Statues are unacknowledged saviors and buffs. Knowing all about them can change your game for the better. Here"s everything you need to know.

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Each enemy statue spawns a different enemy, in total there are 26 different statues. These enemies range from Unicorns to Blood Zombies so it really depends on what the statue actually looks like. Luckily, they're pretty distinguishable and you can easily guess what kind of monster will spawn from them.

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Before you get any ideas for it being a good money grind, spawned monsters don't drop coins but will occasionally drop their usual drops (apart from the Mimic who will only drop a banner), just at a much lower rate. Also, because they don't drop coins, spawned enemies will often drop mana and health instead, making it an ideal trap for a little extra health during a boss fight. Try building a pit near a weaker enemy statue and letting it grind itself, granting you extra health when needed.


Terraria Statues Critter
A quick assumption would tell you that the critter statutes spawn critters, and you'd be right, but they can't be found, only made. So with 19 different statues to choose from it will take a bit of thinking to find the right one you want to make. Nevertheless, you can make them at a Heavy Work Bench, and make sure you have Ecto Mist at your disposal.

Making these simply requires 50 Stone Blocks and five of the critter you want to make into a statue.

If catching these critters is your aim then make sure you don't use the Bug Net, Lavaproof Bug Net, or Golden Bug Net since they'll disappear if you use those tools. Other catching techniques are fine though so these statues are still a good way of getting your desired critter.

Terraria Statues Decorative
With 25 decorative statues to choose from, it can be pretty frustrating to get the one you really want. After all, some of them are beautiful and would look amazing in anyone's house. Unlike the critter or enemy statues, these have no function and are just there to look pretty.

If you want to find one head underground. Or for the Lihzahrd statues, you'll need to look in Jungle Temples.

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The only two exceptions of these statues are the Angel Statues and the Armor Statues.

The Angel Statue can be found in chests if you're lucky and the Armor Statue can be crafted at a Work Bench using 50 Stone Blocks.

Text Statues

Similar to the decorative statues, the text statues are what they say they are. They can be crafted at the Work Bench for 50 Stone Blocks and will spell out what you want them to spell out.

Aside from the many other statues available, there are two that will spawn NPCs, these are the King and Queen Statues, and three that drop some pretty powerful items, the Bomb statue, the Heart Statue, and the Star Statue.

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The ones that drop the items will not produce anything if there are ten or more of their item in the world so you need to be careful if you want to make this a grinding opportunity. Similarly, they won't drop if three of them are in the same 16 tiles so it does take some careful consideration.

As for the other types of statues in this category, you can get the Mushroom Statue, the Boulder Statue, and the Bast Statue. They emit a blue glow, spawn a boulder every 15 seconds, and provide the Bast Defence buff to players in the vicinity respectively.

Most statues you'll be looking for can be found underground. They frequently appear in Dungeons, Underground Cabins and at Cavern Level so have a look around there. Just make sure you bring a pickaxe with you to collect them.That being said, if you're looking for the Angel Statues, they can be found in chests as well.

Heart Statues can also be found underground but if you're desperate for one then there are a few tips to find the Cabins where they could be lying. Try using a metal detector to show you nearby chests since they almost always spawn in the Underground Cabins or try using a spelunker potion.

There are a few steps to getting the knowledge to wiring statues but they are as follows:

Get a Mechanic NPC (Defeat Skeletron) Craft The Grand Design (optional but helpful) Make sure you have a wrench Place the Statue dvery own Place a trigger Connect with wirens

It's relatively simple and can be messed around with regarding the trigger. Choose a pressure plate and it'll power it when you walk on it or choose a switch. It's completely up to you.