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Web 2.0 (or company 2.0) is the next generation of net use—a more mature, distinctive communications platform defined by brand-new qualities such together collaboration, sharing, and also free. Service 2.0 urges user participation and also the formation of communities that contribute to the content. In business 2.0, technical skills are no longer forced to use and also publish details to the World broad Web, eliminating entry barriers for online business.

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Content sharing through open up sourcingUser-contributed contentCollaboration inside the organizationCollaboration exterior the organization


(Web 2.0"s characteristics: content sharing through open sourcing)

open system

source code

open source

An open system consists that nonproprietary hardware and software based upon publicly known standards the allow 3rd parties to create add-on commodities to plug into or interoperate v the system. 例)ipod

Source code contains instructions created by a programmer clues the plot to be performed by computer system software.

 Open source refers to any type of software whose resource code is made available free (not on a dues or license basis together in ebusiness) for any third party to review and modify. 



(Web 2.0"s characteristics: User-contributed content)

User-contributed content (or user-generated content)

reputation system

User-contributed content (or user-generated content) is created and also updated by many users for plenty of users. 例)Wikipedia, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, Yelp

One that the most popular forms of user-generated contents is a reputation system, where buyers short article feedback top top sellers. 例)eBay



(Web 2.0"s characteristics: cooperation inside the organization)

collaboration system

collective intelligence



explicit knowledge

tacit knowledge


collaboration system is a collection of tools that supports the job-related of teams or groups by facilitating the sharing and flow of information. Business 2.0"s cooperation mind-set generates more information quicker from a more comprehensive audience. Collective intelligence is collaborating and also tapping right into the core expertise of every employees, partners, and customers. Knowledge can be a actual competitive advantage for an organization. The many common kind of cumulative intelligence found inside the company is knowledge management (KM), which involves capturing, classifying, evaluating, retrieving, and also sharing details assets in a way that provides context for effective decisions and also actions. The main objective of knowledge management is come be certain that a company"s understanding of facts, resources of information, and solutions room readily easily accessible to all employees whenever the is needed. A knowledge administration system (KMS) supports the capturing, organization, and dissemination of knowledge (i.e., know-how) transparent an organization. KMS deserve to distribute one organization"s understanding base through interconnecting people and digitally gathering your expertise.


Explicit knowledge consists of anything that can be documented, archived, and codified, regularly with the assist of IT. Instances of explicit expertise are heritage such together patents, trademarks, business plans, marketing research, and also customer lists.

Tacit(心の中での) knowledge is the knowledge had in people"s heads. The difficulty inherent in tacit understanding is figuring out just how to recognize, generate, share, and also manage knowledge that resides in people"s heads. 


The many common type of collective intelligence found outside the company is crowdsourcing, which describes the wisdom that the crowd. 個人ではなく群れから知識を得る方が効率的(^^

Traditional ebusiness interactions were restricted to face-to-face conversations and also one-way innovations that provided asynchronous(同時に起こらない)communications, or interaction such as email in i m sorry the message and also the solution do not happen at the exact same time. Organization 2.0 brought synchronous (同時に起こる)communication, or communications that take place at the exact same time such together IM or chat.

Social media refers come websites that depend on user participation and user-contributed content, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Digg. A social network is an applications that connects people by matching profile information. Giving individuals with the capability to network is by far one the the greatest benefits of service 2.0. Social networking is the practice of broadening your service and/or society contacts by constructing a personal network. Society networking sites administer two straightforward functions. The first is the capacity to create and also maintain a profile that serves as an online identity within the environment. The second is the capability to produce connections in between other people within the network.

Tags are certain keywords or phrases incorporated into website contents for way of category or taxonomy(分類法). Things can have actually one or more tags connected with it, to allow for many browseable courses through the items, and tags deserve to be changed with minimal effort. Social tagging describes the collaborative task of marking shared online content through keywords or tags together a means to theorem it because that future navigation, filtering, or search. The whole user community is invite to tag, and also thus basically defines, the content. Flickr allows users come upload images and tag castle with suitable keywords. After ~ enough human being have excellent so, the result tag collection will determine images correctly and without bias.

Folksonomy is comparable to taxonomy except that crowdsourcing identify the sign or keyword-based classification system. Using the collective power that a neighborhood to identify and classify content considerably lowers contents categorization costs, since there is no facility nomenclature come learn. Users just create and also apply tags as they wish. For example, while cell phone manufacturers regularly refer to their commodities as mobile devices, the folksonomy can include cell phone phone, wireless phone, smartphone, iPhone, BlackBerry, and so on. Every these keywords, if searched, need to take a user come the very same site. Folksonomies reveal what world truly speak to things. They have been a point of conversation on the web because the whole point of having a website is for her customers to find it. The bulk of websites are found through search terms that enhance the content.

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 Social bookmarking allows individuals to share, organize, search, and manage bookmarks.