The prior of a Toshiba Satellite laptop has three irradiate emitting diodes (LEDs) to suggest the use of the system. On the left is the eco-friendly LED, denote the presence of alternating current (AC) power. The center is a blue LED denoting the mechanism is powered on. Top top the right is one LED that is red or amber as soon as the battery is charging and also green once the battery is full.

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A Toshiba laptop has actually a warmth sensor the shuts off the computer when the temperature is also high. The former LEDs have the right to flash to indicate a high temperature in development of the device shutting down. Frequently overheating is brought about by dust and also dirt clogging the exhaust vents ~ above the computer. Use canned air come blow the end the fans and also vents on the computer. Do this number of times to clear out every one of the dust, then power the computer system on again.

If the power cord is not providing adequate existing to power both the battery and also the computer operation, the LEDs might flash. If the battery isn"t charging when the computer system is powered on, however will charge once the computer system is it is provided off and the strength cord is plugged in, friend may have actually a faulty power supply. Call Toshiba for a replacement (see Resources).

The battery might not it is in holding a charge or making great connection v the conductors in the battery bay. If the battery intermittently functions and/or the computer runs just off the AC power, the battery might be faulty. If possible, check this concept by swapping a various battery right into the just to watch if that charges. If the battery feeling loose, you may have the ability to press on it to do a better connection. Likewise clean the steel connectors top top the battery and also in the battery bay using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. If the battery is loosened you have the right to use a folded piece of paper to wedge it into place. Wrinkles the file to sit within the battery bay but not close to the contacts. Change the battery as shortly as possible.

The port wherein the strength cord plugs into the Toshiba Satellite might become loose and have an intermittent link that causes the computer to think the there is no power available. This harbor is associated to the motherboard of the computer. If you"ve ruled out all other possibilities you have the right to wrap some conductive tape approximately the tip of the strength adapter that plugs into the laptop to increase the surface area the the connection. Contact Toshiba because that a instead of motherboard, because the power port is loose (see Resources).

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