The newest season of American Chopper just premiered — but one familiar challenge won't it is in making a comeback. 

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Cody Connelly left the present in 2007, and over 10 years later, fans room still lacking the motorcycle enthusiast. Cody attended the American Motorcycle Institute and joined Orange county Choppers if he was still in high school. Top top the show, viewers saw Cody's prized bike, The Cody Project, offer at Daytona coast Bike Week throughout the first season of the discovery series. 

He actually left Orange ar Choppers — wherein he worked due to the fact that 2001 — to join OCC co-worker Vinnie DiMartino, who opened up up his own custom shop, V force Customs. However, the was short-lived and also the friends parted way, but not prior to suing Paul Teutul Sr. Because that breach of contract, fraud, and other charges. 

He asserted the company used his brand name on merchandise without his permission, and he accused Paul of not providing him Old school Chopper, which to be gifted to him ~ above the fact show. 


"I to be young and also had no idea what I’d been absent out on and also what I’m licensed has been granted to," he stated in the lawsuit. The instance was worked out in 2011 and all charges were dropped. 

Cody briefly went back to American Chopper, functioning at Paulie Jr.'s shop, PJD tradition shop, even showing up on American Chopper: senior vs. Junior, but that was also a short-lived gig. Today, Cody is working at a utilities firm and not energetic on social media. 

From 2003 to 2012, Vinnie to be a clip on American Chopper till he left to seek his very own business. "I had gone as much as I can there. Ns really didn't have any chance because that advancement, and I had always wanted to have my very own shop, therefore the natural progression to be to leave and start my own place," he defined at the time. "Nothing against them, but it to be time to relocate on."

However, Vinnie rejoined American Chopper in 2010 as part of Paul Jr. Designs will still to run V-Force. 


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Today, Vinnie runs DiMartino Motorsports Automotive and Truck Repair, a garage that services and repairs cars and trucks. Plus, the is a large family man, and also loves spending time through his 4 kids and wife. 

Paul Jr. More than likely doesn't reprimand Vinnie or Cody for leaving the show, and recently opened up about the emphasize of gift on a truth show and working in a motorcycle shop. "Remember, ns was 25 or 26 before the present started. I worked hard in my at an early stage years. The great thing is I’ve obtained a real strong work ethic, yet the bad thing is it was really the end of balance at an early age," he said in an interview. "It’s a family members business and also I functioned every weekend and also every summer. I didn’t go v my friends. And if i did, the was choose the end of the world. My father would make me feel genuine bad around missing a Saturday and sometimes a Sunday. We would work seven job a week a lot. Before I was the end of high school, i was pretty much full-time."