It"s no an enig that Walmart is king as soon as it involves grocery stores. In terms of sales, it"s not just the biggest grocery chain in the civilization but also the biggest retail firm on Earth, period. And they room everywhere. Walmart operates more than 11,000 areas in 26 countries roughly the world, with almost 5,000 stores right right here in the U.S. In fact, 90 percent of americans live in ~ ten mile of a Walmart. 

The agency says that serves over 265 million customers a week. Chances are, you"re probably one that them, and also you understand what good deals and also "everyday low prices" friend can acquire at Walmart. Yet there is more to the superstore than the thousands of assets you"ll find among the aisles. Girlfriend can additionally get great, fresh commodities at great prices from the Walmart bakery. Keep scrolling for every the keys of the Walmart bakery you"ll great you knew sooner.

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It"s no secret that the Walmart bakery has actually a huge choice of small goods. You can uncover just around any bread your heart desires, no to cite buns, bagels, tortillas, muffins, donuts, and more. And that"s all prior to getting right into dessert. The bakery supplies a complete slate of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, tarts, and much more to fulfill your sweet tooth. 

What you may not recognize is that there space always brand-new treats to discover at the Walmart bakery. Walmart says it added around 60 brand-new bakery items simply in 2015 and also that it proceeds to innovate. The firm is constantly coming up with and also testing out new assets — from a brand-new line that fruit cobblers introduced in 2016 to pumpkin spice and also vanilla latte muffins the hit the shelves in 2018. And also earlier this year, the bakery rolled the end a line of dessert squares, v indulgent flavors like Peanut Butter Brownie and Raspberry Oat. So keep your eye peeled next time you"re strolling the aisles: girlfriend never understand what yummy surprised you might find.

The bakery at Walmart may have a wide-ranging an option of treats to select from, but it"s no sacrificing top quality for quantity. The company works hard to make sure that the produces just the best baked goods and desserts. That starts with intense taste-testing for consistent quality control. Walmart says its bakery assets "go through numerous taste panels to ensure quality" before they ever hit the shelves. 

When it concerns quality baked goods, freshness is a significant key. And also Walmart is almost everywhere that, too, estimating that much more than fifty percent of the bakery items it uses are all set right in the store. Furthermore, the firm says it has actually taken a number of steps to up its bakery game, consisting of hiring bakery technicians to train associates and oversee the to work in every store and also updating procedures to do each bakery operation smoother and also pump the end even much more fresh-baked goods for client every day.

Walmart"s bakery is full of tasty, ready-made creations, but you can likewise get an innovative and have a dessert made simply for you. No issue the occasion, you can"t go wrong with Walmart"s totally customizable alternatives for paper cakes, ring cakes, or even cupcakes. While there aren"t numerous flavors to choose from (white, yellow, chocolate, or marble), there room dozens the frosting color and also design choices, with the alternative to include a message and also notes because that the cake decorator. 

In 2019, Walmart made it even less complicated to custom-order the cake the your dreams with the rollout that its online cake notified system. Fairly than having to go to a physical save to bespeak a cake, customers can now go directly to Walmart"s website to design, personalize, and schedule a cake or cupcake order and also then pick it up in ~ their regional store.

It"s an understatement to say the Walmart provides a most cakes. In fact, the agency estimates that one in every 4 cakes sold in the U.S. Comes from Walmart. To put it an additional way, the firm says it sells sufficient cakes "to one the Earth and also the equator." when you"re pumping out that plenty of custom cake orders, some mistakes room bound come happen. And according come confessions online, the results can be quite hilarious. 

For example, one bakery accidentally misheard one order and also ended up making a cake because that a toddler that stated "Happy date of birth Loser." another employee took things a little bit too literally when a customer stated "I desire nothing ~ above the cake" and wrote "Nothing" ~ above the cake. And also in an additional incident, a Walmart in Texas to be left apologizing after a family reduced into your graduation cake, only to find it to be made the Styrofoam.

Walmart customers have involved expect the company"s day-to-day low price guarantee across the board, yet those who shop the bakery recognize that there are even more hidden ways to conserve at Walmart. You deserve to reportedly get significant discounts ~ above day-old bread, bagels, pastries, and also other baked goods. There is a strategy behind the deals, which room meant to aid stores clean the shelves of enlarge products and also make means for the freshest items every day. 

One food blogger wrote that their neighborhood Walmart marks down the day-old item by 40 percent. For the best an option of marked down small goods, Taste of Home says to examine the bakery very first thing in the morning. Whether you pick up some French bread or yesterday"s poppy particle bagel, a fast zap in the toaster or oven, and also it"s as an excellent as new.

Getting the possibility to smash your tiny little fists, and probably face, right into a sugary, fluffy birthday cake is nearly a rite that passage because that one-year-olds these days. Walmart is entirely behind the tradition, and the bakery offers totally free smash cakes for very first birthday cake orders. They"re usually an beloved miniature version of a signature or custom-made cake order, developed purely for the pleasure of the birthday baby. 

Walmart claims customers can gain a free smash cake "with the acquisition of a distinct order bakery item the is $14.98 or higher," and the quit cakes have the right to be personalized similar to their larger counterparts. Customers can also pick from one of Walmart"s themed very first birthday cakes, like the Lil" Monsters, tropical Fun, or Twinkle Twinkle tiny One, complete with a class of sprinkles and festive stars.

Among the multitude that fresh-baked items to choose from in ~ Walmart, the bakery"s French bread has emerged as a pan favorite. Friend can get your hands on a loaf of this house-baked bread for simply $1.00 in ~ your local Walmart, which will certainly make because that at the very least eight servings. Shoppers say the bakery French bread tastes amazing, has a an excellent crust, and also is best for take it apart. There are additionally Sesame, Garlic Herb, and Everything French bread varieties available, every for simply a buck each. 

You can enjoy this soft and delicious bread in a range of ways — many say it"s perfect because that making sandwiches. Walmart says using it "as a base because that flatbread and also pizza or just toast and also spread with your favourite jelly or jam" or also using that "to make garlic bread and serve v chicken Alfredo and a next salad." So many tasty possibilities, every for pennies top top the dollar.

Around 2015, Walmart partnered up with singer, actress, and entrepreneur Patti LaBelle to develop a practice line of bakery items, consisting of Southern favorites choose banana pudding, peach cobbler, and also pecan pie. The outcomes were much better than expected, largely thanks come one items in particular, the sweet potato pie. Walmart claims this "exclusive recipe combines a tender, flaky crust and creamy filling made with sweet potatoes, butter and also spice." and also the best component is that the entirety pie will collection you back less than $4.

The Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie has become one that the many in demand items in ~ the bakery. This is partly thanks come a viral YouTube video that come out in 2015. Walmart supposedly says that once the video came out, the company was marketing one pie every 2nd for three days. That"s practically $1 million in pie sales in just 72 hours.

We all remember the well known cronut tendency circa 2013. The donut-croissant concoction became an symbol of millennial culture and has collection off a frenzy of mashup innovations because then. One together trendy treat comes directly from the Walmart bakery, and it"s well-known as the Crotilla. This hybrid flatbread is a cross between a flaky croissant and a tortilla, and also they"re baked fresh in shop every day. 

Walmart claims its Crotillas were produced with millennials in mind — convenient, portable and also perfect because that eating top top the go during a busy day. And the possibilities for what you can do through them space endless. Walmart says Crotillas "can be offered for every little thing from breakfast sandwiches come Indian food." Or perhaps try using a Crotilla to do a personal pizza or also turn one right into dessert v some sweet toppings. This snack is practically begging you to obtain creative.

Whether you"re looking to brighten increase the holiday season or just trying to find a sweet, comforting act (no chance necessary!), girlfriend can"t win Walmart"s complete lineup the sweet, decadent, or fruity pies. You really can"t walk wrong no issue which one friend choose, yet the company"s seasonal pumpkin pie in specific is certain to knock her socks off. 

This standard treat native Walmart combines a flaky crust and "the sweet taste of pumpkin with the spicy warm of cinnamon and also nutmeg," every for just $3.98 for a family-sized pie. It additionally happens to be award-winning. Walmart claims that its pumpkin pie has previously winner the blue ribbon in ~ the American Pie Council"s nationwide Pie Championships, an interpretation that the was chosen as number one amongst all the other grocery store brands. Just include a dollop that whipped cream, and also we"re sold.

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Another dessert favorite for countless is a an excellent old-fashioned apologize pie. And Walmart insurance claims that that does this American classic far better than the rest. The bakery offers up fresh-baked to apologize pie invited up with lots of apples, to add a dash that cinnamon, inside a flaky, buttery crust. In fact, The firm says that its family-size apologize pie, made v fresh orchard apples, "contains over 70% fruit, i beg your pardon is 40% much more than the average." 

Walmart calls it "two and also a fifty percent pounds of pure awesomeness," and many customers agree. According to some shoppers, the Walmart bakery to apologize pie is surprisingly outstanding (via Reddit). One said the "crust is probably as close as one can acquire to what we offered to role at home." and in true Walmart style, the apologize pie comes at the low price that $5.94. Every you have to do is warmth it up and also pile on part vanilla ice cream.