Snowboard bindings are an integral piece of a snowboarder’s speak experience. Her bindings space your direct connection to her snowboard, delivering your muscle motions to your board. If her snowboard bindings space well matched to your board and also style, you'll have a much better riding experience.

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It is important to seek snowboard bindings that complement your talk style. Snowboard bindings have the right to fit right into three general style categories. As necessary as it is because that binding flex to complement your format of riding, you should likewise determine the amount of binding flex girlfriend would desire according to the flex of her boot. It would certainly not make feeling to have a stiff binding and a soft boot or evil versa. Because that the ideal results in tailoring your ride to fit your style, make sure that the flex of her bindings matches closely to the flex of her boots.

Park or Freestyle

Riders who spend the bulk of your time in the terrain park laying under tricks are thought about park or freestyle riders. Snowboard bindings in this group generally market a softer flex enabling greater room because that error, much easier landings, and also the capability to tweak grabs.


The all-mountain category includes riders who execute a tiny of everything: powder, groomed runs, park, etc. These bindings usually have actually a medium flex for all-purpose use.


This group is all around the steep and also the deep - powder and also speed on difficult terrain. This bindings have a stiffer flex for better response and energy transfer to the snowboard because that going fast and going big.

Flex Rating

Many manufacturers will provide a number rating ranging from 1-10, 1 being softest and also 10 being stiffest. Below at we have standardized the manufacturers' number ratings to a feeling rating ranging from soft to really stiff. Generally, friend will discover flex ratings the 1-2 as soft, 3-5 together medium, 6-8 together stiff, and 9-10 as very stiff. Flex ratings and feel may at some point vary native binding come binding.


These many common type of snowboard binding. They're easy to use, secure, and also responsive and also have to be the standard for ages. Just slide your foot in, tighten the straps and you're prepared to go.


Rear entry bindings have the right to be identified by the reinforced highback and solitary strap in ~ the toe. The highback of these bindings will certainly pop open, friend slide her foot into the strap and then near the highback onto her boot.


The Burton action On Bindings gain you snowboarding quick. They require the Burton step On boots and permit you to quickly slide her boot in and click her heel into place.

How must Snowboard Bindings Fit my Boots?

Snowboard bindings come in general sizes -Small S/M,Medium M/L, andLarge L/XL. That is crucial to have the ideal size bindings for her boots, so constantly check out the manufacturer’s binding size chart on individual product pages to watch what dimension binding girlfriend need.After consulting the manufacturer’s dimension chart, that is really to inspect that the binding fits your boots. Execute this by placing your boot in your binding together if you were to strap in; the boots shouldn’t cave excessively turn off the bindings, nor must the straps it is in painfully tightened or have actually left end slack. If the strap ladder does not reach the ratchet, it may need to be changed - binding straps typically readjust from both sides in order to facility the strap over your boot. The heel must fit snugly in the binding. A correctly fit binding should allow the boot to flex, but not sway. If you have actually comfortable boots, and also the bindings securely grip your boots v no extra play, climate you have actually a good match.

Binding Compatibility with Snowboards

Just favor snowboards, snowboard bindings come through different alternatives for mounting. There space a selection of mounting alternatives and hole trends on snowboards. Most patterns space compatible v each other, yet it's great to make certain you room not stuck with the dorn set. Luckily, many brands nowadays have actually universal discs or do multiple discs to cover different types of mounting holes, inspect with the manufacturer or our team to make sure that binding will occupational for you.

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Snowboard Mounting Patterns

There space four different snowboard hole trends that girlfriend will discover on traditional snowboards. The fads include: 4x4, 2x4, Burton 3D and Burton Channel. 3D and also Channel an innovation are specific to Burton Snowboards, although part board machines have started liscencing Channel modern technology from Burton. 2x4 is a sport of 4x4 that provides the rider more mounting options.