoice can’t remain with Nora however; the overwhelming is rumored to have actually damaged the area where Lucy Benson, the daughter the Bill’s girlfriend Carl, lives by herself.

Night falls on the mine when all the males have ultimately been accounted for. Two men are dead and also a pair dozen much more are injured. Through so numerous injured, moving them under the treacherous roads at night is impossible. Jack decides to wait until sunup come attempt moving the guys to safety. In the meantime, he sends Jesse back to Hope sink to call the city to prepare because that the injured first thing in the morning. Together Jesse provides his means down the trail that sees a big logjam forming in the river. The swollen stream strains against the barrier, a dam do by nature that will lug unspeakable damages downstream as soon as it finally breaks. Jesse wastes no time and spurs his steed onward.


When Jesse arrives in town, he warns everyone that as soon as the logjam breaks, the tide will ruin the settlement. Abigail realizes they cannot wait because that the men to assist evacuate. The women break off and also begin prepare the city to take it in even an ext people. When Abigail instructs Clara to prepare the café she points the end that with the miners, their families, the settlers and the townsfolk, it is unlikely they will certainly have sufficient food to go around. Rosemary then provides to donate the food for her reception to help feed the evacuees. Her generous act is a welcome beam of sunshine come the dismal situation.

As the sun rises at the mine, Jack, Frank and also Lee prepare to relocate all the miners earlier to expect Valley. As they complete loading the men, Jesse come to warn them around the logjam. Jack instructs Frank to move conveniently to acquire the males to hope Valley as he rides off to the settlement.

At the settlement, pandemonium sets in with the news of the impending disaster. Abigail and Elizabeth perform their best to store order together the inhabitants scramble come grab your possessions and board the wagons. Sitting alone in she tent, Mrs. McCormick sit stoically, refusing to budge. She’s been a widow for twenty years and in her old age, has determined that, “If the great Lord wants to take it me, that"s all ideal by me.” Abigail tries come sympathize and also tells Mrs. McCormick that she’s likewise a widow and also still found a reason to save living. Mrs. McCormick tho refuses to budge so Abigail take away a different tone. She speak Mrs. McCormick, “You get yourself into one that those wagons appropriate this immediate or I"m gonna pick you up and also toss friend in over there myself, rocking chair and all.” Mrs. McCormick grumbles at Abigail before trudging off into one the the wagons.

As the settlers ultimately prepare come leave, among the children alerts Elizabeth that Maggie, the little girl Opal provided Brownie to, is missing. Maggie left Brownie close to the pine tree tree by the river and also has run off to find him. As Elizabeth operation to uncover Maggie, Jack come on horseback. Elizabeth tells Jack the Maggie is missing and automatically he rides turn off to discover her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and also Abigail jump onto the wagons and also head off v the settlers, to expect Valley.

Along the river, Jack no hope searches for little Maggie. On the other side the the riverbank Jack clues the small girl and tells she to stay placed while he comes over to acquire her. Just then the logjam starts to buckle and also Jack’s steed bucks him come the ground. Jack hits his head and also rolls, unconscious, right into the riverbed. Maggie have the right to only stand and also watch in horror as the raging river overtakes the dam and washes Jack’s type away.

Back in town, the wagon v the miners has lastly arrived. As Abigail helps the children from the wagons, she sees Frank talk with one of the settlers and her son. She instantly to know what’s happened and also runs come console the widow and her son. At the same time the miners and also settlers get comfortable and also Elizabeth realizes the Jack is nowhere to it is in found. Just then a rider mirrors up transporting Maggie, safe and sound. Elizabeth runs to her and also asks if she’s seen Constable Thorton. Maggie tells Elizabeth the the water take it him away. Terrified Elizabeth instantly grabs a horse and heads the end to search for Jack.

Down along the flow Elizabeth and the find party start scouring the area searching for Jack. Together the men shout his name, Elizabeth comes throughout Jack’s unconscious body, clinging to a log on the bank of the river. Frank runs to she side and checks Jack for a pulse. He’s still alive however only barely. The other men rush to the area and pull Jack’s limp human body from the river.

Upstairs at the café, belief tends to Jack’s wounds. Faith tells Elizabeth that Jack wouldn’t have lasted lot longer had she not uncovered him. But, if Jack shows up to only a few bumps and also bruises, his fingernails room blue, very early sign that pneumonia. As confidence heads off to tend to the hurt miners, Elizabeth stops her and also tells her that she’s glad the she’s in hope Valley. Belief fights through the emotions and also tells Elizabeth the she’s below if Elizabeth needs anything. Abigail states that she, Elizabeth, and also Charlotte have the right to take transforms sitting v Jack. Elizabeth calmly speak her the she will continue to be with him because that as lengthy as that takes. Charlotte stand behind her and also softly says that that she would choose to remain too. Elizabeth agrees and the 2 women take their place at Jack’s side.

Back at the café, Abigail was standing alone at the ago digesting whatever that’s happened. Open minded enters and also asks just how Jack is doing. Terrified in ~ his prospects, Abigail tells Frank that Jack has pneumonia. Frank assures her that a young man like Jack have the right to recover. Overwhelmed, she tearfully tells Frank that she can’t imagine something bad happening come Jack. Candid comforts her, informing her they will certainly take it someday at a time. They look at every other and also instantly know they room thinking the exact same thought. Later that night they will gather the town for a prayer vigil external the café.

In the makeshift shelter in the saloon, Mr. Jenkins, the financial institution manager, sees bill Avery throughout the room. Jenkins goes to him and asks about Gowen’s problem after the accident. When Jack speak him the Gowen’s problem is still grave, Mr. Jenkins reveals the he is unsure if he have to alert the city council about the missing money. Bill suggests that the town has actually suffered enough and that possibly the issue of the missing money be left for another day. Mr. Jenkins nods and also quickly moves on.

Downstairs at the café, Charlotte sits silently contemplating the situation. Abigail comes downstairs to prepare part tea to take to Elizabeth. Charlotte admits the she’s not certain who they need to be more worried about, Jack or Elizabeth. Sadly, both women know how tough it is to lose a spouse and also they know all as well well what Elizabeth feels. Dealing with the death of her son, Abigail reminds Charlotte that it’s ok to cry. Fighting back tears Charlotte tells Abigail, “Crying doesn"t carry out anyone any good.” She climate takes the tea and also heads earlier upstairs to proceed her watch.


As the sunlight falls below the mountains, the townsfolk gather external the café, candles in hand, to pray because that Jack’s recovery. Charlotte was standing alone, stoic, acquisition it every in. She eyes scan the crowd and also meet Abigail"s. The solemn moment in between two mothers is damaged when tears begin to stream down Charlotte"s face. Abigail crosses to her and also they stand together, looking upward. Frank move to the front and also begins to lead the town in prayer.

Upstairs, Elizabeth looks the end at the vigil listed below her. Together everyone prays, she talks with the tho unconscious Jack. She reminds that of their brand-new Year’s resolution, “To be patient, to it is in kind, no to rush, but to take their time.” together she recites the words, Jack’s eyes begin to flutter and also he mumbles, “not to take too much time.” he then opens his eyes and smiles at Elizabeth. Conquer with happiness Elizabeth hugs and kisses him, skip his bruises and other injuries. She recovers herself and through the tears says, “Hi.’ Jack smiles and also the two shares a soft and tender kiss.


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In the weeks after the disaster Jack totally recovers from his injuries. While Jack recuperated, Elizabeth perfect her first manuscript and sent it turn off to half a dozen publishers. Charlotte insisted on continuing to be in Hope sink to prepare all of Jack’s favourite meals and many of the settlers relocated to greater ground. And Rosemary realized the a basic wedding to the guy she loves was every she yes, really needed. Without the fancy dresses or the food, everyone gathers for Lee and also Rosemary’s wedding. As the bridal party prepares to head to the church, Charlotte speak Elizabeth that she’s happy the Jack has discovered someone who loves that as lot as his mother. She only has one inquiry of Elizabeth; that she teaches Charlotte her recipe for shepherds pie…minus the lard.