Come learn about western lowland gorillas, discover what the shrub meat trade is and also learn more about conservation with responsible tourism.

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Project Background

The Fernan-Vaz Gorilla task (FVGP) to be initiated in the year 2000 through the vision the ‘tourism pays for conservation’. The early stage aim to be to boost the high quality of life that 4 gorillas climate living in a study facility in ~ the “Centre international de Recherche Medical” in Franceville, Gabon (CIRMF).

Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Sanctuary

Though the early stage goal to be to transfer them onto an island wherein they might roam free, it shortly became apparent that the life backgrounds of these gorillas, and also the level the adaptation required from life-long captive people to readjust to a larger organic area, walk not allow for a full release ~ above the island the Evengué.

Thus, these gorillas were transferred right into a semi-natural electrified enclosure, therefore the Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Sanctuary. Reintroduction of these gorillas is not possible since they have actually lost their vital survival an abilities and have become totally habituated and dependant on human beings for your survival.

However, they play a really important and special function as conservation ambassadors. With education and responsible tourism, FVGP hopes to add to raising an international awareness on the on-going bush meat crisis that is resulting in the loss of all great Ape types in the wild.

Fernan-Vaz Gorilla rehabilitation & reintroduction programme

The PGFV Rehabilitation Centre was initiated in so late 2006 and also consists of a quarantine basic at Mpando (the PGFV base camp) and of Oriquet Island.





Max Planck Institute

In 2005, the Max Planck academy of Evolutionary sociology in collaboration with Africa’s Eden, initiated a project for habituating wild lowland gorillas and chimpanzees in ~ Loango nationwide Park because that the joint objectives of ecotourism and research.

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Other preservation projects

In enhancement to the conservation tasks together through our partners: Max Planck Institute and the Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Project, Africa’s Eden likewise supports individuals researchers, largely in regards to on-the-ground logistical support and also accommodation. Listed below a couple of examples of supported research by Africa’s Eden.


Africa’s Eden supplies several attractive tourism in Gabon and also Príncipe. From just a weekend in Loango or Roça Belo Monte, as much as 13 days mix tour Gabon-Príncipe. Check out more

Forever Príncipe

Forever Príncipe conservation alliance is part of the Conservation tourism Programme top top the island the Príncipe in the Gulf of Guinea arisen by Africa’s Eden. Read more