A punchline is regularly the most memorable thing about a sitcom and an important element that makes it precious watching. “What’s the difference in between peanut butter and jam” becomes a surprise once it showed up in the fourth season of how I Met your Mother. This punchline is therefore surprising and memorable that it came to be a hot topic immediately after the airing of the episode.

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The punchline appeared when Barney request Lily this question to which Lily replies, umm…, ns don’t know. What’s the difference? Barney didn’t give a reply, however if you knew it, it would certainly reveal everything that made this punchline surprising and also memorable; every little thing that to be funny, dirty, venomous perhaps, and shocking. Why deserve to this apparently an easy and mundane punchline it is in so interesting and surprising? below are the reasons.

It is revealing.

Sitcoms become powerful due to your jokes. And their joke become powerful if their punchline, your main part that delivers their real an interpretation and their mass of humor, is revealing enough to do all the joke funny, sensible, and right. The punchline “what’s the difference between peanut butter and jam” is therefore revealing that once its true definition is revealed, all jokes in the episode end up being so meaningful that the illustration itself becomes among the most exciting How ns Met Your mommy episodes.

It is a truly shocking pun.

Perhaps, the many notable thing about this punchline that provides it shocking and also amusing at the exact same time is the fact that it is a pun. Pun has become a common element for any type of jokes. Back the pun is more homonymic than figurative, the pun that the punchline “what’s the difference in between peanut butter and also jam” have the right to be taken into consideration outrageous enough to do it the ideal punchline in a sitcom. What renders it the best and also the many outrageous pun you ever before see in a sitcom?

It is one annoyingly dirty one.

The pun in the “what’s the difference between peanut butter and also jam” punchline is so dirty that part viewers may see it as gross, inappropriate, or also not funny in ~ all. Once Lily responds come Barney’s riddle through the question around what actually the difference is, no price is given. Apparently, the actual answer because that Lily’s question could be considered so attack that revealing it would certainly be a hazard for the episode’s airing due to the fact that it might violate the censorship restriction.

However, v a basic online search, viewers can immediately discover the real an interpretation of the punchline, the “you can’t pee seed butter your dick up someone’s ass.” The very first part the this punchline is currently considered gross and also offensive because it uses the ax “pee” and also it describes semen together “nut butter.” The “jam” part of the punchline is even more sexist due to the fact that it affirms that rather of peeing her semen in, “you can actually jam your dick in.” A dirty pun like this, which calls for a real wit come decipher, rarely shows up in a sitcom with reasonably mild parental indict rating.

And that provides it a truly good pun.

The beat of words and the dirty definition that the punchline conveys eventually make it a truly an excellent pun. That has whatever that makes it a pun that you will and should never ever forget. When noticing the punchline, you will begin by figuring out the homonymic aspect of the pun. Girlfriend will shot to decipher what every word actually method and to uncover the genuine words concealed in the pun. Once you are mindful of the pun and reveal the covert words, you will be amazed by the figurative facet of the punchline, yet your biggest shock will certainly not take location until friend decode the dirty an interpretation of the punchline. This multi-layered clarification renders the punchline a truly interesting one.

And that provides the illustration an i can not forget one.

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The episode’s story was in reality not an outstanding one. In fact, it could be considered dull and weird, given the obscure reason of the pregnancy and also the fairly insipid storyline. Once the punchline emerged, it provided a real flavor to the entire episode. It could be claimed that if the punchline “what’s the difference in between peanut butter and jam” never showed up in the episode, human being may no be talking about it now.