Here are 4 possible reasons why she’s v her fag guy, also though you’re much better looking 보다 he is:

1. Many women end up accepting a less attractive guy (physically) in the hope the he will certainly be motivated to remain with she for life

In some instances, a woman might hook up through a male who is really good looking.

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As a result, he can feel prefer he’s far better than her, because he frequently gets fist from other women.

Even though he may not come out and say it come his girl, at the ago of his mental he might be thinking points like, “She’s lucky to have me. I might have my pick of women, yet I decided her. I hope she appreciates it.”

This kind of thinking have the right to then cause him dealing with her bad or do her feel unappreciated.

For example: A guy like the might…

Look at and even flirt with various other women in former of her, there is no caring about her feelings.Talk about his plans because that the future without consisting of her.Belittle her, both in private and in front of various other people.Be unsupportive of her big dreams and goals in life.Look down on she (e.g. He doesn’t worth her friends, family, education, interests).

This may reason the woman to feel insecure, jealous, angry and even start to behave in means that she doesn’t desire to (e.g. She constantly checks increase on him to check out if he is cheating ~ above her, she hides her true personality from him and also instead tries come mould herself an ext into the sort of woman she thinks he wants her come be, she stays clear of her friends/family/pursuing she interests due to the fact that he no approve).

However, end time, she could reach the allude where she begins thinking points like, “I dislike the human being I’ve come to be in the partnership with him. Ns no longer myself. Instead, I’m constantly trying to be what he wants me to it is in so the he will treat me far better and offer me the love and also attention i crave. At the same time, I’m constantly afraid he is going to discover another, more attractive woman 보다 me and also leave me. Ns can’t live prefer this. Ns feel miserable every the time. I’ve got to leave him.”

She will then almost certainly rest up with him and look to find herself a brand-new man.


It might be tempting for a male to desire to say to his ex something along the present of, “What space you doing v him? he is not good enough because that you. Can’t you check out that he is not an excellent looking? you a beautiful woman and also you must be v a man who is more attractive than him.”

Yet, fairly than do a woman think miscellaneous like, “He has a point. I do deserve come be with a great looking guy,” she will certainly likely just think something follow me the currently of, “Oh, he is so jealous! the can’t see why i would day a male who is less an excellent looking than him. Yet, what he doesn’t realize is the by saying that to me, he’s proving come me the he quiet doesn’t have actually a clue what a woman wants in a man. He still thinks that looks are much more important than exactly how he acts, thinks and behaves in a connection with a woman. Well, that’s why he’s broken up with. He simply doesn’t acquire it.”

She will then feel drawn to her brand-new man also more, even if he’s not perfect.

So, don’t make the mistake through your ex.

Her reasons for being v a guy who is much less attractive 보다 you are none of your business.

What is your business though, is how you do her feel once you interact with her from now on.

The more you spark her feelings of respect and attraction for you when you talk to she over the call or in person, the more drawn come you she will feel again.

Then, acquiring her ago becomes easy and it will have actually nothing to do with your looks, yet rather through who you are as a man.

Another mistake to protect against making is…

2. Assuming the looks is what really keeps a woman impressed and also interested

Although a guy’s attraction come a woman is based mainly on physics appearance, a woman’s attraction come a guy is based much more on just how he renders her feel when she’s v him.

This is why, a woman can easily date an unattractive guy and also in her eyes view him together the most great looking man in the world.

Here’s the thing…

Looks could initially lure a woman once she notices a guy across a room.

However, if she interacts with him and he screens unattractive behaviors and personality characteristics (e.g. He is arrogant and self-absorbed, or insecure and needy, he’s domineering and also pushy or as well nice and submissive), she will certainly suddenly begin seeing him as being much less attractive nevertheless of his physical appearance.

The same applies to a male who is ordinary or even a little unattractive.

If he displays the types of characteristics and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women, (e.g. Confidence, emotionally strength, emotionally masculinity, the capability to make her feeling feminine and also girly in his presence) he will certainly suddenly end up being a lot more good looking to her.

So, don’t do the failure of thinking that just due to the fact that you’re better looking 보다 her rebound guy, girlfriend should instantly be more attractive to your ex.

That’s not exactly how it works.

If girlfriend can’t do her feeling the method she desires to feel as soon as she’s v you (i.e. Respectful, sexually attracted, loved and appreciated, excited, emotionally secure) based on the way you talk, act, think, behave and interact through her, she’s no going to treatment if you have super design looks and her rebound male is downright ugly.

Instead, she going to pick him over you.

That is uneven you begin attracting she in the methods that she wants.

Only then will certainly she see you as being much better than him and begin to desire you again.

Another wrong to stop making is…

3. Never ever really expertise the absent pieces the the attraction experience you were supplying to her

Sometimes, as soon as a guy realizes the his ex mrs is date a man who is no as great looking together him, he might start thinking things like, “What does she watch in him?”

He may then garbage a many time make the efforts to figure that out, rather than do the efforts to understand what pieces of the attraction suffer were missing in his connection with her.

As a result, once he interacts v his ex and she realizes the he’s still grounding at the very same level he to be at before, she feeling happy through her decision to rest up with him.

This is why, if you desire your ex to watch you as being far better than she rebound guy, you have to understand her actual reasons for breaking up with you.

Then, when you communicate with she from currently on, friend can offer her the sort of attraction suffer she really wants (e.g. Do her feel choose a sexy mrs in your visibility rather 보다 a neutral friend, stand approximately her in a loving way when she’s trying to overcome you emotionally, maintain your confidence with her regardless of what she states or does to get under your skin), rather than providing her points that she doesn’t desire (e.g. Superficial things prefer looks).

When she deserve to see for herself that you’re currently the kind of guy she constantly wanted you to be, she will naturally drop her defenses and open earlier up come you.

You have the right to then reactivate she feelings for you and get she back.

However, if girlfriend don’t change your approach and also hope that you’ll victory her back based exclusively on your looks, friend will most likely be disappointed as soon as she sticks through her fag guy, or finds one more man to be with various other than you.

Another wrong to protect against making is…

4. Assuming that she should feel awkward for date a much less physically attractive guy

Although there are some shallow women out there that will only day guys who space very great looking or have actually loads the money or status, the bulk of women space not the shallow.

Instead, most women will easily day a much less physically attractive guy if that can give her the attraction suffer she yes, really wants.

So, don’t assume that your ex will treatment that girlfriend are much better looking than her fag guy.

As long as the is making she feel an ext sexual and also romantic attraction for him 보다 you are, she will stick with him.

This is why, if you want her back, you need to stop focusing on looks and also start focusing on attraction.

That’s the key thing the matters when acquiring an ex mrs back.

The more attracted you make her feel, the more she will desire to be roughly you.

Then, once the time is right, go ahead and also hug, kiss, have actually sex and get her ago into a partnership with you.

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