Okay, us can’t to speak this is the ultimate secret in One item series, but this is the ultimate secret surrounding the adversary fruits. This topic will never die also after the truth about Blackbeard’s capacity to use two adversary fruits is revealed. Indigenous the minute Blackbeard was first introduced in the series in thing 223, numerous fans currently knew the he will take a big part in the whole story.

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As the story progressed, that became more clear to us what Blackbeard’s duty will be. The orgasm of Blackbeard’s character accumulation was throughout the marineford arc when he surprisingly wielded Whitebeard’s adversary fruit powers. This to be a surprised for everyone since he is the only human being known to ever before wield two adversary fruits. So, allow me comment on briefly how this is possible.


How evil one fruits work

Before us dive right into the Blackbeard next of this mystery, let us an initial try to understand devil fruits. This is command in the discussion since the whole secret about Blackbeard revolves approximately devil fruits. Together we all know, evil one fruits are mystical fruits giving superhuman powers to whoever spend them.

The origin of devil fruits is based upon legends the they are the fruits of the sea devil. Confined in ~ each adversary fruit is the soul of a devil. As soon as a human consumes the fruit, the devil’s spirit will be moved to the person offering him brand-new powers and abilities. The is said that only one person deserve to have the power of the exact same fruit at a time.

Also, a person can only have one devil fruit powers. The principle is that once a devil’s soul is already within a person, it will not welcome an additional devil spirit. There would certainly be an internal dispute so come speak and also the human who spend two adversary fruits would certainly inevitably die. We also learned top top Punk Hazard and Dressrosa, that once a devil fruit user dies, the evil one fruit is reincarnated within a adjacent fruit.

Blackbeard’s capability to extract devil fruit powers

Now let’s talk around Blackbeard. No on his ability to wield two adversary fruits yet, but on his capacity to extract them. We an initial saw this after Whitebeard’s fatality in the Marineford arc. His crew extended Whitebeard’s body v a black fabric where Blackbeard climate entered. Once the fabric was taken, Blackbeard already possessed the gura-gura no mi.

However, this capability does no seem to specifically job-related on Blackbeard alone. In thing 925, we experienced Shiryu of the Rain in possession the the so late Absalom’s evil one fruit power. That is feasible that Teach learned a means to directly extract the adversary fruit spirit prior to it is reincarnated into a adjacent fruit.

I think it is something the anyone deserve to learn come do, that’s why they extended Whitebeard’s body, to keep the an enig to themselves. An proof of this is Blackbeard’s crew’s capacity to take it other’s powers together well. However, the strength user has to be dead before their powers can be taken.


Teach learned more about devil fruits

Okay, let us currently dive into exactly how Blackbeard deserve to have two evil one fruits. It is obvious that that learned something around devil fruits that nobody else to know about. The is no surprising together he invested a great deal of time researching them from the evil one fruit encyclopedia.

His capacity to take evil one fruit strength from a dead human being may it is in surprising. Yet the same have the right to be said around Dr. Vegapunk’s achievement of feeding adversary fruits to inanimate objects. Over there is still so much to learn around devil fruits. Possibly Teach also learned around how to obtain two devil fruits come coexist in one body.

However, there are several instances whereby we cannot simply overlook the reality that Teach’s human body is different.


Blackbeard’s body is the key

When Teach was first introduced in the Skypiea arc, we currently learned the he is no ordinary. ~ his monologue about dreams, Luffy specifically said that Blackbeard is not just one guy. Zoro climate reinforced this as soon as he claimed that over there is much more than one.

We can not play top top the assumption that they were talking about Blackbeard’s crew together they to be not with him at that time. We cannot likewise say for currently that there space two beings living within the body of Teach. However, we can be certain that his body is no normal.

In thing 557, Marco stated that Teach’s body is different. He also told his crew the they should additionally be mindful of it. The then assumed that it may be the reason Teach traction off having actually two evil one fruits. Likewise in chapter 966, Shanks and also Buggy talked around Teach when he did not sleep for 3 days during their fight with the i get it Pirates.

I also have a reason to believe that Marco’s post for Luffy is about Teach’s body and also ability. Probably he knew Luffy and Blackbeard will certainly be facing each other in the future, that’s why the asked Nekomamushi come relay a message as soon as he was in Sphinx.

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