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PC Bro is a shorthand because that "politically exactly bro" (not come be confused with pc gaming), which to be coined throughout the 19th season of the animated television show South Park in reference to members that a society justice warrior fraternity. In the show, computer bros aggressively enforce politics correctness with violence and intimidation, often referencing controversial identification politics topics choose microaggressions, social appropriation, safe spaces, triggering and also privilege.


On September 16th, 2015, the South Park episode "Stunning and Brave" was broadcast, which introduced the character pc Principal and his fraternity home of society justice warrior brothers. Transparent the show"s 19th season, members of the fraternity frequently pose the inquiry "You computer bro?", when determining someone"s meeting to society justice. The adhering to day, YouTuber SocialJustice 123 uploaded a clip indigenous the South Park illustration in i m sorry a group of pc fraternity brothers song a chant about social justice (shown below).


On September 17th, the men"s interest blog BroBible<2> released an article around the episode, i m sorry praised the comparison of social justice warrior to fraternity brothers. On September 19th, Redditor dudeomfgstfux post a PC master race-themed GIF titled "You computer Bro?" come the /r/southpark<3> sugreddit (shown below).

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