The rumor mill is functioning on overdrive in coal Valley. Amongst the hottest object making ring is the potential exit of Elizabeth Thatcher. The rumor has also made its method to the ears of Jack Thornton. Emotionally overwhelmed, Jack musters the stamin to confront Elizabeth and ask if she is yes, really accepting the teaching job ago East. Elizabeth does not deny that she’s been available the position, yet she likewise challenges Jack to challenge his feeling, not just for her, but for Rosemary together well. Jack agrees come take some time to think about his true feelings, but he seems an ext convinced than ever before that Elizabeth has caught his heart.

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Meanwhile, the investigation right into the fatal mine catastrophe is heater up. If gathering evidence in the destroyed mineshaft, bill is struck by masking assailants. His injuries space not life threatening yet the message has plainly been sent. The assault sends Mountie Jack right into the darkness to try and discover the culprits. If Jack is trying to find the assailants, Rosemary searches the jail for Jack. Once she doesn’t discover him, she decides to take it a look in ~ some an individual items Jack has actually left lying on a table. In a ridge of papers Rosemary find a drawing of Elizabeth. Sensing an chance to win at she rival, Rosemary defaces the image prior to throwing it into the trash. Later, Jack returns not successful from his search. Together he rides back into town he find Elizabeth sitting external looking into the distance. If she cases that she’s trying to find Haley’s comet, it’s obvious that Elizabeth’s true motive is her problem for Jack.


concern for the future of the city has motivated the mine disaster"s lone survivor, Mr. Miller, to propose a bold plan to rebuild the church and the schoolhouse. During a town meeting, Mr. Miller acknowledges that he can no longer work in the mine, however he is confident that his skills with a hammer will enable him to lead the rebuilding that these vital institutions. Also Mr. Gowen agrees, yet funding seems to it is in an issue. If the townsfolk room struggling to do ends meet, Mr. Gowen says that the company could foot the bill, but for the pending investigation. Mr. Gowen additionally suggests the Bill’s judgment may be clouded because of his “friendship” v Abigail. As soon as Elizabeth involves Abigail’s defense, Gowen says that her replacement would better suited to connect in the debate. Having actually heard the rumor the Elizabeth would be leaving, Gowen properly silences Elizabeth together a support of Abigail. The announcement also sends shockwaves with the parents and also students in attendance. The only person who seems remotely pleasure is Rosemary, that cracks a wry laugh as she watches Elizabeth twisted in the wind.


Despite her efforts however, Rosemary achieves tiny in the means of winning Jack’s heart. The final act comes in the saloon where, if holding court, Rosemary plays the song that was playing once Jack proposed to her. Yet instead of pass Jack back to her, the power pushes him end the edge. Jack ultimately confronts Rosemary over his feelings about her and also Elizabeth. Saying the her arriving in charcoal Valley has actually brought back old feelings, Jack also has pertained to realize the his connection with Elizabeth is the relationship he desires to pursue.


Meanwhile, throughout the following town meeting, Mr. Müller reveals that an cotton donor has actually helped raise the money because that the church and schoolhouse. Dotty, the mayor’s wife, assumes that Mr. Gowen is the gracious benefactor and quickly rises to give him praise. Mr. Miller quickly dashes the idea saying the it’s no Mr. Gowen. That then said that Elizabeth’s dad is the donor, however Elizabeth responds saying it’s no her father. Elizabeth then argues that the donor is a very generous human with fewer resources than she father. Together she looks at Jack that become apparent that the is the donor. The townsfolk then involved the realization that Jack donated his entire reward because that the capture of the Tolliver gang to the rebuilding the the church and school. When the townsfolk celebrate Gowen takes one more opportunity come make another move against Abigail and the pending investigation. Gowen and also the agency lawyer release papers that implicate she late husband in the mine disaster. Gowen accuses Mr. Stanton of being reckless and also says the he was deeply in debt causing him to make deadly decisions. Abigail is ravaged as the townsfolk look on in horror. Later, in the café, Abigail reveals come Elizabeth the Noah wanted to start his own business and also that his desire may have actually caused the to perform something reckless.


The following morning Elizabeth is to run late to school. As soon as she enters, Elizabeth is shocked come find every one of her students in their seats awaiting her. The students phone call Elizabeth cap they want to gain into class prior to her for this reason they might do something to display how much they love her. Top top the chalkboard they write a poem from their first week together. The students shower head her with gifts, consisting of a snapshot of Haley’s comet and also a card from the entire class reading “You lugged Sunshine come our Lives.” conquer with emotion, Elizabeth reveals the she’s determined not to leave Coal Valley. Gabe does ask if she’s continuing to be for the student or for Mountie Jack. Elizabeth smiles and responds informing Gabe that’s an inappropriate question. The college student laugh and also exclaim that it’s Mountie Jack. The entire course runs to Elizabeth and adopt her expressing their delight that she won’t be leave them.

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Later the day Jack escorts Abigail to the stagecoach come welcome ar Judge Black. During the to walk Abigail remarks that the day carries hope in the air. As the stagecoach traction up Judge black disembarks. Together Judge black greets Abigail and Jack, Abigail remarks that she and the other widows have actually waited a lengthy time for their day in court. Judge black color responds saying that day is right here now however that he can not promise that they will prefer the results. Shortly after invoice arrives come greet judge Black. The two men are clearly old acquaintances with the judge even mocking bill over an old and apparently questioned poker game. Judge black color asks because that a angry list, i m sorry Abigail instantly runs to fetch native Bill"s room, and also announces the the psychological will start at eight sharp. As Judge black heads come the saloon a man rides up brandishing a gun and yelling the it’s time because that the referee to meet his maker. V one fast move Judge black color flings his saddle right into the riders chest, knocking him from his horse. The driver is the small brother the a male recently convicted by judge Black. The referee orders Jack come arrest the and add his surname to the docket.

Although the attempt is looming, Elizabeth’s decision to stay in Coal sink is of an excellent relief to many of the townsfolk. Possibly no one is more relieved the Jack. After ~ struggling to uncover the words and come come terms through his feelings, the assumed of shedding her has lastly caused that to do his move. Later on in the afternoon Jack appears in the saloon and also asks Elizabeth to take a walk through him. She asks if there is a factor for the walk and Jack assures her that there is. Top top the walk Jack existing Elizabeth with a gift, a hand drawn photo of her and Jack. Jack then opens his soul saying that it’s still tough for the to disclose his heart, yet the picture will convey what he feels. As asked, Jack states he has actually taken the moment to think long and hard around his partnership with Elizabeth. ~ considering his true feelings that keeps coming back to the exact same conclusion; that she is the one and also only human he wants to be with. Jack asks her no to leave. Elizabeth smiles and also says the she isn’t going anywhere and that this is whereby she belongs. Jack gently holds her hand and they re-superstructure a warm and also tender kiss.