If you’re among his fans or a creator aspiring to reach Markiplier’s level, climate you’ll to understand our intel and check out below some the his equipment that he offers for his gaming setup.

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In today’s article, we’re showcasing the 34th most-popular YouTuber/ influencer Markiplier, and also give you some of the tools that he supplies to movie his videos.

Sony a7R II CameraMirrorless CameraCheck Price
Neewer Camera Ring LightRing LightingCheck Price
Sennheiser HD 598 CsOver-Ear HeadphoneCheck Price
Rode NT1MicrophoneCheck Price
Rode PSA1 ArmSwivel mountain Microphone ArmCheck Price

First, let’s take it a look at camera that Markiplier uses:


1. Markiplier’s Camera: Sony a7R II Camera


Quality = 95%

Affordability = 85%



35mm sensor 42.4MP camera integrated XGA OLED viewfinder Bionz X processing engine Hyper-fast autofocus and also 399-point step detection 5-axis image stabilization Magnesium alloy outer body films in 4K video quality

Also supplied By: jacksepticeye and also FunForLouis

check Price ~ above Amazon

This camera is expensive.

At simply under $2,000 it’s a bit above many first-time vloggers’ price range.

However, if you’ve currently got some traction, experience, and followers under your belt, friend should consider upgrading to a high-quality camera favor the Sony a7R II come ensure the you continue to develop ultra-high-quality contents for her viewers.

This camera has actually the world’s very first back-illuminated CMOS image sensor which rises the camera’s capacity to collect light, broadens the circuitry scale, and also minimizes the noise come increase focus on the photo details.

The photo sensor works inline v the Bionz X processor come output picture data 3.5 times quicker than the note I a7R camera.

The 399-point autofocus mechanism is nothing brief of significant either. That perfect for fast-paced vlogging and can record high-speed videos v razor-sharp clarity.

Although the typical LP vlogger might not need all of these extra features, the end vloggers or those who space constantly filming on-the-go will certainly appreciate it.

2. Markiplier’s Lighting: Neewer Camera Ring Light


Quality = 92%

Affordability = 87%



18-inch ring light totally dimmable 55W, 5500K lumen LED 61-inch tripod stand White and orange color filter tubes warm shoe adapter compatible with many cameras

Used through YouTubers: jacksepticeye, PewDiePie and Jesse Wellens

inspect Price top top Amazon

If girlfriend really desire your vlogs to have a professional appearance and also appeal, then you’ll ultimately want to discover a source of lighting various other than the lamp on your workdesk or the display screen light.

This is particularly true as soon as you’re talking about filming in low-light conditions.

Since Markiplier is nearly always shooting his point-of-view video clip game vlogs in a dimly-lit room, he renders use of this Neewer camera ring irradiate on one everyday basis.

The best thing around this was standing is how an easy and functional that it is. The warm shoe adapter sits best in the center of the ring and also slightly behind the light.

You can then adjust the angle of the ring and use the far to regulate the brightness of the lighting come ensure the you’re setting the perfect mood.

The base version comes through two shade filter pipe (orange and white) which can be placed over the LED’s to develop warmer, an ext natural colors as well.

When she finished, simply disassemble the ring, wrinkles up the tripod, and place the unit in the handy carrying case!

3. Markiplier’s Headphones: Sennheiser HD 598 Cs



Quality = 95%

Affordability = 85%



Over-ear, open-back design fits naturally and also comfortably Padded animal leather headband Velour ear pads for extended comfort Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R) technology SYS 38 transducers because that dynamic, low distortion audio 1.2m 3.5mm cable
examine Price top top Amazon

Sennheiser has long been just one of the most respected names in the music sector when it comes to all at once audio quality, but the one con that has constantly seemed to be an issue among their fans has actually been the reality that a many their headphones simply don’t look really nice.

This headset is incredibly comfortable and also offer an open up ear design where the headband curves about behind the ear and over the head.

This design relieves press from the ears and sides the the head if still offering a snug fit.

The velour earpads likewise contribute come an incredibly comfortable fit. Castle softly cup your ear and also ensure the you i will not ~ feel any residual soreness even after hrs of wearing them.

Aside native the significant comfort and also attractive style, however, they likewise have perfectly balanced sound. This is due to Sennheiser’s E.A.R technology.

It represents Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement and utilizes the dynamic transistors along with the rounded cup design roughly the ears to develop high-fidelity, well balanced sound i m sorry is perfect because that live security situations.

4. Markiplier’s Microphone: speak NT1


Quality = 98%

Affordability = 84%



Microphone dust cover push gradient Cardioid polar pattern JFET impedance converter rode SMR shock mountain Removable all-metal popular music filter
examine Price top top Amazon

The speak NT1 is just one of the most popular condenser mics amongst vloggers, amateur musicians, and podcasters alike.

It’s a well-rounded, balanced, and also sturdily built tiny unit that’s perfect for practically any application. One of the reasons it provides such well balanced sound is that double-Lyre suspension mechanism that minimizes vibrational distortion.

This functions in congruence through the long lasting all-metal pop filter to mitigate pops the come from spicy consonant sounds such as T’s and also P’s.

The speak NT1 is additionally an exceptionally quiet microphone. It has very small operational noise i m sorry is wonderful for vlogging and podcasting applications where you’re not going to have a many background noise to start with.

It has actually a cardioid polar pattern which absorbs sound indigenous the side and also works finest when it’s hung about 8 come 12 inches far from your mouth.

It has a exorbitant mid-range solution which is perfect for vocal commentary. The high-end frequencies space smoothly leveled out, and the bass response is rich, silky, and also non-dominating.

All of these work-related together to produce a very even and balanced sound.

No wonder Markiplier uses this microphone.

5. Markiplier’s Microphone Arm: rode PSA1 Arm


Quality = 95%

Affordability = 91%



360-degree rotation Supports every Rode microphones built-in shock mount 33-inch vertical with 32.5-inch horizontal reach Features workdesk clamp and also desk insert style attachments
examine Price on Amazon

Of course, a condenser mic isn’t much good on that is own. You’ll need to have actually an eight to effectively support it and also position it in ~ the right angle and also distance from her face.

The rode PSA1 eight is draft to work with just about every talk condenser mic (including the previously mentioned Rode NT1), and with numerous other popular microphone brands.

The thing that provides this arm better than a most others is the feedback. It moves really smooth, and also you won’t have to spend a many time trying to get it in the best position.

You can fine-tune everything native the height to the angle, and also once the arm is in place, you won’t need to worry about it falling out of place.

Another attribute that renders the rode PSA1 extension arm a good addition to her condenser mic is the reality that it help to additional isolate sound and also reduce outside noise interference the often originates from loud environments, vocal vibrations, and other gear.

The built-in shock mountain ensures the vibrations nothing travel through the arm and into the microphone chin which can reason distortion or popping in the playback.

6. Markiplier’s recording Software


Quality = 95%

Affordability = 100%


Real-time audio and video clip capturing Setup endless scenes to change between A broad array of an individual configuration settings easily accessible Modular, rearrangeable user interface built-in mixer
check Price on Amazon

If you’re walking to it is in doing a tiny bit of stop Play format vlogging, then you’re going to require a means of recording your screen and playing it ago to your viewers. Assorted pieces that software deserve to perform these, and also many of them can expense hundreds the dollars.

However, Markiplier is maintaining things basic with this certain item.

OBS streaming and also recording is one open source project the is completely free for every users and operates seamlessly ~ above Mac, Windows, and Linux. It attributes a vast array of available settings that enable you to perform fine song your recording and come up with a well-balanced audio recording.

OBS likewise gives customers the capability to record and stream v an unlimited variety of scenes which offers you through plenty of creative control over just how you want to stream back your video clip and allows you come skip the boring scenes that aren’t comment worth

7. Markiplier’s record Software


Quality = 94%

Affordability = 80%


High-performance video clip editing software program Plenty of official tutorial videos and cost-free educational material use a wide selection of pre-set color gradients to your clips advanced audio mixer integrated Closed captioning editing easily accessible Shortcuts allow you to easily slide v your clips
inspect Price top top Amazon

When she as huge of a YouTube star together Markiplier is, you can’t afford to create subpar or average-quality videos. You’re going to require every manufacturing to appear as streamlined and also professional as possible.

To achieve this, an industry standard video editing software program is normally required.

Adobe Premiere agree is loaded with attributes that allow you come scroll v your clips and also still shots frame-by-frame and include all that the editing effects the you might ever need precisely where they must be.

From pre-set shade gradients to a completely customizable palette, girlfriend can regulate the mood and temperature of every scene.

There’s also an choice that enables you to include closed captioning come any video clip of your choice.

About Markiplier:

Mark Edward Fischbach, otherwise known by his YouTube username Markiplier, is arguably among the most prominent gaming vloggers in the world.

His YouTube channel has over 9 exchange rate views and also boasts over 21 million fans and subscribers.

The bulk of his videos space shot indigenous home and also simply attribute his irreverent gaming commentary (complete through plenty that yelling and also unfiltered profanity) during his gameplay of several of today’s many popular video games.

He no initially an extremely popular with the YouTube admins once he very first started in 2012. After years of persistence, however, he built a stable following and also even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2014.

Since climate he’s stayed in the headlines of gaming news through his charity work, hosting the southern x Southwest Gaming Awards, and more.

Over the years, he’s proficient both personal loss and also success but has preserved his head high through it all. His existing awards incorporate “Celebrity the the Year” by the Make-A-Wish structure for his charity work and also the golden Joystick Award because that “Best Streamer/Broadcaster of the Year.”


There you have it!

If you’ve never heard the Markiplier and you’re a gamer or someone who just appreciates stormy humor from a trusted character, then examine out his channel. You i will not ~ be disappointed.

While few of these item such together his mirrorless camera because that vlogging are absolutely on the much more expensive side, his OBS display recording is entirely cost-free to use.

At the finish of the day, you’re going to have a wide variety of an individual preferences and needs that affect your an option of gear.

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However, the never harms to take it some references from the pros, for this reason make sure to examine out various other YouTubers we reviewed prefer Sam Kolder’s gear and David Dobrik’s cameras.

Thanks because that reading!

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